What Is The Alabaster Color? Pleasingly Creamy

When it comes to decorating your home, there is one step that cannot be missed. That step is painting. When choosing paint colors, it can be difficult to get out of the ocean of thousands of shades of the color you want.

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The most popular color for paint is white. It has been for quite some time, if not all time, and with good reason. It’s versatile, calming, and readily available. One unique white color you may be interested in is Alabaster. 

What Is Alabaster Color SW-7008?

What Is Alabaster Color SW-7008View in gallery
Image from @ashleymdesigns

Alabaster is a soft white color with creamy tones. It isn’t bright white but a softer white that goes well in most rooms. It was actually Sherwin Williams Color of the Year in 2016, and made many collections in 2019. 

Since then, its popularity has hardly faded because it is still a wonderful trending color. Pottery Barn, the ever-popular store, loves the color, being the one to add it to their collections with Sherwin Williams in 2019.

What Is Alabaster?

Alabaster, the material, is a mineral that is soft and white in color. It is used for carving statues and creating the powder used for plaster. It is one of the first widely-used building materials, with a history that is millennia old.

There’s an alabaster statue in Yemen believed to come from the 1st century BC. Then we have the Statue of Ebih-Il, Mari on the Euphrates, which is made of gypsum alabaster. It is believed to come from the 25th century BC. 

So as you can see, this is a very old material that has been used for at least five thousand years. The use of alabaster for plaster is known to have begun at least 2000 years before that. So yes, the color has a lot of history. 

Is Alabaster White Or Beige?

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Although there are similar colors to Alabaster that do have beige tones, Alabaster itself is white. It doesn’t have the yellow-brown tones that beige does and is instead more of an ivory white color than beige. 

However, if you are looking for beige, Alabaster can be a great substitute for it if you want something creamier. It will have a cooler tone than most beiges and be more versatile due to it being white instead of brown. 

The LRV Of Alabaster

Alabaster color has a LRV of 82. LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. The range for LRV is 0 to 100. The darkest black has an LRV of 0 while the whitest white has an LRV of 100. So Alabaster is on the high end.

When a color has a rather high LRV, it means that it reflects a lot of light and the room will naturally be lighter than it would be if the color had a low LRV. High LRVs really open up closed-in rooms and make them look larger and lighter.

What Colors Go Well With Alabaster Color?

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Image from Sherwin-Williams.com

Any color that you think looks good with Alabaster, looks good with Alabaster. But there are some colors that technically have complementary tones that make Alabaster look even better than it would alone.

The first two colors have been chosen by Sherwin-Williams with the last color being the wild card pick that I personally believe looks the best with Alabaster. However, the color you choose is up to you.

Townhall Tan SW-7690

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Image from Sherwin-Williams.com
  • R:195
  • G: 170
  • B: 140
  • Hex Value: #c3aa8c
  • LRV: 42
  • Color Collections: Timeless Color Wall

We have to start this off with a nice medium tan. The color looks amazing with Alabaster as well as almost any other brown, beige, or white. Of course, it can go with other colors that aren’t similar to it, but these are really the key shades.

They bring out the best in each other and it can work great to put them all together. It can warm up a room without overwhelming the room with dark or stuffy colors. Adding the Alabaster is what does this. 

Dakota Wheat SW-9023

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Image from Sherwin-Williams.com
  • R: 225
  • G: 189
  • B: 142
  • Hex Value: #e1bd8e
  • LRV: 54

Dakota Wheat is a nice color that reminds one of the wheat fields, as the name suggests. It’s quite warm and seasonal, with strong tan tones, favoring a dark beige. This color goes super well with any type of off-white.

However, if you want to keep things fairly dark, it also works with dark browns. That said, we are focusing on Alabaster today and this one goes amazingly well with Alabaster, bringing out the warmness of the color. 

Wild Card: Billow Breeze SW-9055

Wild Card: Billow Breeze SW-9055View in gallery
Image from Sherwin-Williams.com
  • R: 175
  • G: 199
  • B: 205
  • Hex Value: #afc7cd
  • LRV: 55
  • Color Collections: 2018 Connectivity, Living Well

This is my own personal choice for matching Alabaster. It is a nice light to medium blue that is quite versatile. If you want a more barely-there blue, then go with its coordinating color Mountain Air SW-6224. 

If you want another great blue match that is deeper, then Secret Cove SW-9058 is wonderful. But I prefer the more versatile Billow Breeze which really looks amazing with most whites, especially Alabaster. 

What Are The Best Color Alternatives To Alabaster?

