Farmhouse Decor: Give Your Home A Pastoral Transformation

Farmhouse decor can transform a living space. If you want a traditional country lifestyle, the decor style is ideal. You can have rustic accents and rural flavor throughout your home to achieve a farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Decor

When redesigning your kitchen or master bedroom, for example, pick and choose farmhouse decor carefully. Here, we’ll show you 40 farmhouse decor items that can impact your living spaces.  

What Is Farmhouse Decor?

What is farmhouse decor style?

Before we reveal our favorite farmhouse decor items, let’s learn more about farmhouse decor. 

Warm, comfortable, and authentic, and a few traits of farmhouse decor. Each farmhouse decor item radiates a friendly and casual vibe.

Neutral Colors

Farmhouse decor is defined by soft and neutral colors such as shades of beige, white, and light grey. These can be paired with light wooden surfaces and accents for more warmth.

Warm Textures

With farmhouse decor, texture thrives on diversity and coziness, so look for ways to bring linens, knitted accessories, and other details into your rooms. Rugs, pillows, blankets, baskets and are also effective.

Vintage Furniture

Old furniture

New furniture looks out of place among farmhouse decor. When decorating, use relevant antiques and hand-me-down pieces that have character. Find a reputable website and shop online for items that are hard to find.

Painted Furniture

If the original look of your antique furniture doesn’t suit the aesthetic your want, a coat of paint will change that. The same can be applied to metal furniture. Either way, don’t hesitate to use furniture to help you decorate your entryway or living room.

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap is a wooden board used as exterior siding in residences, sheds, and other structures. With the right color, it’s also a farmhouse decor specialty.

Open Shelving

Open shelves are casual and versatile, two important characteristics of the farmhouse style. The shelving style allows you to have a farmhouse decor style in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or dining room.

Classic Farmhouse Style Vs Modern Farmhouse Style

What’s the difference between classic farmhouse and modern farmhouse?

Let’s explore how the classic farmhouse style and modern farmhouse style are different.  

Color Palette

One of the most important aspects of farmhouse decor is the color palette. With classic farmhouse decor, muted and subdued neutrals like brown, beige, taupe, and light grey are favorites.

Meanwhile, the modern farmhouse style is varied and includes whites and bright pastels.


The materials used for both styles include natural wood mixed with stain and paint colors.

Natural wood tones are popular in farmhouse decor, while modern farmhouse interiors feature stick lighter colors on wood surfaces for a brighter look.

Farmhouse Decor Furniture

Classic and modern farmhouse styles favor vintage and used furniture with distressed finishes and a bit of a rustic flair. There are however slight differences between them.

The classic farmhouse style leans more toward antique furniture that has history while the modern farmhouse one tends to favor light and simple furniture that’s practical and versatile.

Living Room Layout

When designing a living room, for example, little details are just as important as the overall layout. This is where the classic and modern farmhouse styles intersect the most.

40 Inspiring Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Here are 40 ideas that will help transform your living space into a classic farmhouse setting.

1. Hidden Seating

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Cherished Bliss brings us this brown wicker reading chair. Use it to read and relax at home. The woven chair, soft throw blankets, vintage door, and creamy tan tones fit on the color wheel.

2. Aged Grey Candlesticks

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Aged grey candlesticks from Piper Classics deliver a distressed style that fits with the farmhouse vision. Use them on coffee tables, side tables, console tables, dining room tables, or the mantle.

3. White Porch Bench

relaxed farmhouse daybed

This beautiful, distressed white bench that’s the perfect addition to your front porch. Add some pillows and throw blankets for an extra cozy vibe as well. 

4. Topiaries & Shutters

relaxed farmhouse daybed

The Cottage Market gave us a nice pairing for our farmhouse vision. Topiaries add pops of green and organic vibes. Feel free to add another vibrant color. While the shutters add texture and provide a vintage touch.

5. Natural Wood Dining Room Table

relaxed farmhouse daybed

With a dining room table and a farmhouse decor goal, modern seating is the ideal upgrade. Wooden benches also help keep the rustic vibes

6. Modern Touched Playroom

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Use farmhouse charm for a playroom. Mixing it with modern touches like crisp, white furniture will keep things versatile. Little Vintage Nest just knew how to inspire with the metal and woven basket additions.

7. Panel Accent Wall & Initials

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Another great pairing for a kid’s room, a paneled accent wall always fits in with a farmhouse theme. Mini house mighty hearts did this right by topping it off with a metal initial and bed frame for a perfect mixed-material look.

8. Exposed Wood Kitchen

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Country Living gave us a farmhouse-inspired kitchen fit for a feature. 

9. Wall Baskets

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Add some wall baskets in the kitchen or mudroom. Little Vintage Nest inspired us with some metal accents yet again. Paired with brick or wood paneling, really enhances the vision!

10. Girlish Home Office

relaxed farmhouse daybed

We peeked inside this home office and discovered textures and country accents that push the farmhouse vision

11. Woven Bar Stools

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Pink Peonies showcase woven bar stools – dressed in holiday cheer – that we found fitting for a farmhouse-styled kitchen or rustic wet bar. 

