Benjamin Moore White Dove is You Whole-House Paint Color

Benjamin Moore White Dove has been one of the most popular white paint colors for many years. It’s so popular because it works for just about anything and is bright but still has a feeling of warmth.

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It’s so versatile many call it a “whole-house” paint color.

What Color is White Dove?

Part of the company’s Off White Collection, White Dove is clean and easy to use in any room of the home. White Dove exterior paint is also very popular for many home styles.

This top-selling white paint color ranks among the top 10 Benjamin Moore paints overall. Its versatility has design professionals calling it their go-to white paint color for the whole house.

Light Reflectance

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove is a bright white, but not the brightest. The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of this color is 83.16. Moreover, it’s not off-white paint.

The scale measures the amount of light reflected and the whitest white is 100, At the other end of the scale, absolute black comes in at 0.

This level of rating means that the paint color reflects a lot of light and will make space feel light and airy.

Warm Undertones

The warm undertones in White Dove are much of what makes it so versatile. It has very mild yellow undertones, but some lighting situtations also bring out some green.

At the same time, there’s a bit of greige in White Dove Benjamin Moore that tempers the warmth of the yellow color.

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If you’re shopping for white paint colors, you can find the undertones more easily by looking at the darkest end of the paint strip. That color will indicate the strongest undertone.

South-facing rooms and daylight will highlight the warm yellow in White Dove. This makes it feel cozy and light.

Some homeowners say that certain types of LED lights can bring out stronger green tones in areas painted White Dove.

In some cases, this isn’t a problem, but in others, it can be undesirable. This is why testing paint samples of the color in the room’s lighting is important.

Nonetheless, if it’s a matter of an LED light bulb, you can swap it out for a different artificial light.

Coordinating Colors

When it comes to finding a coordinating color for neutral White Dove, you have lots of choices.

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This Benjamin Moore paint color goes very well with light gray paint colors such as Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist.

Other great choices are Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and Sea Salt, as well as Benjamin Moore Cape Hatteras Sand.

If you’re looking for a stronger contrast, bold but muted shades are great. Some options are Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, Charcoal Slate, Dark Olive and Herb Bouquet. You could even go for Black Onyx.

Ideas for Benjamin Moore’s White Dove

Now that you know White Dove works just about everywhere, here are some ideas about fabulous ways to use it.

Whole House Paint

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When they say that White Dove is a whole-house wall color, they aren’t kidding.

This glorious entry has an open flow into the main living areas, all tied together with White Dove paint. It’s a perfect counterpoint to wood floors and accents.

White Dove All the Way

White Dove All the WayView in gallery
Property People

Here’s another example of White Dove Benjamin Moore being used throughout the entire living area. BM White Dove walls take center stage in the kitchen and the living area.

This white has plenty of warmth and is ideally paired with the rustic wood island, modern art, and metal lighting fixtures.

Classic Trim

Classic TrimView in gallery
Martha O’Hara Interiors

Even though it’s not pure white, White Dove’s LRV makes it a popular choice for trim, especially in semi-gloss.

In this room, the paint is paired with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter and accented with some vivid pink accessories.

Kitchen Cabinets

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Charmean Neithart Interiors

Traditional homes that have a new kitchen are the perfect spot for White Dove.

These shaker-style cabinets are painted in this versatile color. It’s so sunny in this kitchen that it looks more like a stark white.

Custom Cabinetry

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Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry

BM Dove White is a good paint color when you want to create a modern but timeless look as in this kitchen.

The mix of black countertops, gray elements and bluish-gray island all work together with great style.

Mountain-Style Living Room

Mountain-Style Living RoomView in gallery
Jute Interior Design

All-White Dove walls are the perfect match for the wood beams and furniture in a mountain-style living room. The clean, earthy look is calm and inviting.

Perfect Gray Pairing

Perfect Gray PairingView in gallery
Martha O’Hara Interiors

White dove is a very popular trim color. This airy space has a lot of light reflected around the room and the BM White Dove highlights the wall color.

