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How To Wire A Doorbell And Remove An Old One

How to wire a doorbell correctly isn’t something you are born knowing. Doorbells are still a popular way for guests to alert homeowners that they are at the door. Especially in larger homes when a knock just won’t do it. But how does one install a doorbell? 

how to wire a doorbell

Installing a new doorbell isn’t all that easy, but there are options that make it easier. If you have an old doorbell, replacing it isn’t difficult at all. You just put things back where they were using the new kit. Let’s go over the different ways to wire a doorbell. 

How To Wire A Doorbell

Wiring a doorbell isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. If you are learning how to wire a doorbell then removing an old doorbell can be one of the most difficult parts. But it is easier than installing a new one from scratch.

Things can be easier because you can do it slowly and reverse-install it by redoing anything you undo. 

How To Wire A New Doorbell

But if you are installing a new one then you don’t have a reference in front of you. But it can be done even if you don’t have experience. You will need to install three parts to get a doorbell the first time. 

The Transformer

Step 1: Connect To Junction Box

The very first step is to turn off the power via the breaker box. After you do that, you can thread the power supply wires into the electrical junction box through the correct hole. Then use a wrench, or appropriate tool, to secure it. 

Step 2: Connect The Power Supply

Match the wires by color, green, white, and black. However, sometimes green is changed to brown so these two are generally interchangeable. Twist the right ones together and secure them with cable caps. 

Step 4: Attach Other Wires

This is where you can leave the appropriate wires exposed so when you get to the next step you can attach the wires from the push button and the chime. We’ll go more into installing those now. 

Doorbell Push Button

Step 1: Attach Wires

This is where you attach the wires to the wires in the transformer. The box should explain this and it will be fairly straightforward. The push button is nothing without the transformer which is why the push button installation is simple. 

Step 2: Secure The Push Button

Push the button into place on your exterior walls covering the wires. Then, screw it into place. Place the cover, if there is one, onto the push button. Installing the push button is easier than installing the transformer. 

Doorbell Chime

Step 1: Thread The Wires

Thread the transformer wires through the appropriate hole in the back of the chime. This is if you already have an old doorbell to help you through this process. It’s best to get a contractor to help you the first time your house has a wired doorbell. 

Step 2: Screw The Chime In

After threading the wires, use a power drill to create holes for your chime. Then, place the left and right screws in their appropriate holes on the chime. Yep. That’s all there is to the difficult part of this.

Step 3: Attach The Doorbell 

Just like you did with the transformer, attach the matching wires to the transformer wires. Luckily, electricians don’t just know what wires are which, they know that matching wires attach to each other. 

Step 4: Place Cover

Finally, place the cover on and enjoy your doorbell. This is how you wired a wired doorbell. A wireless doorbell is much easier and a smart doorbell that plugs in or uses batteries is even better! 

How To Wire A Doorbell: Removing A Doorbell

How To Remove A Doorbell

Removing a doorbell is easier than installing one. To reduce the damage done, it is best to take it slowly, especially if you are replacing it as you can keep the wires safe so you can reuse the ones that still work. 

Removing an old doorbell is easy! First, remove the screws that secure the doorbell button. You will see two wires that are under the doorbell. After you flip the breaker off, the wires won’t be hot and you can touch them. 

You can either pull these wires all the way out or use them to connect a new doorbell. Either way, use a cap or tape to make sure that the wires are covered when hot. Then you’re done! The rest doesn’t matter. 

Types Of Doorbells

Types Of Doorbells

There are many different types of doorbells. Some doorbells are sorted by material: metal, plastic, etc. While others are sorted by shape. But the most common way to sort them is by wiring systems. 

Wiring Systems 

  • Wired – a wired doorbell is a doorbell that is hardwired through your junction box. This is the most common type of doorbell though it is the most difficult to install. A wired doorbell is the original modern-day doorbell. 
  • Wireless – a wireless doorbell is either battery-powered or plugs directly into the wall. It doesn’t need to be hardwired and can function in a variety of ways, none of these being through the junction box. 
  • Smart – a smart doorbell is a doorbell that connects to your phone or computer via Bluetooth or wi-fi. You can use an app to view the camera which is often paired with the doorbell to greet visitors. 
  • Bell – a bell is the true original doorbell, hence the name doorbell. Most doorbells were originally hung from above the door so that businesses, in particular, knew when someone entered the store. 

Amazing Doorbell Deals

If you’re looking for good deals on doorbells, look no further. You can get wired, wireless, smart, and classic doorbells all on Amazon with Prime shipping! Here we have the best doorbells you can buy at any budget. 

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell

The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is one of the best values as far as video doorbells go. It’s less than $200 and has all of the features as a $500 doorbell has. It has 6-month battery life and is easy to install.

The Arlo Essential covers as much ground as you want it to but lets you customize what is picked up by selecting an area on the screen. Get notifications when you have visitors and check-in at any time via your phone. 

Google Nest

Google Nest Cam Outdoor 2-Pack

Any Google Nest cam is a good one. This original set is a pricey one but most say that it is well worth it. This one is weatherproof yet it plugs into a power supply so you don’t have to worry about it dying.

The Google NEst also works great on your phone because you can control the camera’s movement. Get a huge fisheye view so you only need one camera that will cover every corner of your yard or porch. 

AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell

Warner Arctic Sleigh Bells Decorative Leather

Avantek makes great products and their wireless doorbell is no exception. They have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed that they stand by. But they have had little to no returns if their reviews say anything about that.

A lot of people choose Avantek’s doorbell because it has over 50 chimes to choose from. Choose seasonal chimes to go with the holidays or keep it simple with knocks and dings to keep the pets calm.

Eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K

Warner Arctic Sleigh Bells Decorative Leather

The Eufy doorbell is another great choice. Its price is average but its quality is not. This security camera is a favorite, so it’s not taking a chance when you buy this one, it’s getting a sure thing that won’t let you down.

Because it is 2k, you can see every detail, nametag, and word written in clarity. So you never have to guess at a delivery driver’s name if you want to report them or leave them a good tip. You can check your camera. 

Lanier Shopkeepers Bell

Lanier Shopkeepers Bell

There’s not much to say about this classic doorbell. After all, this is where doorbells came from. This simple bell jingles when someone opens the door just like it should. If you can’t afford much, this will do the trick.

However, this won’t work in place of an exterior doorbell, so it is recommended to get a knocker to go along with it. Knockers are easy to find and can be gotten in any type of design style, including fantasy. 

SadoTech Model C

SadoTech Model C

Seventeen musical tones, over thirty chimes, and a dozen colors! Does this sound like a doorbell you’d be interested in? Choose your color in this sleek doorbell and make a statement, don’t just get another boring doorbell.

The SadoTech is one of the cheapest doorbells you can get and it is worth much more than you pay for it. Get this one for under $20 and still have it function like any other non-video, non-smart doorbell.

Warner Arctic Sleigh Bells Decorative Leather

Warner Arctic Sleigh Bells Decorative Leather

Looking for a classic doorbell that’s fun and rustic? This doorbell is a great choice. It’s cheap, attractive, and works well. You can even mount it on the outside for people to manually ring in you don’t want a knocker.

Or pair it with a knocker that matches. You can get metal and leather knockers that can help guests alert you of their presence. But who said you can’t have a nice doorbell and still have a “door bell” for fun? 

Conclusion For How To Wire A Doorbell

In the end, it’s always easier to hire a professional than to do it yourself. But as long as you’re extremely careful and never work with live wires, feel free to try to do it yourself. It can be quite satisfying.