Mansion Living Room Style Ideas for Inspiration

Mansion living room style seems impractical for most of us, but we all wonder what it would be like to style a room with an unlimited budget and space. These mansion living rooms are indeed beautiful and luxurious, but they can give us some ideas about how to style our own spaces with more beauty and distinction. 

mansion living room
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Luxury Mansion Living Room

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When we think about mansion house living rooms, fancy gold fixtures, rich brocade, and velvets come to mind. These elements are obvious in this luxury mansion living room from Spazio Progetto. This living room has beige coloring with splashes of soft blue throughout. 

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Spazio Progetto

The furniture looks soft and inviting with tufted detailing and generous throw pillows. Murano glass chandeliers and sconces frame the tall arched window. The symmetric design works well with the balance of the room. However, not all mansion living rooms are this elaborate and have ideas that we can use to make our own spaces cozier.

What is a Mansion?

Mansions are defined as large and impressive houses. However, this can mean various types of houses in different contexts. In real estate, the size of a mansion is around 8,000 square feet. However, for a place like London, where square footage costs a premium, mansions may be smaller than in a less expensive area. 

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Hunter Dehn Realty

You must also consider the grounds, the building materials, and the amenities of a particular home. In addition, mansions will have unique rooms like wine cellars and conservatories that are not in your average large home. 

Bel-Air Mansion

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Marc Angeles.

Consider this indisputable mansion in Bel Air, California. It sits on 3.8 acres of premier property in California. It has 105,000 square feet with its own bowling alley and movie theater. 

Inside the Mansion Living Room

While the overall mansion may be over the top, the living room is quite restrained in design. It features a contemporary style with two ivory-facing sectional sofas with double marble coffee tables in the middle. 

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Tamara Beckwith

The floating ring chandelier and recessed lighting keep the overall effect minimal. After all, with a view like that, you don’t need elaborate decor. 

Mansion Big Living Room Ideas 

We have compiled some inspiration photos of mansion living rooms for you to look through. These homes are both historic and modern and from many locations from Los Angeles to London. 

They are all furnished with elegant and expensive touches, but that doesn’t mean that all of their style techniques are unachievable. Some of the living room inspiration photos will resonate with you, and you will see how you can adapt these ideas to use in your own living room spaces.

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Modern Mansion Living Room

This gorgeous mansion living room is from a home in Los Angeles. This room is modern and sleek in style. It is dominated by an ivory sectional with extra seating provided by the gray swivel chair. The curtainless windows dominate the room providing the art for the room, and the warm wood floors ground the design providing needed balance. 

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If you like this look, consider keeping all the colors throughout your space neutral and light. Make sure that the furniture you choose for this look has straight lines and tailored upholstery.  

Transitional Living Room

This is a living room from a mansion in Beverly Hills, CA. It was designed in a transitional style that features both modern and classic styled furniture. The sputnik chandelier, modern wall art, and coffee table make a dramatic statement with the traditional architecture and herringbone wood floor. They provide a counterpoint to the neutral-toned furniture. 

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ArcDLA Inc.

The transitional style works well if you want to move your style in a different direction without replacing everything. Try adding a different style chandelier or a piece of modern wall art to change the whole look of your living room. 

Rustic Style Living Room

This living room design from Alvarez Homes features a cozy and rustic style. It has dark wood-paneled ceilings, built-in bookcases, and a spacious fireplace. While the overall look is dark, notice the bright colored yellow upholstery and deep green rug. The room invites you to curl up on the sofa with your favorite book and cup of tea. However, the design of this room is harder to pull off in a casual way. 

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Alvarez Homes

If you like this look, consider painting your room a deep color and choosing plush furniture in bright complementing colors. Also, animal prints are always welcome in a room with a rustic style. 

Traditional Living Room

If you love classic style and historic buildings, then this design is for you. This traditional living room in a Tudor mansion combines curated antiques and a rolled arm sofa with the modern twist side tables to create a cohesive design. The coloring of this room is light, but there are dark walls and wood pieces mixed throughout to keep the design grounded and cozy. 

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Interior Archaeology

To achieve this style, think about adding some wood furniture into your room like the wooden chest that is used for the coffee table. The color of the foundation furniture is light neutral, but you can paint your walls a deep gray or brown to help your space feel more intimate. 

Mediterranean Living Room

This living room, designed by Joei McIntire, is from a mansion in Denver, CO. It has a Tuscan style with open beam ceilings and hand-scraped wooden floors. The faux stag head and cowhide rug dominate the design giving it a rustic flair. 

Mediterranean Living RoomView in gallery
Joei McIntire Design

If you like the style of this room, consider painting your room a warm neutral shade and adding textured wood floors. Add some touches of cowhide in the chairs, pillows, or rugs. Also, pair with velvet for added style. 

