13 Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors For A Country Vibe

Farmhouse paint colors are key when you’re trying to create an interior vibe that goes with this home style. Nothing should be too fancy and the color palette should create a casual atmosphere that’s comfortable, family-friendly and welcoming.

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

What is a Modern Farmhouse Style Color Palette?

For the most part, modern farmhouse paint colors stick to a pretty neutral palette. The range of colors includes shades of white, gray, greige and beige. These create the serene and lived-in look that goes with this interior style.

When it comes to painted accent colors, they are often earth tones. However, you often see some well-chosen pops of bolder hues too.

Choose the Right Undertones

Choose the Right Undertones

Most people tend to know that every color has a range of different tones. These are affected by the undertone in the paint color. An undertone is a color that is blended into the main hue to alter the overall color.

For example, the dominant color might be white and that is what you see. However, underneath, there are colors you don’t see that influence the overall color. Those are undertones. Remember that all paints will look different in natural light vs. other types.

Some say they are easier to identify if you look at the darkest choice on the sample strip you see at the paint store. Another way is to put the paint chip on plain white computer paper. You’ll be able to distinguish the undertones against the pure white.

Finally, be sure to paint sample sections on your walls to see how they look at different times of the day.

Warm Undertones

Warm undertones are yellow, red or orange. These give the main color a warm feeling and your paint selection will look good alongside these colors. They can also make big rooms feel cozier.

Cool Undertone

Cool undertones are blue, green or purple. These make a space feel soothing, fresh and relaxed. Paints with cool undertones give a small space a more open feeling.

Consider the LRV

Yet another factor to consider is the Light Reflective Value or LRV. This number identifies how much light the color reflects. This number can go from 0 to 100, the higher number meaning it is more reflective. The lower the color’s LRV, the lighter it will absorb, making the room look darker.

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

Entering the paint store can feel overwhelming because of the huge selection of colors and shades. So, before you go, check out the best farmhouse paint colors that you can choose from.


Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

This is a top soft white paint color for farmhouse walls. Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008) is a warm, creamy neutral thanks to the yellow undertones. The LRV for this hue is 82, so it’s quite reflective.

If you have a small room or a darker area, this color will make it seem bright and more open. Soft whites like this are ideal for farmhouse interior colors in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or even the whole house.

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High Reflective White

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

If you want a paint that’s simply white, High Reflective White (SW7757) from Sherwin Williams is what you want. It tends to pick up on the other colors used in the room. Thus, it might appear to have some warm undertones, but it also works with cool colors. It’s also a good candidate for window trim and other elements.

Be sure to sample this white paint color in the specific room to make sure it has the look you want because it has such high reflectance.

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White Dove

White Dove (OC17) from Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a classic style of trim against deeper colored farmhouse wall colors, White Dove (OC17) from Benjamin Moore is perfect. It is certainly white but it is more muted and is not as stark a contrast as a bright white like on a Greek villa.

To make White Dove pop a little more, choose a glossier type of paint. This is great to use in your palette of farmhouse kitchen colors too.

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Mindful Gray

SW 7016 Mindful Gray

Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray (SW7016) is a great middle-of-the-road gray that is not too dark. It’s perfect for farmhouse interior colors and highlights white elements very well. It is actually a greige that is quite versatile for any room in the house, including the laundry room.

This is not a warm gray, rather it is a cool gray with beige undertones.

Agreeable Gray

Modern Farmhouse Paint Colors

This greige from Sherwin Williams is soft and light. Agreeable Gray (7029) is more gray than beige. You might detect a slight muted green undertone, but in certain lighting, it can appear to have a bluish-gray undertone.

Agreeable gray is a great color for different rooms because it’s so versatile.

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Repose Gray

Repose Gray (SW 7015) from Sherwin Williams

Repose Gray (SW 7015) from Sherwin Williams is super popular for farmhouse-style homes. It is a bit lighter but still has a very rich feeling. Although it’s greige, the gray is the predominant hue, while the beige takes a secondary role as an undertone.

Speaking of undertones, it also has some other underlying colors. It is a chameleon among greige choices because the quality of light in the room brings out different undertones. Rooms that have a natural light will bring out blue and violet tones, while pale light can highlight the warmer side of this color.

The versatility of this paint color means that it’s ideal for any room, and even every room. If you’re looking for a gray that works throught the home, this is it.

