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Cream Or Ivory Color? Which Suits You?

White is a color you’ll find in every home in the US and most homes worldwide. The question is, do you like cream or ivory color and which one suits you the most? Among white shades, cream and ivory are the most popular.

Cream Or Ivory Color

The problem is both colors are often confused with one another. This is understandable because they are warm whites or off-whites. Both colors are often used for wedding dresses. However, it doesn’t require much effort to know the differences if you are familiar with their details.

Here are some tips that will help you understand more:

What Color Is Ivory? Hex Code: FFFFF0

What Color Is Ivory?

Ivory is the same as real ivory. Animal tusks are made of ivory. While a tusk’s color begins as pure white, they change because of their yellow carotenoids.

Hex Code: FFFFF0

As a color, ivory is used for wedding dresses and jewelry. It is preferred for its off-white shade that has a yellow hue. Because of this, it’s a warm white. 

What Color Is Cream? Hex Code: FFFDD0

What Color Is Cream?

As a color, cream is the pastel color of yellow. It’s also associated with a dairy product. The color is created by mixing yellow and white. It has a lighter hue and is soft and fair. Although darker than ivory, cream has a broader application. Also, the RGB values are different.

Hex Code: FFFDD0

Cream is an off-white color that has a warmer tone. This is why most people who don’t know enough details about the colors cannot distinguish between the two.

Cream, Ivory, And White

Cream, Ivory, And White
Image from The Refined Group

The color cream and the color ivory are similar. Let’s compare their features and examine their finer details. Neither of the colors is bright. They are off-white with elegant and neutral warm tones. However, there are differences between them that can help you decide which you like best.


Cream and ivory both have warm undertones, unlike white, which has cool undertones. The color cream has primarily yellow undertones while ivory has brown undertones. 


While both cream and ivory can be used for paint, fabric, or art, ivory is used in fashion, and cream is used in home decor. Furniture with color combinations will use a cream color with a darker color. Skin tones vary, but darker tones are matched with ivory while lighter skin tones are matched with a cream color.


Cream does not change, which means it is a constant. Ivory begins much whiter and turns darker and yellow. This isn’t true with paint colors and fabrics, but it is a common trend.

Color Code

The basic color code for cream is #FFFDD0 and the color code for ivory is #FFFFFO. This is only a slight difference that is in correlation with the RGB balance. Each code is a sign indicating a grade level.

Cream has an RGB of 255, 253, 208. Ivory has an RGB of 255, 255, 240. The biggest difference is blue. Ivory contains more blue, making it cooler than cream. 

Ivory Color Combos

Ivory Color Combos
Image from Nies Homes

Ivory is good for color combinations and paint colors. It is similar to white yet toned down. You may notice the hexadecimal color code is 255 on red and green, which is the max color code. The CMYK values are also different and have a unique brand value.

White – Hex Code: FFFFFF

White - Hex Code: FFFFFF

White goes well with ivory. You can layer the two to add a dimension without too much color. It’s a good background color if the objects in the forefront are dark, like beige, for example.

When working with ivory and white, find a balance. It’s better to use one as a primary neutral and accent it or shade it with the other. This will give depth and balance and you won’t have to worry about saturation.

Light Blue – Hex Code: ADD8E6

Hex Code_ ADD8E6

Any light blue works with ivory. It can be soft or medium. It also works with white but lighter blues are better than medium or bright. 

Try pairing ivory bed sheets with light blue throw pillows or adding a bouquet of sweet lighter lowers on a table.

Navy Blue – Hex Code: 000080

Navy Blue - Hex Code: 000080

If you like blue but don’t prefer lighter shades, navy is your best bet with ivory. For an ivory wedding dress, navy is good. They look lovely together and contrast very well. You can also use black if you prefer but navy is a better and safer alternative if using very much of the darker color. 

Dark Brown

Dark brown is also a nice alternative to black. If you want a specific brown then both chestnut and chocolate work well with ivory. That’s why you use ivory and let it stick out as if it is a chocolate or chestnut treat hiding behind a wrapper.


Purple has a higher RGB so you can pair it with ivory. However, darker purple and deeper colors work better with ivory.

