Designer Secrets To Make Your House Look Expensive

There are hundreds of things you can do to alter the style of your home. But are any of them worth it? Sometimes, it’s all about a style choice and not about pleasing anyone else. But other times, it’s for a different reason. 

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Sometimes, what you want to do is make your house more appealing to those looking for a new home, especially if you plan on selling your home in the future. This list can help you achieve that look.

How To Make Your House Look Expensive

How To Make Your House Look ExpensiveView in gallery

Again, there are many ways to make your house more valuable. While there are also ways to make your house appear more valuable, today, we will primarily focus on the permanent things that actually add value.

So if you’ve been looking for designer secrets to make your house more expensive then look no further. These tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your home should you decide to sell it soon. 

Use Every “Room”

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This doesn’t just mean making that guest bedroom look nice. This means using every room that wasn’t originally a room and transforming it into something special. For example, your garage or basement.

If you have either a garage or basement and it isn’t being used as a room, then you are missing out on at least a 25% increase in your home’s value. That is a lot and it won’t be worth missing out on. 

Repair Everything

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Even the tiniest bit of damage can turn someone away because we all know what we see is just scratching the surface of what is really going on underneath the surface. So make sure everything looks new and fresh.

Repair cracks in concrete and ensure that all of the drywall is in tiptop shape. This will help your house sell sooner as most people see the need for repairs and call the home a fixer-upper, losing you money. 

Utilize Designers 

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This doesn’t mean you need to hire a designer, what I mean is that you should probably get a few select pieces that are made by designers. It can be a rug, an accent chair, or a piece of art to display in your living room.

The point is to make the home look much more valuable and taken care of by having high-end things on display. It also shows character and taste, which will make people automatically like you as homeowners. 

Switch To Granite Or Marble

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Remove any laminate countertops and replace them with something nice. This can be granite, marble, or something else entirely. Just make sure that it’s much higher-end than whatever you initially had in.

You’d be surprised at what a big difference this can make. Laminate on the floors doesn’t decrease the value too much but when it comes to countertops, people really look for something nice so they don’t have to replace them. 

Duplex It

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A duplex is a two-story house that has two living spaces in it and is often rented out to two different families by the landlord. In this case, you can be the landlord or you can sell the house as a duplex.

This is a bigger project but it can be done by adding an extra kitchen upstairs. If you already have a bathroom upstairs that is half the battle. Convert one of the bedrooms to a living room and you’re done.

Install Dormers 

Dormers are windows that can be seen from the outside and are installed on the roof. They add curb appeal and definitely add good value to any home. There are also many different types to make your home unique.

Something subtle and rare like eyebrow windows may be for you or something more flashy yet cute like bonnet windows may work best. Learning the different types of dormers is important when choosing. 

Plant A Garden

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Planting a garden outside can add huge value for a few reasons. First off, it looks nice, making buyers want your house even more. But it can also be transferred over to the buyers’ care, giving them a garden with the hard work already done. 

Gardens look amazing, smell amazing, and say a lot about who owned the house. So plant even a small windowsill garden if you don’t have the space. But the larger, generally the better, within reason of course. 

Add Or Convert A Loft

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If you already have a loft, then hopefully you’re using it to its full potential. If not, and you have high ceilings, then perhaps you should build a loft. This can go either way and it definitely comes down to personal preference.

Some people prefer the tall ceilings to the extra space. However, more square footage will always sell for more. When you add a loft, you can add that space into the total square footage of the home on your listing. 


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Minimalism is so trendy that everyone has heard of it and has at least thought about implementing it. It doesn’t work for everyone, especially those prone to hoarding, but it definitely adds value these days. 

This is actually more about your staging than anything else. People don’t want to look at a small space with a lot of clutter. They want to see big, open spaces with minimal furniture to make it look even bigger. 

Get Hardwood 

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Aside from something like marble, hardwood floors are probably the most valuable. Add them and you will definitely get your money back if you sell your home. They are highly sought after and look great.

The type of hardwood you use matters too. But if you already have hardwood, what you need to focus on is making sure you remove any scratches, make repairs, and restain and finish the hardwood floors.

Natural Light

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Natural lighting isn’t necessary for every room, like the basement, for example. However, it can be very important when it comes to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. So add that natural light if you can.

The more natural light, the better. No one has ever walked through a house and complained about too much natural light during a showing. Natural light doesn’t just look good, it’s extremely beneficial. 

Convert To Open-Concept

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If your living room and kitchen have a wall between them, knock it down. This is probably something you’ve been debating for quite some time now but I’m here to tell you to stop hesitating. This is what most people want.

Sure, there will be buyers who prefer a closed-off space. But most people definitely prefer open-concept these days. Having the rooms separated is very mid-century modern and only works with a dining hall. 

Deep And Wide Perception 

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Want to make everything look longer and wider? Good! That’s what buyers want too. To start off, you should make your curtains longer. The width doesn’t matter too much but make sure that they are long.

They should almost touch the ceiling and just barely brush the floor. Pooling can look awkward and bunching at the ceiling can too. So to be safe, stick with this setup for the tallest-looking room with curtains. 


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Throw pillows and throw blankets make any room look cozier. So add them to every bedroom and every living room. It will definitely make people feel more welcome like a fireplace or cookstove does.

There are many other things you can do like this but this is probably the easiest one. After all, these two items are inexpensive and you can get them in any style that you like, so you will be re-using them. 

Add On

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If you have the yard space and the money to add to your home, then do it. More square footage is always the best bet. Although some people prefer the yard space, the square footage will get you the biggety return.

It isn’t always expensive to add on either. Sometimes you’ll only pay a few extra thousand for an add-on. Try choosing an extra bedroom or bathroom to be safe, or get unique and add on a sunroom instead. 

Get With The Flow

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Stand back and take a look at your house. You want to follow the natural pattern of the house and always make sure there is a clear path to walk through it. Otherwise, it won’t be impressive to show. 

In fact, it will be difficult to show as the realtor and the prospective buyers will be zigzagging and dodging furniture. So this is hugely important when designing your home for potentially selling it in the future. 

Shop Smart

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No need to shop harder when you can shop smarter. This does include furniture that looks high-end and buying tile that is on sale. But it also refers to that keyword, “smart” that everyone is interested in. 

If you have smart appliances and smart electronics, people will be impressed and want the house even more. This is true ether you leave them or not, but it never hurts to let them know that the smart doorbell is included. 

Reduce Future Costs For Potential Buyers

When it comes to buying a house, what do you look at? This is the best way to find out what you need to do to get your home ready for new buyers. And it all starts with the future, not the present.

Your new buyers are looking for a forever home. They want something with a low monthly bill. Do what you can to prove that your home is energy-efficient and you will notice the impression it makes on buyers.