Biggest House In The World: Exploring The Mansions Of The Uber Wealthy

What is the biggest house in the world? The answer depends on how you define size and net worth. Luxury properties aren’t hard to find, but you may have wondered what are the biggest homes in the world.

For the record, the largest home in the world is a palace. However, others homes rank at the top in size and luxury.

Biggest House In The World 

Biggest House in the World

The biggest mega-residences are more than luxury homes and include grand estates, historical destinations, or a rich person’s folly. 

In a rush? Check out this list of residences that vie for being the biggest houses in the world.

The Biggest Celebrity Houses in the United States

Who Has The Biggest House In The World? 

The biggest house in the world is in Brunei. Keep reading to learn more about its owner and the people who live in it.

Istana Nurul Iman 

Istana Nurul Iman - The Biggest House in the World is a Palace

Istana Nurul Iman Palace in Brunei is a staggering 2 million sq/ft residence that is home to the country’s royal family. The home is also the official seat of the Bruneian government and headquarters of the Sultanate.

The royal palace boasts 1,800 rooms and 257 bathrooms and a banquet hall. To navigate their way around the house, residents can use one of 44 marble staircases and 18 elevators.  

The English translation of the palace’s name is “Palace of the Light of Faith,” and cost $1.5 billion to build. Equipped with five swimming pools, a helipad, an air-conditioned horse stable, and a garage big enough for a few hundred cars.

Buckingham Palace 

Buckingham Palace is Also a Largest House in the World

Located in Westminster, London, England, Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen of England and the royal family’s headquarters.

Encompassing 830,000 square feet, Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, including 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, 52 principal bedrooms and 19 staterooms. Added features are its own post office, swimming pool, cinema, doctor’s office and a jewelry workshop.

Built in 1703, it became the London home of the British monarchy when Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837. You might find this hard to believe, but Buckingham Palace is not a UNESCO world heritage site.

Antilia Mumbai India 

Mukesh Ambani's Antilia, India

Antilia is a skyscraper mansion in Mumbai, India. It is one of the most expensive mansions if not the most expensive around the world. The asymmetrical tower stands 60 stories tall and has 27 floors.

Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani commissioned the 400,000 square foot skyscraper, which was designed by Chicago architecture firm Perkins + Will.  

The designers built the mansion to withstand an 8-magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. Not surprisingly, the family requires a staff of 600.

It includes all the modern amenities along with  features including helipads, an ice-cream parlor, a 50-seat theatre and a swimming pool. There’s also a snow room that generates snowflakes and maintains a below-zero temperature.

Biltmore Estate Asheville North Carolina

Biltmore Estate - Biggest House in the World That's Also A Museum

Synonymous with historic opulence, the Biltmore Estate Asheville North Carolina home is one of the most expensive houses worldwide. Today it’s a historic house museum and tourist attraction.

Originally built as a private residence for George Washington Vanderbilt II. Today, it’s owned by Vanderbilt’s descendants, and remains the largest privately-owned house in the US, covering 178,926 sq ft.

Once the Gilded Age Biltmore Estate opened on Christmas Eve of 1895, it played host to a string of famous guests over the years. American writers like Edith Wharton and Henry James were frequent guests, along with US presidents and foreign dignitaries.

Oheka Castle 

Oheka Castle - From a Biggest House in the World to a Historic Hotel

More than a century old, Oheka Castle was built by the late financier and philanthropist Otto Hermann Kahn and is the second-largest residential estate in the US.

The 443-acre Cold Spring Harbor property on the highest point in Long Island boasts a residence that is 109,000 square feet. The 127-room estate was used as a summer home and hosted countless dignitaries and celebrities in the 20s.

Today, the mansion is a luxury historic hotel, with 32 guest apartments and rooms.

Master P – Bel Air Mansion

Biggest House in the World

This mega-mansion in Bel-Air, California is the largest private residence in the US as well as one of the biggest houses in the world. Under construction for about seven years, the huge mansion called “The One” was created by film producer Nile Niami. 

At 105,000 square feet, this ultra-luxury estate has 20 bedrooms, including a 4,000 sq ft master bedroom — the size of a large suburban home. It also has 30 bathrooms, five swimming pools, and a wine room

The home also features a 36-seat home movie theatre. There’s also a bowling alley, a night club, and recreational amenities.

Landed Historic Estate

Landed Historic Estate as a Biggest House in the World

When construction started in 1905, the 100,000 square foot Arden House had a place on the list as one of the most expensive houses around the world.  

This beautiful home sits on an estate near Harriman, New York. It was built by railroad magnate Edward Henry Harriman. The secluded 450-acre estate on a mountaintop includes a 125-acre lake.

Arden House is home to the Research Center on Natural Conservation, a non-profit founded by Chinese company Fang Holdings Ltd.

Versailles Replica

One Largest House in the World is Modeled After Versailles

This Versailles is in a gated community in Windermere, Florida, and covers 85,000 square feet. The original design will have nine kitchens, 14 bedrooms, three locations will house an indoor swimming pool. 