Light purples tend to get lost in the ivory. While they look good together but you need contrast with ivory, or else it will be a little too soft and not warm enough.


Olive can go with purple. You can try sage which is similar but like a beige color and more soft, making it good for any kitchen.

Olive, sage, and green color paint is used for most rooms and when you add ivory, it elevates them. This is the same way that olive grounds ivory so the two meet in the middle and create a nice harmony for any room.


Mint is safe to use with ivory. If you want to be daring, as a good sign, choose a third color with a lower hex number to the mix. Beige would be a good choice for the third color or choose one of the many neutrals if you want to paint a room. What kind of vibe do you want to create? Once you know the answer, the rest will come easy.

Cream Color Combos

Cream Color Combos
Image from TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Cream is at max red with a lower green and a tuned down blue. It makes the color warmer as blue is a cool color.

Lavender – Hex Code: E6E6FA

Lavender - Hex Code: E6E6FA

Lavender complements cream as the two are opposites on the color wheel. When together, their RGB values change. They are everything you need to bring softness to your home or room.

They have vanilla and lavender essential oil aesthetics, so why not add real essential oils to the mix? You can add the colors with the diffuser and turn a room into an amazing place that offers comfort and solace.

Burnt Orange – Hex Code: CC5500

Burnt Orange - Hex Code: CC5500

Burnt orange isn’t a common color to add with the color cream, except during the fall. If you love everything about fall but want to lighten things up, then this combo is for you.

Deep orange with a rusty or burnt hue looks good, but when you add cream, it lifts it up.

Dark Cherry 

Dark cherry isn’t used often enough. It is used in woods for that dark cherry wood color. This looks perfect with cream color if you’re looking for something darker to complement it with.

You can use dark cherry wood for subtle color. If you want to be bold, use a dark cherry paint and add to the mix. Keep it soft and let colors reflect your personality.


Mauve is used to accent cream color in fashion. It can be used in small or large amounts. The problem with mauve is that not many people know about it so it isn’t used enough.

This makes it better if you want something unique. You can add it to your cream color room. Mauve is pale purple and often paired with red tones.

Pale Pink

A pale pink and cream color are all you need for a shabby chic recipe. This color combination looks good in a home.

Although if you want to play it safe, you’ll have to ensure the pink is pale. You can branch out with a darker or bolder pink. Add mint and baby blue for extra touches. 

Cream Or Ivory Color


If you want to add black to cream, then make it charcoal. This is the best black or gray you can add to cream because of the color’s rustic nature. Both of these colors look aged and worn.

If you can’t find charcoal, then search for dark gray. You can also whitewash black furniture to get a similar look that will appear rustic or complete the farmhouse look. 


Yes, denim can go with any color among all fashion brands and works well with cream. Denim jeans paired with a cream top are hard to beat. Both colors are paired together in home interior designs. 

No matter what color you choose, know that pairing it with the right color is important. Both ivory and cream are two colors that everyone likes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is Pure White?

This is a very white paint color. It has a hint of gray undertone. The gray undertone grounds the paint color and keeps it from being too stark. It also has a slight tinge of a yellow undertone.

What Is RGB Color Space?

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. It is the color space for digital images. The RGB color mode is used if your design is meant to be displayed on a screen. A light source in an electronic device creates colors by mixing red, green, and blue and then changing varying intensity.

What Is CMYK Color Space?

CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black, which represent the color space for printed materials. A printer creates images by combining CMYK colors with ink.

What Is A Hue Angle?

A hue angle is used to describe the amount of red and yellow in a color.

Why Is It Hard To Photograph Lighter Colors?

The main reason why it’s hard to photograph lighter colors is because of the brightness that light colors have. The brightness that light colors emit will impact the depth-of-field and make it harder to achieve a color balance.

Cream Color Or Ivory Conclusion

The differences between cream and ivory are subtle to the naked eye. However, their differences are vast and many. When you create either color, you need to understand its distinct features. A mixed white, for example, will be a skin tone and have a lightness that is used for curtains. One-color isn’t better than the other, so choose the one that best fits your personality and furniture.