Sherwin Williams Blushing is the Neutral Color Your Home Needs

Sherwin Williams Blushing is the shade taking over from all the Millennial Pink hype. This soft hue is peachy pink and great paint color to pair with a lot of today’s popular neutrals.

Sherwin Williams Blushing

It can work with decor ranging from modern farmhouse to midcentury modern. It’s quite versatile, but maybe you don’t know much about this great color.

What Color is Sherwin Williams Blushing?

What Color is Sherwin Williams Blushing (SW 6617)

As the name suggests, Sherwin Williams Blushing (SW 6617) is a soft pink that suggests the blush of rose wine or a spring flower.

Part of the company’s Living Well color collection, it has a Light Reflectance Value of 68. The higher the number, the more light the paint color reflects. This means that the paint Blushing is a little more reflective than the mid-range.

Orange Undertones

Blushing Sherwin Williams SW 6617 has definite orange undertones. These warm undertones are also rather “peachy” and give a room a joyful feeling. It will look quite light in rooms that have a lot of sunlight. Meanwhile, darker spaces will bring out deeper undertones.

Coordinating Colors

Coordinating Colors

You might think that it’s difficult to pair colors with a pink that has orange undertones. But that’s not the case with Blushing in paint from Sherwin Williams. 

For trim, you can’t go wrong with crisp white, but softer whites will also work.

If you want a lighter color, check out Nearly Peach (SW 6336) for a nice pairing. Otherwise, for more contrast take a look at various greige hues like Shiitake (SW 9173) or Chatura Gray (SW 9169). Sherwin Williams paint Blushing goes well with any of these or similar colors.

Sherwin Williams Blushing Ideas

If you’ve never used a pink paint at home, you might not realize all the ways it can fit into your home decor. Have a look at these ideas for inspiration.

Versatile Multipurpose Rooms

Sherwin Williams Blushing

Look how versatile Sherwin Williams (SW 6617) is in this room. It’s meant to be an office and workout space and the warm peach-pink hue is perfect. It’s joyful without being overbearing and pairs well with the white trim and beige curtains.

Cheery Laundry Area

Sherwin Williams Blushing

You might feel happier about doing laundry if you paint the room in the paint Blushing.

This bright and clean laundry room shows how much paler the color looks in a light-filled space. The white cabinets and countertop highlight the pink.

Light-Colored Bedroom

Light-Colored Bedroom

This bedroom is another example of how pale Sherwin Williams Blushing can look. Flooded with daylight, the color looks super light. The white bedding helps keep the room bright.

A Neutral Accent

Sherwin Williams Blushing

It might be surprising how the paint Blushing can serve as an accent too.

Here, the color is used on the back of the shelving that is cream-colored. The dark brown on some of the cabinets draw the eye. The SW 6617 looks far more neutral than most other pink colors.

Brighter Built-ins

Sherwin Williams Blushing

A neutral bathroom gets a boost of brightness from the inside of the built-in cabinetry. The interior of the open shelving portion is in the paint Blushing from Sherwin Williams. 

This adds just the right hint of warm color in the bathroom.

Soft Living Room Color

Soft Living Room Color

Sherwin Williams Blushing is ideal for loving rooms because of its changeable nature.

This living room, which is primarily decorated in neutrals and some dark accents, shows how the color varies. The right side of the room looks quite light, but in the lamplight on the left, it’s much warmer. 

Pink Front and Center

SW 6617 Blushing front door paint

A shade of pink is not usually among the colors that spring to mind when considering paint for the front door. However, SW 6617 Blushing in paint for the door is a fresh and versatile option.

The wood shake wall and white trim make this hue just right for the door. Also, notice how the ceiling is also painted in this peachy pink color.

A Tropical Vibe

Sherwin Williams Blushing

In some cases, Sherwin Williams Blushing can also give off a pretty tropical vibe. These doors painted in this pink hue emphasize the vacation feel of the patio around them. The color has just enough pink without feeling like it’s too much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is blush in the pink family?

Indeed, blush is part of the pink color family. It is lighter and more soothing than many other pink choices because and is sometimes romantic. Sherwin Williams Blushing (SW 6617) is a hue that has more orange undertones.

What colors go with blush?

Blush pink goes well with most neutral colors, including gray and shades of greige. You can also pair it with other pastels like mint green, but you need a third color to keep it from feeling too juvenile.

Is blush pink a warm color?

A blush pink paint with brown, orange or peach undertones is considered warm. However, some pink shades can be cool if they have purple or pink undertones.

Is blush a feminine color?

It might be pink but it doesn’t have to be feminine. In fact, the pink is quite subtle in Sherwin Williams Blushing so more and more homeowners are giving it a try. If you mix it with shades of gray and copper, it will not look feminine.

Is blush a neutral color?

Blush is a muted tone, and most of the tie it acts like a neutral. You can pair it with a bolder shade but it also mixes very well with other neutral tones that are currently popular.


Sherwin Williams Blushing (SW 6617) is an unexpected neutral color that can liven up many interiors. Picking the right space and the right colors to complement it will yield a fresh and inviting space that doesn’t feel overly feminine.