12. Coffee Table Accents

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Here’s another little nook from Liz Marie. Simplicity is the real key to this vibe.

13. Laundry Room

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Our laundry rooms should be more about function than anything else. But, that doesn’t mean that style should go completely out the window. You can get canvas-filled metal baskets to keep the farmhouse style of your home consistent throughout every space.

14. Family Sign

relaxed farmhouse daybed

A wooden family sign from Etsy makes for one of the more quintessential pieces of farmhouse decor. In the foyer, above the mantle, or hung on the gallery wall, it’s a must for a family home. 

15. Framed Wall Mirrors

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Mirrors on the walls of your home are always a good idea. They bring in more light and give the illusion of more space – you just have to find ones that fit your vision, in the right ways.

These framed beauties from Shanty 2 Chic do it right in the country-flavored department.

16. Kitchen Bites

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Other farmhouse styled signs can find a home around the house as well, especially in the kitchen. They add a southern charm and extra bout of personalization, don’t you think?

17. Porched Reading Area

relaxed farmhouse daybed

The Cottage Market showed off this romantic reading spot and it made us want to do an immediate redesign of our own front porches. The wooden trunk and welcomed wreath all add to the farmhouse, relaxing vibe.

18. Bookshelf Setup

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Your bookshelves can be accented with this style as well. Some woven baskets are really all you need to get started. This idea from Home Depot will give you all the inspiration you need to get started.

19. Contemporary Blend Bathroom

relaxed farmhouse daybed

We love when interior design genres are blended in such a seamless way. That’s exactly what happened here in this bathroom from My Life From Home

20. XL Wooden Wall Clocks

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Find them, buy them, make them; we’ve all seen these XL wooden wall clocks floating around. Those metal roman numerals add to that industrial, mixed-material look that farmhouse style seems to thrive on as well. 

21. Textural Taupe Nursery

relaxed farmhouse daybed

nursery sprinkled in farmhouse pieces. The colors lay the foundation but the details bring in the transformation. The leather pouff, wooden wall clock, corner ladder and the metal lamp are all the perfect additions.

22. Wooden Trays & Fresh Florals

relaxed farmhouse daybed

This is another winning combination. A wooden tray and fresh florals on a dining room table or on the coffee table in the living room make for a fun, contrasting accent. Thanks for the extra inspiration The Picket Fence Projects.

23. Antique Jar Vases

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Antique jars are good to utilize if you’re aiming for farmhouse style too. Use them as vases or organization. These cuties from Bless’er House could inspire many DIY projects.

24. Metal Wall Planters

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Similar to the metal wall baskets, these metal wall planters can bring in that same edgy, country charm to the patio. Liz Marie steals the show with this trendy welcome.

25. Spa Style

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Laboer Magazin combines spa style with farmhouse feels in this bathroom. There’s a luxurious element to this space, but it’s still functional and realistic enough of place inside a family home.

26. Cotton Arrangements

relaxed farmhouse daybed

If you’re looking for some small, more unique elements to place around the house, take notes from Etsy. Cotton arrangements in any nook or cranny will help pull in a farmhouse quality. 

27. Creamy Bedroom Tones

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Cedar Hill Farmhouse showcased an entire bedroom farmhouse style. The creamy tones set the stage nicely for the wood pieces and metal accents. 

28. Relaxed Day Bed

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Liz Marie also has this daybed corner featured and we are loving its relaxing charm too. Comfy, cozy and full of touchable texture, this acts like the perfect little reading nook for a master bedroom or home office.

29. Porch Planter Boxes

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Check out these planter boxes from Liz Marie. DIY them yourself or find a similar design while out on your shopping adventures, then just change the filling out within the changing of the seasons. 

30. Chevron Accent Wall

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Wooden panels coincide nicely with the farmhouse style A chevron paneled wall adds a punch of artistic charm to a style that could sometimes use a bit of polishing.

31. Hallway Details

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Making it in the Mountains added some chic wooden pieces to the crisp, white hallway to keep  their subtly rustic vision rounded out.

Personalize this kind of space even more by adding family photos to some twine. Or hang a green wreath or two as well.

32. Vintage Pitcher Centerpieces

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Vintage pieces blend with this theme. Fill pitchers – metal or ceramic – with some fresh flowers.  You can also fill in the cracks around the house, whether on the side tables or on the kitchen island. 

33. Natural Cut Headboard

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Another way to use the wood panels would be to create a headboard for your bed with some! With this particular design from My Domaine, we get a more natural style since the cuts aren’t as precise or polished. 

34. Sliding Barn Door

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Barn doors are an obvious choice with farmhouse design. Have them installed by a pro or use a DIY method. 

35. Open Shelving

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Open shelving helps creates rustic charm, especially if the shelves are wooden. The Mountain View Cottage shared this peek into their kitchen. 

36. Stairwell Gallery Wall

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Your gallery wall can be inspired by this specific style as well. Just make sure every piece adds an element that fits the farmhouse bill.

That’s what we see in this space we found hanging around on Littlevintagenest.

