DIY Red, White, and Blue Fabric Garland

Celebrate the upcoming 4th of July Holiday with a quick and easy last-minute holiday fabric garland! Make in no time before the guests arrive! Use scrap fabrics in a variety of modern, traditional, and floral fabrics to create a crafty and budget-friendly decoration for your backyard BBQ or family get-together.


Fabric Garland Supplies:

  • various scrap fabric in red, white, and blue patterns
  • rick rack or ribbon
  • pinking shears
  • rotary cutter
  • straight edge with measure
  • cutting mat
  • sewing machine


1. Using your straight edge and cutting mat for measure, cut small rectangular strips. Here we cut 2″ wide x 3″ long strips. A slim 2″ straight edge serves as a perfect measurement tool to easily cut long strips.


2. Once your strips are cut down to size, take pinking shears to the edges to create a zig zag border. This will help keep the edges of the fabric from fraying. Continue until all of your strips are cut to down to size (approximately 20-40 depending on the length of your garland).

3. Lay out your rick rack and arrange your fabric pieces. Mix up the colors, patterns and textures to blend together reds, whites, and blues.


4. Once your pattern is arranged, stack the strips and feed the rick rack through the sewing machine. Slowly feed in each fabric piece while keeping them evenly spaced on the rick rack. Space the fabric pieces close together for a tighter, busier feel or space them out further apart for a longer, looser garland. Leave a little rick rack open at each end for hanging.


Straighten out the garland and hang above the dessert bar, on the mantle, or over a window to add the a festive red, white, and blue touch to your decor! When you’re finished, save for your Labor Day outdoor bash!