The home has a ballroom that can host up to 1,000 guests. It also has a 20,000-bottle wine cellar, two-lane bowling alley, and a two-story movie theater.

Originally built as a replica of the Versailles in France, the private residence sits on a man-made hill, covering ten acres of lakefront property.

Outside, the property boasts two tennis courts, a baseball diamond and formal outdoor gardens. Founder of Westgate Resorts, David Alan Siegel, owns the home.

Villa Leopolda

Villa Leopolda in Villefranche-sur-Mer

Nestled along the luxurious French Riviera, Villa Leopolda in Villefranche-sur-Mer was once the third-biggest house in the world.

This dreamy getaway has a storied history, starting as a gift from King Leopold II of Belgium to his mistress Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix.

Built in 1929-1931, Villa Leopolda is an 80,000 sq ft residence. It served as a World War I military hospital on the French Riviera. After that, Villa Leopolda has had a string of wealthy and famous owners, including current owner Brazilian billionaire Lily Safra

The 18-acre waterfront estate boasts a massive villa with 9 master bedroom suites, 14 bathrooms and 12 swimming pools. The breathtaking French Riviera location includes manicured gardens.

Christopher Wren Mansion 

Florham is a former Vanderbilt estate that is located in Madison and Florham Park, New Jersey

After having secured their place with the Biltmore, the Vanderbilt family also constructed Florham, an 80,000 sq ft Gilded Age estate.

Built in the 1890s for Hamilton McKown Twombly and his wife, Florence Adele Vanderbilt, it is one of the 10 biggest houses in the US.

Boasting 110 rooms, Florham was inspired by Sir Christopher Wren’s late 17th-century expansion of Hampton Court Palace. The interior was outfitted with luxuries like magnificent Renaissance fireplaces and a Louis XV ballroom.

When the last heirs died, it was broken up, with part of the property now a corporate park. The mansion, with its 178 acres of gardens and greenhouses, was sold to Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Fair Field House – Sagaponack, New York

Biggest House in the World

Another one of the biggest houses in the world is in the Hamptons. Fair Field was controversial before the first shovel hit the dirt. Junk bond billionaire Ira Rennert built Fair Field in Sagaponack, New York. The massive 62,000 sq ft mansion is equal to 1.5 acres.

Residents in nearby Southampton opposed it due to the project’s impact on the area.

The Italian renaissance home sits on 63 acres of prime south shore Hamptons beachfront. Zillow reports that the main house has 21 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces, a 164-seat movie theatre, and a 91-foot-long dining room.

The Fair Field property includes has a 100-car garage, helipad, two pool houses and an outdoor kitchen. There’s also a playhouse, in which you’ll find an indoor basketball court, two-lane bowling alley, billiards room, and two squash courts and tennis courts.

Kensington & Chelsea

biggest house in Kensington & Chelsea

A corner residence in one of Knightsbridge’s most prestigious postcodes is also among the huge houses in the world. Although it’s not as massive as some, this Queen Anne-style home has 11,855 sq ft in a city where space is costly to come by.

Stuart House is six floors of grand interiors. Designed in 1880 by architects F.G Knight and Hunt Steward, it is the only property with a swimming pool in Cadogan Square.

The expensive house has seven reception rooms, five bedrooms, a family ‘den’ and study, as well as a teenage retreat on the top floor. The staff accommodations are located on the lower level.

Biggest Celebrity Houses in the US

Have you ever wondered who has the biggest mansion in the US? Or which celebrity own the biggest home. Whether a celebrity home is one of the largest houses worldwide, one thing is for sure, each home is special for its location, design, and architecture.

Here are some of the biggest houses of celebrities in the US.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Bel Air Mansion

Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Bel Air Home One of the Largest

The first couple of the music world, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, have a home that is one of the largest celebrity homes as well as one of the most expensive celebrity homes. The Bel Air residence has 30,000 sq ft that include eight bedrooms, and 11 bathrooms.

It has luxurious features that range from a 15 car garage, a spa, movie theater, two indoor pools, hot tub, and a basketball court. It reportedly is outfitted with bulletproof glass and state-of-the-art security technology.

Sitting on 1.88 acres, it features a massive outdoor living space with roughly 10,000 sq ft.  

Oprah Winfrey – Montecito

Oprah Winfrey’s $88 Million Montecito Estate

Oprah Winfrey owns many properties, but her home in  Montecito, California is the best known. The 23,000 sq ft Georgian revival home sits on 65 acres. It’s one of the biggest houses in the region and one of the most expensive celebrity homes.

Named Promised Land, the home has six bedrooms, and 14 bathrooms and plenty of indoor amenities. The sprawling estate also has a 5,000 sq ft ranch she acquired in 2016.

Outdoors, the expansive property has landscaped terraces, fountains and rose gardens. It also features a pool and spa area with a pool house and a carriage house that serves as an art studio.

