Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas For Every Living Room

Nothing brings a living room together like the perfect coffee table. This inspired us to share some pictures of farmhouse coffee tables which work well with a variety of styles. We have also included some projects for DIY farmhouse coffee tables that are easy to build and look amazing.

farmhouse coffee table
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They play around with different designs and different proportions and as with any DIY project, it’s all customizable and adjustable.

Farmhouse Coffee Tables for Inspiration

Farmhouse Coffee Tables for InspirationView in gallery
Tamarack Homes

Farmhouse coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes but many share certain similarities. Most typical farmhouse coffee tables feature the use of rustic and reclaimed wood and chippy paint. These are the kinds of coffee tables that you don’t need to worry about getting ruined in the wear and tear of a busy family life.

However, there are also modern versions of farmhouse coffee tables that are more sleek and tailored. These tables are perhaps not as sturdy but just as beautiful as traditional farmhouse coffee tables.

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

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Photo Credit San Marco

Here is an example of a modern farmhouse look from a home in Austin. Notice the midcentury-style furniture paired with rustic touches like the shiplap paneling and wall art. The coffee table is a concrete pedestal table. It brings another rustic texture to the room while maintaining the simplicity of the design. 

Farmhouse Trunk Coffee Table

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This living room from MGM Builders features a trunk coffee table that blends well with farmhouse style. The warm rustic wood of the trunk adds texture to an otherwise white room. Trunk coffee tables add ample storage as well as character to your living room. 

Black Farmhouse Coffee Table

Black Farmhouse Coffee TableView in gallery

The modern farmhouse style featured in this living room from Timber Trails Development Company uses a solid black coffee table. This table fits into the nook of the sectional sofa with a chaise. The overall look of the room is light, but the decorative black touches help ground the space. 

Farmhouse Coffee Table Set

Farmhouse Coffee Table SetView in gallery
Image from here.

If you are struggling to coordinate your look, you can find sets that feature a farmhouse coffee table as well as end tables. These pieces, set against the tailored sectional sofa, bring rustic texture to the room  The farmhouse lift-top coffee table has convenient storage for all the items that you don’t want on display. 

Round Farmhouse Coffee Table

Round Farmhouse Coffee TableView in gallery

This round farmhouse coffee table features a washed wood look that blends well with many furniture styles. The lines of the table are more delicate than the traditional farmhouse look but not so delicate that it is not sturdy. The shelf below the top adds just enough storage for your remote control and current book choices.

White Farmhouse Coffee Table

White Farmhouse Coffee TableView in gallery
Jennifer Garner Interiors

Here is another modern iteration of farmhouse style. This coffee table works well within the space. The straight lines of the table echo the lines of the fireplace keeping the style more modern than rustic. 

Industrial Farmhouse Coffee Table

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Here is a sleek industrial-style coffee table that is featured in this farmhouse living room. The table adds a rustic touch to this otherwise modern room. This is a sturdy table that works well with many different styles. You can even add storage by placing baskets within the metal frame. 

Farmhouse Coffee Table DIY Projects

If you want to save some money and scratch a creative itch at the same time, try one of these DIY Coffee Table projects. Also, you can customize these designs to suit your particular needs.

Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage

Farmhouse Coffee Table with StorageView in gallery

Many farmhouse coffee tables are not sleek or slender. Instead, they are chunky and solid, but that is part of their charm and style. This rustic farmhouse living room features a coffee table that is a DIY project from handmade-haven and features storage in the wire baskets. These baskets are perfect for items like toys or children’s books that you need to store at short notice.

Ana White Farmhouse Coffee Table

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Farmhouse coffee tables do not have to look perfect. In fact, imperfections make them look authentic and add charm to the design. This particular project from ana-white is a good example. This is a solid wood table with a simple and rustic design and versatile proportions. It has a bottom shelf where you can store extra blankets, books, magazines, and other things where you need quick access. At the same time, the table is easy and inexpensive to build which makes it a great DIY project even for a beginner.

