40 Quick and Easy Home Organization Tips To Clear The Chaos

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. Instead, there are several ways to take each of the main parts of the house and tidy up in a pinch. Check out these 40 quick and easy home organization tips that will clear the chaos and have you on your way to a more relaxing, enjoyable and organized home.

The Kitchen

Hang Up Your Aprons and Pot Holders

Hang Up Your Aprons & Pot Holders: Get these pieces out of the drawers and up on hooks. You’ll be able to grab them far easier and they won’t clutter up any space you may need for kitchen utensils or other necessities.{found on acultivatednest}.

Give Lids Their Own Space

Give Lids Their Own Space: All of those plastic container lids need not be lost in the shuffle anymore. Use dividers, use a drawer … pay attention to them and give lids their own space to make sure they’re always accounted for.{found on theorganisedhousewife}.

Store Kitchenware According To Use

Store Kitchenware According To Use: For pieces or special dinnerware that you don’t use as often, place them up high. Pots and pans that you use more frequently, store them at eye level or below for a quick bend and use.{found on marthastewart}.

Small containers for drawers

Use Small Containers For The Junk Drawer: It seems as though we all have the dreaded, chaotic junk drawer filled with push pins, paper clips, tape, extra scissors and more. Use small containers to clean up that clutter and organize the necessities for when you need them!{found on centsationalgirl}.

Store Utensils Stylishly At An Arm's Reach

Store Utensils Stylishly At An Arm’s Reach: Keep your everyday and most-used utensils easy to find and accessible. Store them in funky vases or holders with a bit of style!Available on Etsy.

White boards in kitchen

Utilize White Boards: Instead of having papers flying around the countertops or fridge, utilize white boards. Install one of the wall and use them as your go-to grocery list and to-do write off.{found on yesiwantcake}.

Tape Magnets On Your Wrap Dispensers

Tape Magnets On Your Wrap Dispensers: Grab your wax paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap too, and then attached magnets to the boxes. Line them up on the side of the fridge for easy access and a de-cluttered cabinet. If you’re lucky you may even find magnetic shelves that can do the trick too.

Lazy Susan Into A Spice Rack

Turn Your Cake Pan or Lazy Susan Into A Spice Rack: Place all your spice jars in a cake pan before placing them in the cabinet. Instead of sifting through all of them, you can just grab the pan and find the one you need so much quicker!

Above the range

Put It Above the Range: For all of your most used pans and such, if you have the space, put them right above the range. This makes things less cluttered below and easier to grab when you need them!{found on tidbits-cami}.

Storage island for kitchen

Choose A Storage Island: When choosing your kitchen island, opt for one with storage space! You can hideaway your cookbooks and extra “stuff” in an easy, breezy way.{found on bhg}.

The Bedroom

Nightstand with drawers

Make Sure Your Side Table Has Drawers: Opt for side tables and nightstands with drawers that can actually hold things. This keeps clutter out of eyesight and tucked away.

Jewelry Display Canvases

Display Your Jewelry Piles: Don’t allow your jewelry to pile up on your dressers and side tables. Instead, display it in a way that’s functional, accessible and stylish too.{found on diys}.

Dress the windows with large curtains

Dress The Windows With Lights & Sheers: Open up the room and give the illusion of more space and less clutter without thick dressings on the windows. Go with light colors and sheers instead!

Bed with under storage space

Don’t Be Afraid To Choose A Bed With Under Storage: This is especially helpful when it comes to smaller bedrooms. Utilize every nook of the room to organize and de-clutter.

Revamp corner with a basket

Revamp Corner Clutter Into Decor:  It could be a stack of books cluttering up the corners of your bedroom. Gather them, stack them and top them with some fresh florals for a fun new accent.

Always make your bed

Always Make Your Bed: This one is super simple and it’s a daily task that will make your bedroom always look tidier and more organized. Get up and make your bed everyday!

Trunks for bedroom storage

Utilize Trunks: At the food of your bed or even in the closet, utilize trunks. Blend them into the decor of your choice but make sure to have this storage piece on standby for odds and ends – or just extra linens!

Go With Tall Furniture Pieces

Go With Tall Furniture Pieces: Instead of going wide, go tall which will give you more floor space and have the room looking bigger and less cluttered. From the dressers to your bookshelves, pay attention to the shaping.{found on thegoldensycamore}.

