Chunky Is The New Chic – Farmhouse Table Plans You Need To See

The farmhouse style is defined by a strong relationship with nature and a few key characteristics such as simplicity, warmth and balance between old and new. There’s a fine line between making a space look chic, cozy and relaxing and making it seem kitschy and bulky. To be sure you’re on the right track, you could start with a piece of resistance, like a farmhouse table which can be the focal point of the dining room or living area. You can pair it with some modern chairs, some benches or a cute sofa. That being said, let’s check out some farmhouse table plans so you can build your own stylish furniture.

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The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of farmhouse tables is a design with a top made of solid wood boards and a base with X-shaped side supports and a board or a rod in between. It’s exactly what the farmhouse table plans featured on Cherishedbliss describe. As you can deduce from the looks of the table, the project is pretty simple and lacks unnecessary details and decorative elements. There’s a lot of charm in that.

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Building a farmhouse table is not only easy but also relatively inexpensive. The lumber shouldn’t cost too much and everything else is negligible. Apart from the cost, farmhouse tables like this one featured on Shanty-2-chic are also charming because of their chunky designs which brings us to the most important aspect of any DIY project: the difficulty. Given everything we mentioned so far, it’s safe to say that this is a beginner level project and you have nothing to worry about.

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It’s wonderful how much a simple table can change a space. Just look at this charming example on ana-white. The table fills this small room and makes it feel really cozy and inviting. The chevron-striped rug and the chair are the perfect additions. You can check out the farmhouse table plans shared here if you want to find out more about this piece in hopes of building your own version.

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Regardless of the particularities of the design you choose to imprint on your farmhouse table, some things don’t change so let’s check out some of the basic things required when building a farmhouse table. A few basic tools are required, such as a power drill, a saw, a sander or some sandpaper and some clamps. Apart from that, you’ll most likely also need some lumber, wood stain and a bunch of screws. The plans shared on diypete can offer more details on this matter.

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After you’ve gathered all the tools and supplies needed for the project according to the plans you’ve chosen to follow, it’s time to get to work. First things first: you need to cut the wood (unless you ordered the pieces in the exact dimensions and shapes that you require). Once this part is done, you can start the assembly. the base has to be put together first. The top is then added after which you can reinforce the table with some additional supports. The next step is staining the wood. {found on instructables}.

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Check out Instructables for some cool farmhouse table plans in case you need inspiration with the design. The table featured here has a beautiful rustic look and the tutorial comes complete with a detailed list of tools and materials that are needed as well as a cut list so you can get everything ready without having to worry about a thing. Pick the stain and finish that you think is best suited for the decor that you have in mind.

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If you’d like to make the most of your new farmhouse dining table, you can pair it with a set of matching benches. On Leapoffaithcrafting a quick tutorial which describes the important elements involved in such a project. Check out the farmhouse table plans to find out how much wood you’ll need for this and have a look at the bench’s design too. We like the simplicity of this set and the balance of rustic and modern which defines it.

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Like with any DIY project, you should customize any farmhouse table plans to suit your own needs and style. You can make a few modifications that you find useful in this sense including changes to the structure or a simple choice related to the finish or color or the table. In any case, we suggest checking out the project description featured on Lovegrowswild if you find yourself in need of some inspiration.

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The dining room isn’t the only space which can benefit from the charm of a farmhouse table. For the living room, you can build a beautiful coffee table that fits the description. In fact, all you need to do is make a few adjustments to the dining table plans. If you need inspiration with this part, have a look at the tutorial shared on 100things2do. It explains the whole process is a great way and it also offers a detailed list of all the supplies needed for the project.

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If you don’t mind the chunky look, the farmhouse table plans shared on Handmade-haven should be just what you need if you want to put together your own coffee table. The chunky structure of the base is actually what makes this table so charming in the first place.