Rustic Farmhouse Table

DIY farmouse dining tableView in gallery

Many farmhouse tables have an X base design, and this is a defining feature for this particular style. This rustic style farmhouse coffee table is featured on shanty-2-chic. We really like the angles in this design, and because of the gorgeous storage basket, the table would also work well in a coastal style room.

Square Farmhouse Coffee Table

Square Farmhouse Coffee TableView in gallery

Instead of the X-board design, this farmhouse coffee table makes use of a different but lovely look. This project is featured on chasingdaisiesblog. It features a makeover project detailing the transformation of this used, but otherwise beautiful, piece of furniture. After some sanding and staining, it has a whole new look.

Farmhouse Wood Coffee Table

Farmhouse Wood Coffee TableView in gallery

There’s something about the solid designs of farmhouse coffee tables that makes them enjoyable and easy to live with. If you follow this tutorial from instructables you can see the entire building and designing process for this rustic wood farmhouse coffee table.

Farmhouse Sofa Table

DIY farmouse dining tableView in gallery

This living room features a sofa table with storage. It is a separate piece from the coffee table, and it is designed to sit behind the sofa or the couch. They are a nice way to add extra storage to the room. At the same time, the table can act as a space divider. There are many farmhouse-style designs to choose from that are both attractive and budget-friendly. You can find inspiration in these examples from thecottagemarket.

Farmhouse Style Coffee Table with a Chevron Top

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An interesting idea is to mix a few styles and create something eclectic. A perfect example is a project we found on shadesofblueinteriors. It shows how you can make a modern farmhouse coffee table with a chevron pattern on the top. The design is less chunky than many farmhouse coffee table types. This transitional shape allows the coffee table to be mixed with different design styles.

Small Farmhouse Coffee Table with X Boards

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This living room features a casual farmhouse style with a small farmhouse coffee table. This king of table works well if you are short on space or if you want to use it as a side table or an accent piece.

Like many other designs, this one includes a storage shelf at the bottom which you can also use for display purposes. It also has X board details on the sides that give it more texture and character. If you want to find out more details about this simple project, go to remodelaholic.

Farmhouse Coffee Table with Pillar Legs

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Wood pillars can make beautiful legs for a farmhouse coffee table. You can still include the practical storage shelf at the bottom as this connects the posts in a natural way. Also, you can raise the base as shown on itsagrandvillelife to make the table look less heavy.

Farmhouse-style Bedside Table

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Many different types of tables look charming in a farmhouse style. For example, this is a lovely farmhouse side table that can also serve as a nightstand. It is easy to build and it looks chic and stylish. You can customize it with drawer pulls. Also, you can also try a combination of painted and stained wood for contrast. Look at handmade-haven for more details.

Other DIY Farmhouse Table Projects

Here are some projects featuring tables of different shapes and sizes. The techniques discussed here can help you transform coffee tables and dining tables into more pleasing farmhouse styles.

Transform a Round Table

Transform a Round TableView in gallery

Any table can be transformed into farmhouse-style by changing the color palette, the finish, and the overall aesthetic of the table. This round-top expandable kitchen table featured on livinglowkey was just right for this type of transformation. The new color palette helps to highlight it’s beautiful design.

How to Refinish a Painted Table

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Repainting or re-staining a table is straightforward but the process gets a bit more complicated to go from a painted table to a stained one. However, the transformation can be worth the extra effort, as this inspiring project from thepalettemuse shows. Get ready to use a sander and a paint stripper to get rid of the old finish. Once it is done, the new and improved farmhouse design can start to take shape.

Transforming Old Furniture into New

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It’s always worth keeping furniture that is sturdy and in good shape even if the overall style is not what you love. With a bit of time and labor, you can transform an old table and a set of dining chairs into a style that you like better. Often, a simple approach turns out to be the best one. Consider this farmhouse table makeover on prodigalpieces for more details.

Classic Farmhouse Table

DIY farmouse dining tableView in gallery

Even when the design of the table matches your preferred style, the finish might not. For instance, this beautiful farmhouse dining table had a great design with beautiful and charming details. However, the original orange stain did not fit the desired style. Instead, a tone-on-tone and distressed look was given to it. Look at the transformation on awellpurposedwoman to find out more about the process.