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Image from @ourfergusonfarmhouse

Now it’s time to discuss some colors you can choose if you don’t love Alabaster or can’t find it in stock. Both are bound to happen to some people as Alabaster is a popular color. It may be too trendy for you if you like something different.

These are the colors chosen by Sherwin-Williams as similar colors to Alabaster. You can start from there and you can find the colors that you prefer that are similar to Alabaster, but these are a great place to start. 

Pure White SW-7005

Pure White SW-7005View in gallery
Image from @littlenestontheprairie
  • R: 237
  • G: 236
  • B: 230
  • Hex Value: #edece6
  • LRV: 84
  • Color Collections: Trendsetter, Dreamer, Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2021, Pottery Barn Kids – Fall/Winter 2021, Pottery Barn Teen – Fall/Winter 2021, Living Well – Unwind, Timeless White, 2020 Play, Acute Care Cool Foundations, ABC’s and 123’s, Inbe Tweens, Teen Space, Top 50 Colors

Pure White isn’t the same as bright white. The name Pure White is just a name with other whites being more white. But it is still one of the most popular white colors at Sherwin-Williams every year.

If trying to pair Pure White with another c9olor that isn’t Alabaster, go for something grey or charcoal. The warm-cool balance that these brings is quite pleasing and gives you room for adding bright colors with them. 

Westhighland White SW-7566

  • R: 243
  • G: 238
  • B: 227
  • Hex Value: #f3eee3
  • LRV: 86
  • Color Collections: Diaphanous, Enthusiast, Top 50 Colors, Timeless White
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Image from @flippingnuts_ca

Westhighland White is a wonderful white color that is a bit creamier than Alabaster. It has more red and brown tones in it. This means you can pair it with different bright colors and the balance will be different.

If looking for a specific color to match it with, Sherwin-Williams suggests French Moire SW-9056 which is a blue with slight green tones in it. This is a fairly balanced color with an LRV of 47 and a similarly balanced RGB. 

Egret White SW-7570

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Image from @hartmanandsons
  • R: 223
  • G: 217
  • B: 207
  • Hex Value: #dfd9cf
  • LRV: 70
  • Color Collections: Living Well – Reflect, Cool White

Egret White is a more beige-white color as opposed to the creamy white color of the Alabaster. It looks amazing paired with greys, greens, blues, and brighter whites. But it can also be purely a substitute for Alabaster. 

If you can’t decide between Egret White and Alabaster, look at them side-by-side. You will notice Egret has weaker RGB tones and a lower LRV. This means it is a dimmer color with less vibrancy altogether. 

Pediment SW-7634

Pediment SW-7634View in gallery
Image from @dearlilymae
  • R: 211
  • G: 204
  • B: 196
  • Hex Value: #d3ccc4
  • LRV: 61
  • Color Collections: Living Well – Center

Pediment is a much darker color than Alabaster with much browner tones than Alabaster. With an LRV of 61, it is much darker and reflects quite a bit less light. Add the fact that it has a low blue value and you get a completely different color. 

If you do choose Pediment, you should probably pair it with different colors than you would pair Alabaster with. For example, instead of pairing with blues and greys, pair it with greens and browns to bring out the best of Pediment. 

Crushed Ice SW-7647

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Image from @crispcollectiveig
  • R: 214
  • G: 211
  • B: 204
  • Hex Value: #d6d3cc
  • LRV: 66
  • Color Collections: Reasoned, Minimalist, Living Well, Top 50 Colors, 2021 Continuum

Crushed Ice is a lot more grey than Alabaster. It goes very well with any other neutral color due to the balance of the color itself. Although it does look great compared to Alabaster, it still has creamy tones. 

So if you want what would be considered a greige, then Crushed Ice is a great choice because it is versatile. Greige is truly a wonderful color anyway so if you like it then be encouraged to choose one that suits you.

On The Rocks SW-7671

On The Rocks is even more grey than Crushed Ice. It has lost almost all of the creaminess and brownness that Alabaster has and has forfeited it for greyness. This makes it the perfect color to pair with warm colors.

While some designers only mix cool colors with cool colors and warm colors with warm, if you find the right color, you can mix them together. On The Rocks is one of those colors that you can pair with warm colors.

Is The Alabaster Color Right For You?

Alabaster is generally a great color that suits most people. But don’t be worried if you don’t love it because there will always be someone that doesn’t feel a color, no matter how popular it may be. So go with what you like.

If you do like it, know that it can go with almost any other color, while favoring tan or beige neutrals. When it comes to bright colors though, it will match just about anything you throw at it and do it with style.