What Is A Loft Room? Loft Bedroom Ideas

When you hear the word “loft,” you may think of a barn or a shabby apartment. What is a loft? Here, we’ll look at loft bedroom ideas to help inspire you. A loft room is also a way to save space and add quirkiness to a room.

If you think loft rooms are limited, think again. 

loft bedroom
Laura Kehoe Design

You can add a loft room to any home. All you need is inspiration and know-how to get started. Today, we’ll look at what a loft room is and how you can add one to your home.

What Is A Loft Room?

 Loft Room
Image from Koch Architects

A loft is a raised room with a small balcony. The underneath area is open, leaving space for another room. Loft rooms are added to smaller houses to add space.

However, the rooms can be added to homes with one room or a dozen. You can add more walls or leave the underneath area open. Loft rooms don’t have rules. What makes them a loft room is their location.  

Loft Room Uses

While bathrooms and kitchens aren’t installed in lofts due to plumbing, other rooms can have one. You can use a loft for anything. There are a few common uses you’ll find in most US homes.  

Loft Bedroom

Loft Bedroom
Jessica Helgeson Interior Design

A bedroom is the number one location to install a loft. The room is for preteens or teenagers. It can be used as a guest room or  master bedroom. There’s something cozy about a bedroom in a loft.

Loft Sitting Room

loft bedroom
Boren Construction

A loft is a perfect place for a sitting room. It may not work for older guests or young kids, but it’s a good place to hangout and have coffee or play games. With furniture, you’ll find small chairs and a simple table.

Add a bit of personality with daisies, wall art, and throw blankets. Lofts are warmer than the rest of the house, so it’s fun to curl up in one during the winter. However, in the summer, you’ll need a fan up there.

Loft Play Room

Loft Play Room
 CG&S Design-Build

Even if your kid has a room, you can put their toys in a loft in their room or a separate playroom. This allows you to keep an eye on them even if you’re somewhere else.

It’s recommended to add a staircase rather than a ladder to kids’ lofts. Ladders can be dangerous, so stairs are a better. Make sure the railing is secure and they try it out a few times while you’re watching before attempting it alone.

Reading Nook

loft bedroom

Reading nooks are welcome in most houses. They provide a safe and private place to go on adventures that books take you to. You can add a bookshelf in the loft, or if there isn’t room, you can add one below. 

Another great idea is to add storage in the staircase. This can allow you to store books inside so they won’t take up space anywhere else. Then, when you want to read, you can grab a book on your way up. 


loft bedroom
Image from reliancedesignbuild

If you’re having trouble finding office space, then maybe a loft is your answer. You can add a desk to most lofts as long as it is tall enough. You don’t need to be able to stand in an office, just sit at your desk.

Lofts are good for gaming.  Add a desk with a computer or gaming system and a couple of bean bags, and you’ll have fun game room.

Storage Room

loft bedroom
Laura Kehoe Design

You can never have enough storage. If you have the space to add a loft, then add one because of the free storage it provides. Use the underneath for a closet or leave it open for extra floor space. Open rafters make a space look even bigger.

If you do decide to leave the space open, you can put the head of your bed underneath or use it for a bench with a library. It’s better to leave it open when you can as you wouldn’t want to add space to take some away.

Balcony Access

loft bedroom
The Holland Companies

If your house is tall enough to have a balcony, but you don’t have a second story, then a loft would give you an excuse to have a balcony. Even if your loft is really small, you can still add balcony access.

Then, once you are outside, you have an entire world at your fingertips. If you want your balcony to be as large as your house, then go for it. Outdoor space should be put to use. Fresh air every day is a must. 

Loft Room Inspiration

Loft rooms are fun for everyone. People of all ages can enjoy them if they are installed right. Here are sone less common ideas, but useful and fun as the standard loft room ideas. 

Loft Hammock

loft bedroom
Kevin Browne Architecture

The loft hammock is unique and fascinating. If you decide on this style, you will need to hire a professional contractor. Hammocks and climbing ropes can be dangerous if not installed the right way.

Children under five should not hang from a rope hammock without adult supervision. Older kids can be with their older siblings or alone if they are responsible. 

Loft Room Tree House

loft bedroom
Gray Family Homes

The loft doesn’t have to be for practical uses. A tiny treehouse is perfect for any kids’ room. It offers a fun escape and a fort that kids will enjoy. And they’re cheap to build.

You can build a bigger loft if you have the budget. Half of one bedroom can be a loft if the room’s ceiling is high enough. Decorate it to look like a ship, castle, or treehouse. 

Loft Room Bunk Beds

loft bedroom
Harry Hunt Architects

A loft bunk is perfect for siblings. It’s similar to the bunk bed idea, only with more space. Each kid gets their own bed and their own space for their favorite things. Add a shelf on each level to make your kids feel comfortable. 

You can make the bottom floor for playing and the top floor for sleeping. If your kid sleepwalks, never allow them to sleep in a loft. This can be very dangerous. Instead, encourage them to use the room for playing. 

Loft Without Railing

loft bedroom
Lucy Call

While railing is recommended, with adults it isn’t necessary. Make sure you add handles for climbing. 

You can add them to the ladder or wall. If you add them to the ladder, it’s important it’s solid and attached to the wall. Otherwise, there could be disastrous results. 

Semi-Private Loft Room

loft bedroom

If you want to keep it safe, yet airy, you can add rope walls. This will add privacy without closing the room off.  It also gives a Moroccan and bohemian feel. 

If you go this route, you can add Moroccan floor pillows, wax burners, and salt lamps for a gorgeous, relaxing getaway. 

Immersive Loft Room

loft bedroom
Kemp Hall Studios

If the loft room is for kids, design it like a fort. A bucket and pulley system is a great addition. You can make trap doors as long as they are safe. 

Feel free to get your kids involved in coming up with ideas. They’ll tell you what they think would be cool and you can make it happen in a safe and cheap way. 

Is A Loft Room For Me?

If you’re thinking about a loft room, consider a few things. Families with toddlers or babies should wait. 

Older kids and pre-teens will enjoy it. It gives them privacy while you stay connected to them . Teenagers love an open loft room.

If you want more space and don’t mind lowering the ceilings, then the addition might work wonders. However, if you want high ceilings, a loft room may not be ideal for you at the time. 

Even if you don’t have a use for one, you can find one later. If your heart tells you to get a loft room, then there’s nothing stopping you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are Loft Rooms Safe For Toddlers?

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns parents that children under the age of six should not have a loft bed.

How Do You Fireproof A Loft Room?

You can never be too safe when protecting your family and home from the threat of fire. A cozy cottage kid’s loft is no exception. There are fire-resistant items you can include in your loft space.

For example, a fire-resistant loft ladder offers a safe way to escape if the room is on fire. For loft room conversions, fire doors are mandatory. As a rule, you want to use fire-proof material when possible. And don’t forget to install a smoke alarm. 

Does A Kids’ Loft Room Add Value To My Home

A loft room will increase the value of your home by 10 and 20 percent. The downside is when you sell your home, you might be limited depending on the theme of your loft.  

Loft Room Conclusion

Before begin adding a loft room to your home, make sure the addition is safe. You’re not adding a bed, you’re building an extra room for your home. If the loft room doesn’t match the style of your home, then you’ll regret it.

When a loft room is done right, your home’s value will increase.