Modern Mansion Designs That Set New Standards

A mansion is an elegant house. Here we’ll look at modern mansion designs that set new standards. But before we do that, we should ask what does it mean to live in a luxury mansion?

Modern Mansion

Are mansions about size or is there something else that makes luxurious homes special?

What Makes A House A Mansion?

The word “mansion” is almost subjective. Modern luxury homes with elegance will always be in demand. They come in a variety of luxurious styles and use the latest in luxury fashion design content.

What Makes A House A Mansion?

Modern Mansion Floor Plans

A mansion’s floor space starts at 8,000 square feet. Location is another factor. For example, among properties in Bel Air, before a house is considered, it would need to be over 20,000 square feet.

A mansion is emblematic of architecture and style. With modern mansion floor plans less than 8,000 square feet, it can still be mansion.

Here are a few features of luxury mansions:

Impressive Entertainment Facilities

20th-century mansions were about entertaining guests. The older mansions were popular and bold and had ballrooms, salons, lounges where lavish parties were held at night.

The mansions of today have changed but maintain the same standards and price. Now they have state-of-the-art game rooms, bars, pools, and indoor spas. The homes are equipped with advanced technology and kitchens that can meet demanding needs.

Lavish leisure areas

Mansions have leisure spaces where the homeowners and their guests relax. The mansions from the previous decades had conservatories, greenhouses, intricate gardens, and libraries.

Today, they serve different interests and feature spas, theaters, exercise rooms, spacious closets, man caves, and more.

Impressive Outdoor Areas

While a house has a backyard and garden, a luxury modern mansion takes such features to a higher level. Zen gardens, spacious outdoor sitting areas with fire pits, guesthouses, fountains, lakes, tennis courts, and private hiking trails are common features. 

Superior Building Materials

A mansion is grand, luxurious, and has a high price. Each one is built with fine, exquisite materials.

Mansions are built according to specifications. Inside, they have designer furniture, expensive art, and decorations. When you enter a mansion, you can get a feel of its craftsmanship. The home will also feature the latest in appliances and fixtures. And you can expect an elaborate security system for good measure.

How Many Bedrooms Does A Mansion Have?

How Many Bedrooms Are In A Modern Mansion?

Not every mansion has many bedrooms. There isn’t a rule on the minimum or a maximum number of bedrooms a mansion can have.

Most mansions have five or six bedrooms, while others have more. The latest mansion trend involves fewer, yet bigger rooms and advanced amenities. To stay updated you can find a website that will have the world’s latest styles that feature luxury homes for sale and other information.

The Biggest Mansion In The World

There are many mansions you’re already familiar with without ever thinking about them.

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani – 168-car garage

Mukesh Ambani the biggest house in the World

One of the world’s biggest mansions is in Mumbai, India. The home of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, and his family, is the largest mansion worldwide. It has 27 floors, nine elevators and a helipad. It also has 600 employees that cater to the owners and their guests. Built in 2010, the home has 400,000 square feet.

Buckingham Palace – 775 rooms

Buckingham Palace

You could consider Buckingham Palace to be a mansion since this is where the Queen lives. It has 775 rooms and an underground tunnel system that connects it to the Clarence House and Parliament.

Built-in 1703, it has 828,82 square feet. There’s also a police station, movie theater, and tennis courts among other features.

Istana Nurul Iman – 1,788 rooms

Istana Nurul Iman Palace owned by the Sultan of Brunei

The title of the biggest mansion in the world goes to the Istana Nurul Iman Palace owned by the Sultan of Brunei. It has 1,788 rooms and 257 bathrooms and also has a mosque. The home is also known as The Light of Faith Palace and measures 2.15 million square feet.

This magnificent monument to modern mansion architecture was built in 1984 by Leonardo V. Locsin. A few notable features include a 110-car garage, five swimming pools, and air-conditioned stables that can accommodate 200 polo horses.

Modern Mansion Design Ideas From Around The World

The definition of a mansion never stops changing. A style could be outdated in a year or two. A dream home that transcends time possesses grandeur and luxury.

Let’s look at a few and see why they’re special.