Contemporary Living Room

Contemporary style dominates this lovely mansion living room from Nikki Hinton Photography. The colors on the wall and furniture are neutral with a few pops of deep blue and green. While every area of the room is styled, the room looks complete without seeming fussy. Even with the gold detailing throughout, the room is still comfortable thanks to the soft textures of boucle and velvet. 

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The look of this room is achieved by using furniture with curves and mirrored accent pieces with touches of brushed gold or brass. 

Eclectic Style Living Room 

This living room from a mansion in New York was designed by The British Home Emporium. It is the perfect example of the eclectic style as it brings together pieces from many different styles. However, it works well as a complete design as it has the feel of a comfortable room that has been styled with love over time. 

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There are not as many rules for eclectic style, but this look is not random. Notice how this room has a few color ideas that are followed throughout the room. Also, feel free to mix pieces with different styles like the Chesterfield sofa and modern art in this living room.

Minimalist Living Room 

Here is a minimalist-style living room that we all can love. The room is painted all white with the high cathedral ceiling painted the same color. Thus, this creates an open and airy look. The tone-on-tone furnishings complement the neutral tones with the coffee tables and beams adding a warmer color and texture. The black trim framing the windows draws the eye upward. 

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To create this style, keep the paint colors and upholstery complementing shades of light neutrals. Add some texture with light-colored woods. Last, keep the decor on the walls to an absolute minimum. 

New Traditional Living Room

The new traditional style is just what it sounds like, a fresh take on old traditional styling. This living room from a historic mansion in London was designed by Turner Pocock exhibits this style well. This style is light and modern but it uses traditional pieces like curved sofas and tufted back chairs. 

New Traditional Living RoomView in gallery

Notice the lovely paneling and moldings throughout the room paired with the modern Armoury Globe chandelier. Also, the seating is placed in a symmetrical manner with the large upholstered coffee table. Don’t be afraid to use traditional pieces for this style. However, add in some modern touches to keep the look on-trend.

Modern Classic Living Room

This modern classic living room from a mansion in London combines the best of classic style with modern taste. Designed by Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd., the room is full of color and comfortable style. 

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While classic style dominates the shape of the furniture, it doesn’t look stuffy because of the interesting color combinations. Rather, it looks like a space that has been well-curated with comfort and style in mind. To achieve this look, find deep-colored velvet furniture in complementing shades. Also, mix in a few modern pieces like the coffee table or chandelier. 

Asian-Inspired Living Room

This Asian-style living room from a mansion in Los Angeles has a complete look without appearing elaborate. While the ivory furniture and gold touches are beautiful, the red wallpaper dominates the room. Also, it is the perfect backdrop for stunning wall art. 

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If you like this style, consider wallpaper in your room. Keep the rest of the pieces light so that the look stays fresh and current. 

Modern Transitional Living Room

This stunning mansion living room is from Urbanology Designs. They combine transitional and modern elements creating a seamless new design. The overall foundation of the look is light and mid-toned neutrals; however, there are pops of black throughout to add interest. 

Modern Transitional Living RoomView in gallery

There is also a variety of textures to add comfort. Leather poufs add extra seating potential and the plants enliven the space. To create this style, keep your foundation pieces and walls light neutrals, but make sure to add pops of darker neutrals like black or dark woods. Add some texture with rustic pieces using leather and concrete. Also, plants look stunning with this style. 


How can I change the style of my living room without changing everything?

The best way to do this is first to evaluate what you have and where you want to go with your style. Next, decide on some inexpensive ways that you can get more of the style you like by painting the walls, buying new throw pillows, and getting a new light fixture. Then, decide on your big purchases like sofas and chairs. Last, consider your resources and plan when it would be a good time to invest in these larger pieces.

How can I make my living room more luxurious?

You can bring a more luxurious style to your living room by adding elements with soft textures like velvet, lamb’s wool, leather, and gold or brass touches. Also, bring in some faux or real plants to bring some vibrancy to the room.

Where can I find items that elevate the look of my living room?

You can find great items everywhere if you just keep your eyes open. Of course, you can order anything, but if you want some less expensive options, try looking off the beaten path. Go to antique stores and thrift stores and look for good quality pieces that you can paint or refurbish. Also, try to frequent home discount stores to find great deals.  

Mansion Living Room: Conclusion

It is always fun to take a peek into large and beautiful homes to see what can be achieved with an unlimited budget. Although we can’t always have the same budget, it is helpful to see the styles of mansion living rooms. We can take ideas away from these beautiful pictures and find ways to make our own spaces a little bit more luxurious.