37. Benched Entryway

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Entryways should be warm, welcoming, and functional too- especially for a family. MisDIY showcased this quaint and simple benched entrance we love. 

38. Bright White Dining Room

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Bright whites paired with light woods can be such a beautiful duo. And that’s why this dining room from Country Living had us falling in love. 

39. Metal Lazy Susan

relaxed farmhouse daybed

Piper Classics serves up this metal, lazy Susan that could also be a new farmhouse-inspired accent for your home. Super functional, versatile, and stylish, it can help around the house. 

40. Holiday Nook

Holiday Nook

And finally, City Farm House brings us a farmhouse-inspired nook with pieces suitable for all living spaces.

Farmhouse Decor Colors 
What are the colors of the farmhouse style?

With classic farmhouse décor, pay attention to the color palette.

Here are a few tips that will help you select the best colors for your farmhouse interior.

Neutral Base

For balance, go with neutral colors. If you want a classic farmhouse style, then beige, cream, and other earthy tones will work. However, for a modern vibe, white and grey colors are recommended. 

Color Temperature

When working with colors, temperature is important. For kitchens, match the color tones of the countertops and walls.

A wooden floor would go well with a warm neutral like cream for example. Pay close attention to neutral colors when working with undertones. 

Natural Light

The farmhouse style is defined by a light and airy atmosphere. You should allow as much natural light as possible. Instead of covering windows with dark curtains, go with light colors and fabrics instead.

Accent Colors

Personalize the design with accent colors

Common accent colors for farmhouse decor include blues and browns. Accent colors allow you to personalize your design and to give it more character.

There are different ways you can accent colors in a room. Common ideas include area rugs, furniture upholstery, curtains, lamps, or inside cabinets. 

Textures And Finishes

Texture is important in farmhouse design. It comes in different form like fabrics, wood, matte and brushed finishes.

Embrace Dark Colors

Although it’s true the farmhouse style favors light colors, it doesn’t mean dark nuances can’t be incorporated into a design.

Dark accent colors make farmhouse decors more interesting and give them dramatic flair. Dark colors with gray, black, or green undertones look good in farmhouse style spaces.

Farmhouse Style Vs Cottage Style 

What’s the difference between farmhouse and country/ cottage style?

The differences between the farmhouse style and cottage style are obvious to the trained eye. For newcomers, the differences are subtle. 

So, what separates the two styles?

French Country

This is a style inspired by the country and specifically the region of Provence. It’s warm, simple, and casual. It’s not as grand, detailed, and ornate as classic French or Parisian décor. It also has a bit of rustic charm in it.

Here are a few things you can expect to see in a French country décor: stone flooring, linens, exposed wood beams, pottery, stone fireplaces, antique furniture, and weathered finishes.

English Cottage

The English cottage style is eclectic. It makes use of a variety of different prints and patterns with all sorts of textures and finishes. These are there to create a warm and comfortable ambiance. 

Details that are found in English cottage homes include beadboard walls, window shutters, patterned upholstery, floral fabrics, open shelves, and wall paneling.

Farmhouse Style

The term refers to the modern farmhouse style. The decor style favors light colors and soft pastels. The bright accent color and light wood nuances have a clean vibe.

A few design details often found in farmhouse interiors include the classic farmhouse/ apron sink, salvaged furniture pieces, sliding barn doors, iron fixtures, shiplap, subway tile, and white walls.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Why Is It Called Farmhouse Decor?

Farmhouse decor gets its inspiration from interior and exterior farmhouses. The structures are found in rural and agricultural areas. A farmhouse building is accompanied by a barn where farm animals live. 

The farmhouse style includes anything and everything associated with a pastoral lifestyle. 

What Is Farmhouse Rustic?

Rustic farmhouse style is a celebration of the all-natural and the rough-hewn. Reclaimed and unfinished woods, natural fibers, and rusted/distressed finishes are all hallmark elements of the style, and repurposed items are found in abundance.

What Is Contemporary Farmhouse Style?

Modern farmhouse design combines sleek clean lines from contemporary design with a farmhouse aesthetic for a new take on country living.

What's Industrial Farmhouse Decor?

Industrial farmhouse décor is about balance. The style combines the old with the new. The farmhouse decor also includes soft and hard textures for furniture, both indoor and outdoor.

If you want to find out which farmhouse decor items are trending, then Google Analytics can help. The online research tool can tell you which regions a farmhouse decor item is popular. Similar technologies exist that can help you find the answers you need. 

How Do You Make A Dining Room Look Farmhouse?

When you want to transform your dining room into a farmhouse setting, use natural materials and layer them on your table.

With your floor space, use rush rugs, rattan, woven chairs, and  a tree trunk table base. All three farmhouse decor ideas will your dining room an authentic and down-home country look. 

Farmhouse Decor Conclusion

With the overwhelming number of farmhouse decor ideas, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a few for your home. If you don’t want to shop online, start at your local store and see what they have. 

Family heirlooms make wonderful farmhouse decor items for your living room or bedroom. The decor style offers a sense of nostalgia by providing a glimpse of a simpler time.