Interior Design

The modern mansion is both an inside and outside the expression. One is just as important as the other.

Opulent Italianate Mansion

Opulent Italianate Mansion
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Overlooking San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, this Italian-style mansion is a tribute to modern European design. You can bring your taste for flair and keep the Italian theme and worry about losing the view.

Modern Mansion

With 14,360 square feet, the home has seven en-suite bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms. There’s also a modern mansion kitchen, dining room, reception hall, grand foyer, mezzanine, library, seven fireplaces, media room, and wine cellar.

Black Modern Mansion

Modern Mansion

Black Gables is a black modern mansion consisting of two jet-black gabled structures with a metal roof. One unit is for sleeping and eating. The other functions as a studio. The structures sit at skewed angles so they both can enjoy the view. It’s rare when you find something like this.

Modern Mansion

Finished in 2013, the modern house is in the small town of Louisdale on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The main home is 1,200 square feet, with one bedroom, and a separate room the client uses as a library and office. Now this is a home you can use to a read books in everyday until you grow old.

Modern Tofino Beach Mansion – 2,500 ft²

Modern Tofino Beach Mansion - 2500 ft²

Although it’s 2,500 square feet, which doesn’t make it a mansion, but Tofino Beach House makes up for that in beauty. It was built in 2016 by studio Olson Kundig and sits in Tofino, Canada.

Modern Mansion

The modern mansion interior relies on natural light. The landscape captures the essence and feel of the house. This beach retreat sits in an old forest surrounded by trees that guard the home. A view of the ocean serves as a backdrop.

Townships Farmhouse – 4,000 ft²

Townships Farmhouse - 4000 ft²

Here’s another example a small mansion. This one measures 4,000 square feet. In North Hatley, Canada, it was created in 2016 by studio LAMAS. The idea wasn’t centered on opulence but rather to embrace nature and the popular modern mansion style, bringing it to new levels. 

Townships Farmhouse - 4000 ft² interior

The goal of this project was to be eco-friendly. The view from provides all the information you need. The owners are land conservationists and preserve agricultural buildings. Together with the architects they chose salvaged hemlock wood from dilapidated barns across the Ontario region for cladding their charming little mansion.

Rimrock – 5200 ft²

Rimrock modern mansion by Olson Kundig

At 5,200 square feet, the Rimrock house is big enough to be called a mansion. It was designed by studio Olson Kundig and completed in 2014. It sits on top of a bluff at the edge of a popular cliff in Spokane, Washington. It’s named after the landscape. Rimrock describes a sheer rock wall at the upper edge of a plateau.

Modern Mansion

A large section of the T-shaped structure is elevated, preserving a path for animals so they can roam between the mountains and river. The path is in its original spot and the wildlife use it undisturbed. By elevating the home, the architects enhanced the surrounding views by including full-height windows for peace of mind.

JSL House – 5381 ft²

JSL House - 5381 ft²

This is a house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was designed by studio Bernardes Arquitetura in 2019. It was a project driven by a desire to connect to the sea.

JSL House - 5381 ft²

Around the outside the residence is wrapped in metal mesh which acts as brise soleils as well as decorative elements. Large windows let in natural sunlight and frame beautiful views of the outside areas while the inside is warm and welcoming but also feels grand. The living room which has a double-height ceiling. 

Modern Mansions

Modern mansions represent the latest in architecture and technology. Each project is an opportunity for an architect and designer to explore their creative abilities. Here, we’ll provide you with the correct information on the latest trends and mansion designs.

Dragonfly House – 6,500 ft²

Dragonfly House - 6500 ft²

The Dragonfly House is a gorgeous vacation retreat situated at the border between a beautiful pine forest and a lake in Whitefish, United States. It was designed by studio Olson Kundig who completed it in 2016. This unusual dichotomy between two different biomes offers the house a unique opportunity of blending into the landscape and connecting these two areas simply through its presence.

Dragonfly House - 6500 ft² Forest

To reach the house one has to travel from the driveway across a meadow through a gravel path. The path then wraps around the house and continues down the hill and all the way to the lake. Outdoor areas like covered decks, a fire pit and a hot tub are sprinkled along the way, inviting the inhabitants to explore more of the surroundings.