This color palette pairs a light gray wall with this amazing white color.

Classic Kitchen Cabinets

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Charmean Neithart Interiors

Design professionals gave this historic kitchen a major makeover and painted the cabinets in BM White Dove.

Light and cheery, the room is all white except for the black countertop and some touches of taupe in the baacksplash.

Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom VanityView in gallery
ScavulloDesign Interiors

White Dove is just as good for a bathroom vanity cabinet. The color palette in this room really brings out the warmer side of this shade.

Walls painted greige and marble tile are good neutral partners for this white color.

With a Pop of Color

With a Pop of ColorView in gallery
SV Design

Of course, White Dove is an ideal shade for bringing in other colors. This beach-side house adds a major pop of color to cabinetry painted White Dove.

The striking cobalt stove and hood liven up the welcoming kitchen.

Exterior Trim Color

Exterior Trim ColorView in gallery
Heydt Designs

White Dove is one of those paint colors that is also popular for exterior walls and trim.

This California house used Benjamin Moore White Dove exterior paint for the painted trim and two shades of gray for the siding.

Furniture-Perfect White Paint Color

Furniture-Perfect White Paint ColorView in gallery

Painting furniture is another good use for White Dove. Just remember to use semi-gloss or gloss paint.

This paint color gives a designer look to a pair of side tables with beautiful brass hardware.

Stylish Storage

Stylish StorageView in gallery

A wall of built-ins is great and you can take it all to another level by painting them in White Dove.

It’s a good white paint color because it’s not a stark white and has a creamy look. This makes it an excellent choice for a bedroom.

A Closet to Covet

A Closet to CovetView in gallery
m e l o d y r o s e n

Painting a closet simply white is the standard but White Dove is also a wonderful option. It’s still a bright white but is a little softer and warmer.

The walls painted in rich navy blue behind the shelving is a nice accent too.

Open Plan Spaces

Open Plan SpacesView in gallery
JD Paint & Refinishing

Choosing paint colors for an open plan area can be challenging but opting for White Dove for the walls is a good move.

It has a slight off-white look in this family room and pairs very well with the wood beams, flooring and furniture.

Beverage Station

Beverage StationView in gallery

Besides being a good wall color, BM White Dove is good for the cabinetry in a beverage station.

This cute corner is set for coffee and cocktails any time and the white paint color ties it in with the rest of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is Benjamin Moore white dove a warm or cool white?

This paint is not pure white and has a yellow undertone that’s creamy. It also has just enough greige to tame the yellow. It is indeed a warm white paint color.

Does Benjamin Moore White Dove look yellow?

If you put White Dove by Benjamin Moore next to a pure white color, its slight yellow tint will be noticeable. On its own or with other colors, however, it just looks like a creamy white and not at all yellow.

What does Benjamin Moore White Dove go with?

While Dove White goes with virtually any colors, it is very nice with shades of gray. Good options include Revere Pewter, Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray.

Is White Dove too bright?

Whites that rank with a Light Reflectance Value over 90 can look cold or jarring. White Dove comes in a 85.38, so it reflects a good deal of light but still has warmth but does not look dull or cool.

Is White Dove the same as Alabaster?

Both of these white paint colors are very reflective but the LRV of White Dove is a little higher. White Dove also has a bit of greige in the undertones that keep it from skewing too warm.

What colors go well with White Dove?

You have lots of choices when it comes to contrasting colors for walls. Choose a blue like Hale Navy or a blue-gray like Oxford Gray.

For gray shades consider Chelsea Gray, Classic Gray, Revre Pewter or Balboa Mist. Pink Cadillac and Simply White work too.


White Dove by Benjamin Moore is not a true white but it works as one. It pairs well with so many colors and has an inviting feel with just enough warmth. All these things make it just about the perfect warm white for your walls.