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Kendall Charcoal

Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal

A versatile dark neutral gray neutral paint color is harder to find but Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal (HC166) is a fabulous choice. It’s a darker color than most other popular warm far gray farmhouse paint colors. It shows warm undertones but also has a hint of green.

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Silverplate (SW 7649) from Sherwin Williams

Silverplate (SW 7649) from Sherwin Williams is a light-medium gray with cool undertones. As with any paint colors, it looks different in various types of light. Stronger sunlight from a southern direction can make it look a bit stormy. On the other hand, it has blue-gray undertones in weaker light.

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Sea Salt

Sea Salt (SW 6204) from Sherwin Williams

Sea Salt (SW 6204) from Sherwin Williams is one of the more colorful choices. At first glance, it looks like a green hue, especially paired with gray. However, it really takes on the nature of surrounding colors. Combine this paint color with blue elements and it will look more like a gray.

This shade looks fabulous with white trim like the entryway. Of course, it is serene and calming, it’s also ideal for a bedroom, spa bathroom or really any part of the house.

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Sherwin Williams (SW6211)

Sherwin Williams (SW6211) is a lot like Sea Salt but it has more dimension from the blue undertones. Still, it is a greenish-gray that is quite versatile for this decorating style. It’s yet another choice that has more color but is still serene and calm.

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Hinting Blue

Hinting Blue (SW6519)

Many shades of blue can look too bright in strong light, but not Hinting Blue (SW6519) from Sherwin Williams. It is a muted hue but you won’t mistake it for gray. The definite blue color is perfect for a modern farmhouse that wants some color.

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Waterloo (SW 9141)

For those who prefer a bolder look, Waterloo (SW 9141) is a distinctive paint color option with definite cool undertones. It looks fabulous with crisp white trim for the exterior. Also, it works well for farmhouse interior colors.

Because this is a dark color with a very low light reflectance value, it’s best used in wide-open rooms that are flooded with light. If your room is small, limit this color to accent walls or opt for a lighter hue.

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Blushing SW 6617 from Sherwin Williams.

For a more feminine vibe, consider using some pink paint colors like Blushing SW 6617 from Sherwin Williams. We’re not talking about millennial pink here. The ones that are right for farmhouse style are more neutral, light and have warm undertones.

This color pairs well with warm-toned neutrals and wood tones.

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Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue (HC-143)

Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue (HC-143) is another color that at first glance might not look blue. It is a great farmhouse paint color that has blue green undertones but a stronger green appearance.

Rooms with low light can bring out the gray undertones in this paint. On the other hand, bright spaces will emphasize the colorful blues and green that make up this hue. It’s not only a great choice for farmhouse living rooms, but also laundry rooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What colors are used in modern farmhouse?

Neutral colors dominate the modern farmhouse color schemes. The best farmhouse paint colors include white and off-white, beige, gray, and greige paint colors.

How do I add color to my farmhouse style?

There are a number of ways to add a pop of color to a neutral farmhouse color palette. You can opt to have colorful cabinets or add a colored tile backsplash. Choose farmhouse wall colors that are not white. Also try to display colorful dishes stored in glass cabinets or open shelving. Finally, why not add a piece of art that has strong color.

Are farmhouse colors warm or cool?

First of all, modern farmhouse colors are neutral. The paint colors will be warm with red, orange or yellow undertones. Or, the main color be cool with green undertones or blue or purple ones. You can go either way.

What colors are good for farmhouse decor?

For the most part, choose a color palette that includes neutral and earthy colors. These colors fit the farmhouse vibe and make spaces feel inviting. Stick to shades of beige, tan, brown, gray and white paint colors.

Does farmhouse decor have to be white?

No, it does not have to be simply white. Any calming neutral shades will work, in addition to white paint colors.

What colors are rustic farmhouse?

Paint colors for a rustic farmhouse should give out a comfortable vibe. Choose from earthy tones like greens, browns, and blues that look good paired with your neutrals.

Farmhouse Colors: Conclusion

When considering what the best modern farmhouse colors are, you’ll find quite a variety. This is despite the fact that they are mainly all neutrals.

Moreover, the farmhouse palette is not confined to boring white and beige.

It has some more colorful choices that will make the perfect backdrop for your dream space.