Jellyfish House With A Spectacular Pool – 6996 ft²

Modern Mansion

The unique design chosen by Wiel Arets Architects for the Jellyfish House is directly influenced by its location and context. The residence is located in Marbella, Spain on a piece of land surrounded by neighboring buildings which block what would otherwise be a great view of the sea and the city.

Modern Mansion

The architects managed to find a view to give the owners of the Jellyfish House the view they wanted. They did this by creating a cantilevered rooftop swimming pool with a glass bottom that lets the light filter through and create mesmerizing patterns on the floor below.

This design thus creates a perfect viewing spot from the suspended pool and adjacent rooftop lounge.

Alegre House – 8643 ft²

Modern Mansion

Designed by architect Jorge Vidal, the Alegre House is on the tropical Ibiza island in Spain. It was completed in 2014. The project was a renovation job and its modern change was a perfect and correct way to do it. When you visit, you won’t leave.

Modern Mansion
Modern Mansion

One of the design goals was to expand the inside space. The designers wanted to create a bond between the indoor areas and the tropical landscape surrounding the house. This operable allows the top floor to embrace the panoramic views from inside the home. You will love the views.

Collywood House – 15642 ft²

Modern Mansion

Designed by Olson Kundig and completed in 2018, in West Hollywood above the Sunset Strip and has a view of Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Mountains, and Pacific Ocean. The home stretches some 15,642 square feet. 

Modern Mansion

The mansion has three levels. On the first floor is a social area with retractable glass walls. The walls open to outdoor terraces. There’s also two pivoting walls which let the outdoors into the south side of the living area. 

Modern Mansion

The upper level is equally impressive. This is where the master bedroom is along with a home gym and multiple roof decks.

Modern Mansion

A lower level features an auto gallery, game room, and media room with access to a large outdoor terrace that cantilevers over the hillside offering an uninterrupted view of the city.

The Ficus House – 16587 ft²

The Ficus House - 16587 ft²

Studio Guz Architects built the Ficus House in Singapore in 2017. It’s designed to serve as an extended family home and the L-shaped layout allows for a good level of privacy to be maintained between the households. There’s also a shared courtyard which connects the two wings and creates a smooth transition between them as well as between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Modern Mansion

A gorgeous design feature which makes this more than just a simple house is the array of roof gardens which make up for the lost landscape due to the footprint of the building. This shows great respect towards nature and also allows the building to appear fresh, vibrant and altogether magnificent. 

California Meadow House – 17000 ft²

California Meadow House - 17000 ft²

One of the elements that we’ve come to expect from a modern mansion is for it to showcase a cohesive and harmonious relationship between architecture, design and landscape. This is definitely the case here where this impressive family home seems to seamlessly blend in and dissolve into the beautiful green landscape that surrounds it.

Modern Mansion
Modern Mansion

Completed in 2017, the modern mansion was designed by Olson Kundig. A central structure, three auxiliary buildings, and expansive outdoor areas round out the design. The central structure is a base that anchors the property and creates cohesion between the different areas. 

CWN House – 18836 ft²

CWN House - 18836 ft² in Brazil

The mansion covers three floors in an L-shape. Built-in 2018 by  Bernardes Arquitetura in Santana de Parnaíba, not far from Sao Paulo in Brazil.

CWN House - 18836 ft² in Brazil - pool
CWN House - 18836 ft² in Brazil - open space

The central living area features a double-height ceiling. The garden is filled with tropical plants and has a rich landscape. On the outside the house is enclosed by glass and wood panels which give it a very inviting aesthetic but also help to connect it with the surroundings in an organic manner. 

Casa Cloud – 23497 ft²

Modern Mansion

Completed in 2020 by studio BOONDESIGN., is in Bangkok, Thailand. The architecture is a fusion of nature and style. The modern mansion blurs the barriers between natural and artificial. It allows the interior spaces to extend outside.

Casa Cloud in Thaliand by BOONDESIGN

From the outside it seems the greenery is starting to fade, but it’s done in a clean and precise manner. The backyard and garden area have a clean aesthetic. Inside, is a popular industrial vibe from the exposed concrete surfaces and the simplicity of the materials and finishes. 