Wire wall storage for scarfs and shoe

Transform Your Closet Door Into Storage Space: Don’t forgot the possibilities that your closet door holds. Use it to organize shoes and other bits around the room!{found on hip2save}.

Rattan and rope baskets

Place Baskets In Bare Corners: Utilize baskets in the bedroom too. These are great tools for sprucing but also organizing all of your “things” that can easily make corners look stacked and messy.{found on thecrazycraftlady}.

The Living Room

Keep cords organized with paper toilet tubes

Keep Cords At Bay: When the TV becomes the focal point of the living room, you want to make sure all of the cords that go with it don’t follow. Use fun gadgets or DIY ideas to keep this section tidy.{found on ourthriftyideas}.

Create a living room kids area

Create A Play Area For The Kids: If your home if filled with kiddos, make sure you have a spot for them to have some playtime in. Just keep it confined to a corner rather than the entire room.{found on makinghomebasic}.

Shelves on the wall

Utilize Shelves Where You Can: If you have this and that’s to display or have a hefty movie collection, utilize shelving – of all kinds. Stand up bookshelves or floating pieces may be exactly what you need!

Crate magazine storage

Baskets, Boxes & Cubes Are Your Friends: Living rooms pick up a lot of the family’s traffic. So, make sure you’ve got some baskets, boxes and cubes to keep things organized and not cluttering up the corners or making a mess on the tables.{found on homedepot}.

Coffee table tray for tv Remote and magazine

Trays Are Useful Too: They’re great for keeping things tidy on the coffee table. But they’re also a fabulous way to add some personality and zest to the area too.{found on remodelaholic}.

Reclaimed wood shelves in living room

Contain The Movies: Pay attention to how you’ll organize your movie collection. Have an entertainment center that has storage space or get a bit creative with shelving!

Remote control keeper

Get A Remote Control Keeper: Don’t have your remote controls sprinkling around the living room. Instead keep them at bay with an organizer, basket or tray!

Living room visual clutter

Remove Visual Clutter: Stand up and look around the living room. Whatever clutter seems to be happening, remove it. If it’s not a necessity and doesn’t really add to the theme – kick it out!

Multi purpose furniture for kids room

Think About Choosing Double-Duty Furniture Pieces: Ottomans that have storage or entertainment centers that have an ample amount of shelving, choose furniture pieces that have a multi-purpose feel. This works especially well in a smaller home.

Pallet-Shelves for books

Books Racks Are Back: For either magazines or your collection of novels, book racks are back! Use them in corners to fix a barren spot and organize too.{found on homestoriesatoz}.

The Bathroom

Bathroom hair products organizer

Keep Hair Products From Spilling Over The Counters: Baskets work and so does extra shelving underneath the sink. Keep your hair products from taking up all the countertop space by finding their own space.{found on polishedhabitat}.

makeup lucite storage

Makeup Need Its Place Too: Don’t just throw your necessities next to the sink and have them rolling around the counters. Instead, make a separate spot for them too depending on your need and size.

Towel storage from copper

Towels Should Be Folded And Easily Found: Whether it’s under the sink or on a DIY towel rack in the corner, make sure your towels are folded and easy to get to when you need one!

Storage above the toilet

Utilize The Area Over The Toilet: This is a great idea especially in smaller bathrooms. Get a rack or DIY yourself a piece that has your utilizing this space for organization.

Bathroom medicine cabinet

Invest In Medicine Cabinet Organizers: There are a lot of different ideas when it comes to these specific organizers. But what happens here is you utilize the small area to its utmost potential.

Drawer divider

Drawer Dividers Will Help As Well: This is quite obvious, but it still needed to be featured. Don’t have everything in the bathroom looking like the junk drawer of the kitchen. Instead, divide and conquer.

mason jars in bathroom

Magnet Organizers Are Lifesavers: You’d be surprised by how much magnets can make a difference in the bathroom and get things out of cabinets and more ready to use!

Wrangle Hair Accessories

Wrangle Hair Accessories: Here are some quick and nifty ways to organize your hair accessories. Paper clip containers and metal rings galore!{found on }.

jars for diff

Jars For Everyday Necessities: Grab some jars or glass containers to keep your Q-tips, cotton balls and the like ready to grab and displayed nicely.

Bathroom shower wall storage

Hanging Organizers For The Shower: This is a classic bit of help but it’s one we all overlook at some point. Use hanging shower organizers when there’s no built-in shelving in the shower.