Dwayne Johnson’s Mansion

Biggest House in the World

At 18,000 square feet, Dwayne Johnson’s Beverly Park home is one of the biggest houses and also one of the most expensive homes. Johnson bought the home from Alex Van Halen, drummer for the seminal rock band, Van Halen.  

The Mediterranean-style main house sits on 3.6 acres of land high in the mountains above Beverly Hills and has a floor plan that includes six bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms.

There’s also a separate 2,500 sq ft guest home. At $27.8 million, it’s not the most expensive home, but it’s been described as “a complete resort.”

Ryan Seacrest’s House

The Outdoors Are Magical at Ryan Seacrest's House

Ryan Seacrest’s $85-million Los Angeles estate has a star-studded history, having been the former home of Hollywood royalty like Ellen DeGeneres. Seacrest had the five-structure property renovated by  adding more property next door to create a massive main house and private ecosystem.

At 9,000 square feet with 22 sq ft ceilings, the large house feels expansive even though it might not be the biggest. The gourmet kitchen features an attached outdoor pizza oven. Other amenities include a gym, movie theater, and outdoor swimming pool.

Tom Cruise  – Telluride, Colorado

Biggest House in the World

Tom Cruise  sold his Colorado home, which might not be the biggest in the world, but it’s a stunning piece of real estate. At a modest 11,512 sq ft, the seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom home marked the highest residential sale ever in Telluride.

Sitting on 320 acres, the $39.5 million home is at the end of a mile-long gated driveway in an Aspen forest. Bordered by a national forest on three sides, the property has a pool and spa, massage parlor, horse stables, and a helipad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Who has the biggest house in the world?

This may be debatable, but Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has the most expensive and largest private home in the world. Antilia is a personal skyscraper 60 stories tall and encompassing 400,000 square feet, located in Mumbai, India.

What is the biggest house in the world in 2022?

Istana Nurul Iman Palace in Brunei was and is the biggest home in the world. With a staggering 2 million square feet, it is home to the country’s royal family and the official seat of the Bruneian government and headquarters of the Sultanate.

Who owns the biggest house in America?

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, takes the honor for being the biggest home in the U.S. Covering a massive 175,000 square feet, this house is almost 70,000 square feet bigger than the next largest one.

Who owns the biggest house in the Hamptons?

Junk bond billionaire Ira Rennert owns Fair Field, the biggest house in the Hamptons. Located in Sagaponack, New York, the house is a massive 62,000-square-foot mansion, equal to 1.5 acres. It sits on 63 acres of prime south shore Hamptons beachfront

Who owns the biggest house in California?

Called “The One,” this new mega-mansion in Bel-Air, California was under construction for about seven years. Built by developer Nile Niami, the 105,000 square-foot ultra-luxury estate is up for auction in a foreclosure sale.

Who owns the biggest house in LA?

While “The One” takes this title too, the next biggest is the Spelling Manor in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Famed television producer Aaron Spelling built a 56,500-square-foot (5,250 m2) French chateau-style mansion. It has 123 rooms, including 27 bathrooms and 14 bedrooms.

Who owns the $500 million dollar house?

Developer and former film producer Nile Niami, built the home. However, Niami defaulted on a number of loans and the house was up for sale in a foreclosure auction.

What is bigger than a mansion?

When comes to residential real estate, a manor would be considered larger than a mansion, mostly because a manor is an estate with land. The actual house itself might not be bigger than a mansion. Otherwise, a palace would be considered bugger than a mansion.

Who has the smallest house in the world?

Artist Jeff Smith designed the smallest house in the world in 2015. This super tiny house has a sink and an oven — with a hole for a toilet. At just 25 sq ft, the resident can only sit or lie down

Which NBA Player Has The Biggest House?

Anthony Davis, of the Los Angeles Lakers, lives in Bel Air, California. His mansion is worth $31 million, making it one of the most expensive houses, if not the most expensive of all NBA players. 

Which Rapper Has The Biggest House?

Rapper and record mogul Master P lives in Bel Air, California on an estate valued at $550 million. Master P’s home, which he named “The One,” is the biggest mansion owned by a rapper. The home beautiful home has panoramic views, 42 bathrooms, 21 bedrooms, a 30-car garage, bowling alley, movie theater, and more.

What Is The Biggest Lego House In The World?

Lego House is a 12,000-square metre building filled with 25 million Lego bricks in Billund, Denmark, near Legoland and The Lego Group headquarters.

What's The Biggest House In California?

Marc Andreesen set a record in California after he paid $177 million for a compound in Malibu. Behind him, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong paid $133 million for a modern mansion in Bel Air.

What Are The Biggest Energy Users In A House?

Cooling and heating consume almost 50 percent of a home’s energy.

Biggest House In The World Conclusion

Most people will never live in one of the world’s biggest mansions. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t be fascinated by the luxuries and amenities the properties hold.

It’s always fun to dream and imagine what it would be like to live in one of the biggest mansions in the world. You might find an idea that you could incorporate into your home or tiny house for added luxury. 

Living large is a state of mind. After all, who needs three kitchens when one is enough?