Kelapa House – 30138 ft²

Modern Mansion

Samui Island located in Thailand is a beautiful slice of paradise. It’s home to this modern mansion by Architects 49 (Phuket) Limited and was created in 2018. 

Modern Mansion

The modern building is surrounded by tall coconut trees and lush vegetation and despite being a relatively new addition to the land it looks as if it’s been there forever. One of the major objectives throughout the entire project was to preserve the landscape as much as possible.

Modern Mansion

Tall coconut trees and vegetation surround the home. Although new, they look established. The designers wanted to preserve the landscape.

The home sits on columns to protect the land underneath it. Because it is elevated it won’t be affected by the seasonal monsoons since the water can flow underneath. From an aesthetic standpoint, this modern mansion has a weathered exterior so it will not change its appearance.

Asa House – 36435 ft²

Modern Mansion

“Asa” means “wing” in Portuguese. This modern mansion was created by Bernardes Arquitetura in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The house sits at the top of a hill and utilizes the topography of the site to its advantage, assigning the flat areas to the outdoor living spaces and hiding some of the interior spaces underground. 

Modern Mansion
Modern Mansion

Some of the features that raise this house to modern mansion status, besides its size, include a home gym and spa which connect to the outdoors. The main living area resembles a bright and airy pavilion thanks to the full-length windows which frame the surrounding views.

Mirador Residence – 37135 ft²

Modern Mansion

The Mirador mansion resembles a rectangular monolith. It blends into its environment consisting of 3.5 acres of farmland. It was designed by SHROFFLEóN to provide the owner with a simple yet stylish wilderness refuge located in Karjat, India. 

Modern Mansion
this modern mansion was designed with expansive glass walls

With no neighbors in sight, this modern mansion exterior was designed with giant glass walls and windows to capture the scenery. This modern mansion bedroom has a view anyone would love.

The exterior is a concrete shell and exposed ceilings. The modern mansion is warm, welcoming and soothing. Wood and soft textures help develop its style.

Bigwood – 69965 ft²

Modern Mansion
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Bigwood was completed in 2015 by studio Olson Kundig. Located in Ketchum, Idaho, and designed to fit organically with the landscape. 

Modern Mansion
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Engineered by the architects who envisioned the East section of the house as a buried module, while the West consists of two wings.

Modern Mansion
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A harmonious balance exists between the volumes that are open to the beautiful panoramic views and areas tucked beneath the ground.

Furthermore, the design allows the mansion to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the site.

Because this is a desert mountain area, the architects wanted the indoor area to reflect that and used lots of earthy and natural materials in the design. These capture the beauty of the landscape and give the house an authentic look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is A Micro Mansion?

A micro-mansion is no more than 800 square feet. What makes it special and expensive is its elaborate and cutting-edge design. On average, a micro mansion costs between $75,000 and $150,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Mansion?

To build a mansion, it costs between $500 and $700 per square foot for a high-quality and luxurious. For an 8,000 square foot property, you could expect to pay $4 to $5.6 million.

What Is The Most Expensive Roofing Material?

Slate tile is the most expensive roofing material available today. The average roofing price for slate tile is between $12,000 to $24,000 and depends on the roof’s on slope, pitch, and size. It’s between $9 to $16 per square foot for a single-story residence.

What is a McMansion?

A McMansion is a term that describes a large, luxurious, and elegant-looking suburban domicile that’s mass-produced. They are popular in the US, but elsewhere not so much. The word comes from the McDonald’s fast-food chain.

What Is Thirdhome?

Thirdhome is a luxury property and travel club. It’s Airbnb for the wealthy. As short-term rentals have become the preferred way to travel, renting a huge modern mansion is an affordable option. The homes are ideal for business travelers and large families. Log on to their website for more information on ads for various homes.

Modern Mansion Design Conclusion

Mansions exist because people like to dream. A mega modern mansion displays an extravagant lifestyle, which is desirable, and so are the homes that come with them. The homes also provide architects and designers with opportunities to let their imaginations run wild. They serve a purpose, and if they didn’t then they wouldn’t exist.