12 Ideas For Your Galley Kitchen

Turn your kitchen into a space you love with these ideas for a galley kitchen!

Galley kitchens boast lots of storage space and little standing space, accommodating one cook comfortably. Sometimes there are ways to bust out of the long narrow kitchen space and sometimes not. For those of you that are limited to your galley kitchen the way it is, it’s time to embrace the space and learn to love it.

Take a look at these 12 ideas for your galley kitchen and discover all the great things it can be!

Best Ideas for a Galley Kitchen

1. Add some light.

Add light to a small kitchen to increase the appearance of size.View in gallery

Want to make your galley kitchen look like there is a lot more space than there actually is? Add some light. Even if you don’t have a way to add more light, you can maximize the amount of light in your kitchen by using other methods.

Replace or paint your kitchen cabinets with a light color or light wood that will help reflect any light you give it.

2. Switch it up.

Cream backsplash and white cabinets in a galley kitchen.View in gallery

Time for a switcheroo. Instead of glossy white backsplash and cream cabinets, consider glossy white cabinets and cream backsplash.

Your kitchen will feel unique and modern which will flow with the rest of your home. This also maintains a nice, neutral color palette which works well for re-sale value as well.

3. Add a pop of black.

Add a pop of black to a small kitchen.View in gallery

Instead of relegating black to fixtures only, try using it to bring a chic pop to your galley kitchen instead. This not only helps your appliances to blend in, but also gives an elegant, modern feel to your kitchen.

Choosing black as a backsplash or even paint can help bring forward the elements of your kitchen that you really wanted on display.

4. Add a pop of color.

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Of course if black isn’t your thing, opt for your favorite color instead. Yes, even if it’s hot pink or aqua. Bright color, in small amounts, adds character and personalization to a place you spent a lot of time in each day.

The brightly colored pop above your countertop will be the source of daily joy and really make your galley kitchen a place you want to hang out.

5. Add some pattern.

Adding a pattern to a galley kitchen wall.View in gallery

Let’s not forget about pattern play. Patterns have a great way of bringing personality into your kitchen which is great for galley kitchens that have a lot of backsplash space.

Go for something colorful and vibrant if you want to make a statement or opt for soft neutral shades for a more subtle effect. It’s amazing how a little pattern play can break up a simple color. Even tans and creams look more exciting when in a pattern.

6. Paint the floor.

Paint a floor in a galley kitchen.View in gallery

Are you looking to put some color in your kitchen without replacing your current cabinets or backsplash? Drop your eyes. Paint over the ugly linoleum floor with a soft shade that will make working in your kitchen much more pleasant.

This is usually an affordable solution to changing things up and is a great idea for a galley kitchen. It’s also a project that doesn’t take long to complete and isn’t hard to do yourself.

7. Use open shelving.

Open shelving in small kitchens.View in gallery

Sometimes, those galley kitchens that are walls of cabinets without windows can make you feel kind of boxed in. Adding space may not be an option, but adding the illusion of space is!

Replace some of that cabinetry with a set of open shelves to make the space seem a little bigger and airier.

8. Utilize the headspace in your galley kitchen.

Overhead shelving to add space to a kitchen.View in gallery

Do you have high ceilings in your tiny galley kitchen? Utilize the headspace for storage. Installing open shelves all the way to your ceiling can make your space look sleek and finished.

Plus to gain all that surface space for storage and styling which is a win for everyone. Keep a small foldable step stool nearby in order to easily access things stored up high.

9. Add wallpaper.

Teal wallpaper at the end of a kitchen.View in gallery

When your galley kitchen is stuck between the two walls, it can help you out to have a distracting factor. A wallpapered statement wall at the end of the galley kitchen can make your space seem longer and definitely more interesting.

Choose something subtle, or pick a bold pattern to liven up your space! Wallpaper in the kitchen is a timeless decorating method.

10. Add a glass wall.

Glass wall in a galley kitchen.View in gallery

There are just certain walls in your home that are essential for support. If your galley kitchen wall is one of them, replace the drywall with glass to bring light and the illusion of space into your kitchen without sacrificing any of your home’s support.

This can be quite the undertaking, but provides the illusion of an open floor plan in an otherwise closed-in space.

11. Add a rug.

Add a rug to a galley kitchen for a pop of color.View in gallery

It is rather amazing how simply adding a rug to a room can make such a difference. Splurge on a long turkish runner with a bright pattern and lots of colors to give your galley kitchen an instant lift. It might be an expense but it will be worth it.

Since you can easily switch up the rug, it’s not a permanent change and can even be utilized in leased or rented homes.

12. Add personal touches.

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At the end of the day, you want to be sure that you put your own personal touches into your galley kitchen. Display your prized orange teapot and your inherited crock beside your favorite cookbooks. When you make your galley kitchen your own, you can’t help but love the space you have.

These ideas for a galley kitchen will not only add more life to your space, but will make your house feel like a home. Use these tips as inspiration to put some life into your kitchen!