Sherwin Williams 2023 Color Predictions Are The Fresh Look You Need

The world is a changed place so it’s no wonder homeowners are again looking for new trends to freshen up their homes for the coming year. The new Sherwin-Williams color predictions for 2022 are just the thing to liven up interiors while keeping the sought-after homey, comforting feeling everyone wants. 

MODE is Sherwin-Williams 2022 Colormix® Forecast

MODE is Sherwin-Williams 2022 Colormix® Forecast. It’s a collection of “hues that embrace creativity, intention and discovery” across four different curated Sherwin-Williams color palettes: Method, Opus, Dreamland and Ephemera — hence the acronym MODE.

“We told a story of balance and rhythm through color last year as we transitioned into a time of stillness. We are holding that balance in one hand and embracing growth and adaptability in the other as we move toward a new vision and discovery of our world,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Embracing the idea of MODE in design inspires a new way of being as we explore beyond what has been the familiar.”

To come up with the Sherwin-Williams color palette of predictions for 2022, the company’s Global Forecast Team spent the past year researching color, design and pop culture trends from across the globe.

The resulting forecast features deep berry tones, warm neutrals, eclectic yellows and muted greens. It won’t be surprising if the Sherwin-Williams color of the year 2022 comes from these selections.

Sherwin-Williams color palette of predictions for 2022

MODE’s four palettes and 40 inspiring trend colors are the fodder you need to plan your own color transformations. Here are the palettes, what influenced their development, and the colors they include:

Sherwin-Williams color palette

In a nod to nature, this is a Sherwin-Williams color palette that focuses on organic neutrals and tonal luxury. Earthy with rich warmth, the colors balance art deco silhouettes with the edginess of 1980s postmodernism.

In fact, those decor genres, along with modern organics, were the inspirations behind this range of sensual and harmonious colors. From Shoji White SW 7042 to Über Umber SW 9107, they all form a great base for creating a fresh and revitalized living space.

Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog SW 9130
Image from SKP Design

Rich, earthy and muted, Evergreen Fog SW 9130 can be rustic or refined. Its versatility will add an organic feel to any room.


Chartreuse SW 0073
Image from LDa Architecture & Interiors

This lively new take on the yellow trend in home decor adds an unexpected freshness to a room. Chartreuse SW 0073 has green undertones and is reminiscent of plant shoots as they emerge from the earth in the spring. This is the ideal Sherwin-Williams color palette to get you through a long winter season.

Bakelite Gold

Bakelite Gold SW 6368
Image from AB Design Elements, LLC

The vintage resin that’s on almost every collector’s radar gets new life through Bakelite Gold SW 6368. Yellow was the common bakelite color and this particular Sherwin-Williams hue is reminiscent of a dark butterscotch that strikes just the right warm tone. 

Opus Palette

Deep, dusky and dramatic, the Sherwin Williams color of the year 2022 predictions in the Opus palette are meant to be the new classics. Emotional and opulent, colors like Iron Ore SW 7069 are moody and a bit edgy while Red Bay SW 6321 is a little muted but still bold. These hues are meant for maximalism and expressing creativity in your home.


Moody blues like Aleutian SW 6241 are distinctive yet versatile. This cool blue with gray is an ideal choice for a room full of neutral furnishings. Influenced by eclectic styles, this color is a fresh take on the classic blue shades that have figured prominently over the years.


Rich and glamorous Blackberry SW 7577 is one of the darkest colors in the Opus Sherwin-Williams color palette. It makes for a very dramatic room that will make a lasting impression and is a marvelous contrast with white woodwork. Choose this palette is an opulent look!

Samovar Silver

Samovar Silver SW 6233
Image from Synergy Design & Construction

The Samovar Silver SW 6233 is a sophisticated farmhouse light gray color that creates a light and airy atmosphere. Moody and serene, it has more flair than a basic gray. Use it to add a little color to any space that’s mainly white or a fresh look to a modern farmhouse-style room.

Dreamland Palette

This new Sherwin-Williams color palette is as fresh as the start of a new season. Encompassing pearlescent tones, new-growth greens, and lavish pinks, the range of colors is very versatile and inspired by modern Scandinavian minimalism. Dreamland’s range of hues from bold berry color Dynamo SW6841 to the lively Cucuzza Verde SW 9038 are meant to evoke both buds and blooms.


Rosé SW 6290
Image from Boråstapeter

Moving on from millennial pink, Rosé SW 6290 is a darker, dustier hue that adds a soft touch to any room. A fitting complement to a range of beige colors, it’s a good choice to add color to a neutral space. Rosé bridges the space between lavender and pink in a lavish way.


Rosemary SW 6187 i
Image from  Distinctive Domain
Possibly the most sophisticated color in this Sherwin-Williams color palette, Rosemary SW 6187 is very earthy. Some might consider this the modern version of the old hunter green that’s found in some traditional decor styles. This version has gray undertones and sets a deep and distinguished foundation for a room’s decor.

Felted Wool

Felted Wool SW 9171.

Beige is definitely not boring when it’s a deep dark hue like Felted Wool SW 9171. The green and gray tones in this paint color are versatile and mix well with neutrals as well as bright, bold ones.

Ephemera Palette

Inspired by the timeless style and supreme function of midcentury modern design, the Ephemera Sherwin-Williams color palette brings an evolution of basics from a bygone era. The colors in this collection are nostalgic and warm, aiming to blend old and new. Colors such Peace Yellow SW 2857 and Cascades SW 7623 are distinctive and add a fresh yet retro vibe.

Moody Blue

Moody Blue W 6221
Image from Cyndi Parker Interiors

Shades of blue are generally classic choices but when the green undertones are emphasized, it becomes something completely different. Moody Blue W 6221 is easy to coordinate with neutrals like cream and ecru.  

Sierra Redwood

Sierra Redwood SW 7598

Sierra Redwood SW 7598 is a twist on reddish-brown that’s rich and earthy. Perfect for rustic decor, this Sherwin-Williams color of the year 2022 prediction perfectly pulls together other elements like stone, wood and metals.

Basque Green

Basque Green SW 6426
Image from Crisp Architects

Turning retro avocado into something richer and warmer, Sherwin-Williams presents Basque Green SW 6426. This new color is deeper and more complex than the old versions and is a great dose of nostalgia in any room of the home.