10 Places to Hang a Chandelier In Your Home

There’s just something about a chandelier that exudes luxury and glamor. The hanging crystals that bounce rainbows across the room make you feel like you’ve stepped into a Hollywood movie or a French chateau. You’ll be happy to hear however, that fancy chandeliers dripping in sparkle aren’t meant only for French mansions and movies. Installing your very own chandelier will make any room feel more luxurious, no matter what decor style you favor. Here are 10 places to hang a chandelier in your home that will convince you to get one.

Dining room chandelier

The dining room is the obvious place to start when you consider hanging a globe chandelier in your home. That space above your table just begs for something large and gasp worthy to light up the room. (via Decor Pad)

Living room chandelier

If you’re going to give your dining room a little sparkle, you might as well put some in your living room as well. Even modern styles can opt for a more linear chandelier design that will be just as glamorous but match your other decor. (via The Glamorous Housewife)

Entryway chandelier

Greet anyone who walks in your door with some rainbow shine by installing a chandelier in your entryway. The size depends on the size of your space but you won’t regret adding that pop of luxe. (via Dear Lillie)

Bedroom chandelier with a feminine touch

How’s your bedroom feeling lately? A place to let the stress melt away or a place to simply sleep? Get the most out of your bedroom by installing something sparkly that will make you feel a little more pampered. (via Thistlewood Farm)

Bathroom chandelier

Speaking of pampering, one of the very best places to pamper yourself after a long day is in the bathroom with a long hot bath. So it makes sense that you would put a chandelier in your bathroom just to make you feel like royalty. (via RSA)

Kitchen chandelier

If you cook, you probably spend lots of time in the kitchen. There’s no reason to settle for boring light fixtures. Light up your cooking space with something fancy instead. (via The Kitchn)

Stairway chandelier

Some homes have stairways that look incomplete without a sparkly chandelier. If that reminds you of your staircase, don’t let the opportunity to go waste! Have that chandelier installed ASAP! (via Interior Decoration)

Laundry room chandelier

Even laundry rooms and mud rooms can benefit from a little sparkle. Especially because the rest of the room is probably a mess of shoes and cleaning rags and old newspapers most of the time. Or maybe that’s just mine… (via Cameras and Chaos)

Front porch chandelier

Let’s not forget the front porch. Installing a chandelier on your porch suddenly makes your porch the best hangout spot on the block. So you better like your neighbors before you go for this one.

Pergola chandelier

Chandelier in the front, chandelier in the back. If you have a pergola, don’t hesitate to hang a chandelier from it! It will make whatever space you have seem more finished and luxurious. Opt for a simple style so you won’t be untangling the crystals after bad weather. (via Going Home to Roost)