A Chalk Paint Transformation

A super simple dining table makeoverView in gallery

You don’t need a detailed table design or a specific type in order to give it a cozy farmhouse-inspired look. For example, a basic dining table like the one featured on roomsforrentblog would work well. By using chalk paint for the legs and frame and antique wax for the top, there was a complete transformation of the table.

Embracing Imperfection

Farmhouse table makeover that embraces imperfectionsView in gallery

When it comes to rustic or farmhouse furniture, imperfections are an important part of the style.  A great project that reflects this can be found on notinggrace. Here you can see this beautiful farmhouse dining table is stripped of its old paint. The project is finished with a lighter stain that shows the imperfections of the wood and doesn’t clash with the room.

Dining Table Transformation

A light dining set transformationView in gallery

Farmhouse furniture and light colors go hand in hand. The original dark stain was replaced with a more casual distressed white finish that is easier on the eyes. Also, it helps the room look brighter and more inviting. See the full project on tarynwhiteaker for more details.

Build a Farmhouse Table

DIY farmouse dining tableView in gallery

If you love this table design as much as we do, it is worth spending the time and effort to build a brand new table from scratch. We love how robust the table is but also the openess of the table underneath. If you want to see how to build this table, you can follow the tutorial offered on thisrusticsoul. It shows you how to get this particular farmhouse design just right. 

Farmhouse Table with Matching Benches

DIY farmhouse table with matching benchesView in gallery

If you would like a new dining set, consider building it yourself. This farmhouse table is simple and easy to put together. You can learn how to get this beautiful weathered finish from the tutorial featured on honeybearlane. if you want something other than the typical dining chairs, you can make matching benches for the table.

Farmhouse Table with Angled Top

DIY farmouse dining tableView in gallery

Here is one more tutorial for a farmhouse dining table that can be modified for coffee table proportions. This table is sturdy and attractive, and the building costs are minimal. It has a chevron pattern top with an X-leg base. 


How should I style a coffee table?

You can go for a minimalist or a maximalist approach. If you are a minimalist, one plant or interesting art object should be enough. If you want more, collect some objects from around your home such as flowers/plants, books, small baskets, architectural objects, and of course, coasters. Consider using a tray to group smaller objects together. If you have the room, add a larger set of items like a couple of coffee table books and a larger plant to balance out the table. 

How should I decorate a round coffee table?

A grouping of three objects on a round coffee table is pleasing. For example, a pot or vase with some greenery, a large candle, and a group of books would be a good combination to start. If you want less on the table, the greenery or plant is a good option to add some texture in the room. 

What should I use for farmhouse coffee table decor?

Begin by pulling together objects that are natural or have some texture like plants, baskets, and wooden objects. Candles work well with the farmhouse style because they feel cozy. For example, find a rustic vase and fill it with greenery. Pair it with a small leather box and a candle. Place everything on a wooden tray. 

How big should a coffee table be?

A coffee table is one of the most important pieces in the living room, and a missized coffee table will not allow good flow or correct function. Because the coffee table is placed closest to the sofa, use the size of your sofa to guide you. The coffee table should be about two-thirds the width of your sofa and around 16-18 inches high. When you are choosing the shape, look at the clearances in the living room to make sure that there is at least 24-30 inches of clearance all the way around the coffee table. 

Where to buy coffee tables?

Because coffee tables are so common and important, you can find them everywhere. However, it is important to know the quality of the piece that you are buying. Study the material and reviews of the coffee table before buying it because this is a piece of furniture that has constant wear and tear. If you are a DIYer consider some of the options above to make or refurbish a coffee table that you get at an antique or thrift store. 

What is a coffee table book?

A coffee table book is a large decorative book that has beautiful photography and text. These books are fun to browse through. Thus, these are called coffee table books because anyone can grab them from the coffee table to look through while they are waiting.  


Farmhouse style has become one of the most popular styles in the current day, and the coffee table helps to define and balance the living room. These farmhouse coffee tables range from modern to rustic and from top-of-the-line retailers to DIY projects. Find a new farmhouse coffee table that fits your space and your lifestyle or a new project that will interest and challenge you.