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Stylish Small Dressers That Prove Size Isn’t Everything

Having a big closet is not always possible, practical or necessary for that matter. Sometimes a small dresser simply makes more sense. So what are your options in this case?

Stylish Small Dressers

Assuming you’d want your small dresser to be both storage-efficient and nice to look at, we’ve compiled a list of a dozen cool designs which be find particularly interesting and inspiring.

How does a stylish small dresser look like? 

A small dresser with a polished copper finish

A small dresser with a polished copper finishView in gallery

Elizabeth is a small dresser designed by Nathalie Dewez in 2017. It secured a spot on our list thanks to its versatility and chic design. It has a light and feminine appearance emphasized by its thin metal body, small and slender feet and polished copper finish. The front features this lovelyplissé design reminiscent of fabric curtains.

Sculptural dresser with drawers that open both directions

Sculptural dresser with drawers that open both directionsView in gallery

In case you’re looking for a small dresser or cabinet that would fit nicely in a corner, there’s no better option than the Stack.

The reason for that is very simple: the drawers open in both directions which in fact means you can place this unit pretty much anywhere. In addition to this cool and very practical detail, the design also impresses with an eye-catching and playful appearance. The Stack consists of several multicolored drawers which give it a sculptural and irregular shape.

Stackable dresser modules in different sizes

Stackable dresser modules in different sizesView in gallery

Modularity is important and very advantageous in a lot of different scenarios. The 5Blocks series designed by Lapo Ciatti is a very good example in this sense.

The collection includes a series of modules with drawers, flap systems or doors which can be stacked or combined to create custom units. That means you can put together a small dresser or a big one, depending on how much space you have but also that you can build custom entertainment centers, media units and other things using as many modules as you need to.

Stylish and compact acacia dresser

Stylish and compact acacia dresserView in gallery

It looks compact and very chic and it has a simple and modern design. This is a small dresser designed by Mermelada Estudio and made of iron-plated brass and acacia wood.

Even though it looks simple, this dresser is actually a lot more complex than it seems. Open up each drawer and you’ll reveal hidden trays, each designed to help you store and organize jewelry and other accessories. Furthermore, the top flips open to reveal a mirror. As the name suggests, this is a very curious little dresser.

Minimalist oak dresser with chevron details

Minimalist oak dresser with chevron detailsView in gallery

The Aponi dresser designed by Lucy Kurrein is another very stylish piece of furniture. The large version with six drawers seems perfect for most rooms but there’s also a small option with only three drawers and that one offers looks and functionality in a compact size which makes sense in a lot of cases. The dressers are made using solid oak and oak veneers or walnut.

Sculptural dresser modeled after a city skyline

Sculptural dresser modeled after a city skylineView in gallery

The D. Manuel dresser was named after King Manuel I of Portugal and its sophisticated design was inspired by the Portuguese Manuelino style.

The sculptural and uneven shape of the dresser is reminiscent of a city skyline and the metallic ombre finish and the straight lines and angles contrast with the design of the base. Together, the two sections of the dresser complement each other and create a luxurious and sophisticated vibe.

Bar cabinet with circular cutouts

Bar cabinet with circular cutoutsView in gallery

The Monocles Cabinet is not a dresser but it looks so cool we couldn’t resist. It’s a bar cabinet with three doors and two sections: one with drawers and shelves for storing and organizing everything except for the bottles and a section dedicated specifically to the storage of liquor bottles and glasses.

But as well-organized and as practical as the interior is, it’s not what makes this cabinet stand out. That’s when the unique design of the three doors comes in, also revealing where the name comes from.

Elegant dresser with brass details

Elegant dresser with brass detailsView in gallery

The Kahn sideboard is another very stylish piece, one which looks elegant and sophisticated no matter where you put it. Let it become a stylish focal point in your living room or use it as a dresser or even a console table alternative. Either way, the combination of black poplar and brass will look exquisite.

Whitewashed acacia dresser with mid-century accents

Whitewashed acacia dresser with mid-century accentsView in gallery

Small dressers often can double as sideboards or storage cabinets and vice versa. This whitewashed acacia cabinet is a very stylish example. It has a simple and modern frame complemented by gold midcentury-inspired legs and matching door pulls. Inside there are three shelves. The design is as versatile as it is beautiful.

A simple Scandinavian-inspired design with leather drawer pulls

5block storage opinion ciattiView in gallery

Versatility is also a defining characteristic for the BJÖRKSNÄS dresser. Its proportions and overall appearance make it a good fit for a variety of different spaces. Use it as a bedroom dresser, an entryway storage cabinet or even as an office piece. The simplicity of the design gives it a classic and timeless appearance with Scandinavian undertones.

Playful dressers with perforated drawers

Playful dressers with perforated drawersView in gallery

Another cool and note-worthy design is that of the Sled series. Both the tall dresser and the short and wide one look funky and playful and offer you the possibility to customize them in a variety of different ways.

The tall unit holds up to seven shelves or drawers. You can slide-out trays with perforated fronts or leave the slots empty and use them as open shelves.

Versatile dresser made of tropical mango wood

Versatile dresser made of tropical mango woodView in gallery

The last item on our list is the Morris dresser, a simple and versatile piece with lots of potential. It’s crafted using sustainably-sourced mango wood complemented by an iron base. The design is a nice combination of modern and industrial.

Elegant dresser with a built-in jewelry drawer

Elegant dresser with a built-in jewelry drawerView in gallery

In addition to a stylish and elegant overall aesthetic, the Parocela dresser is quite diverse in terms of storage options.

It has 4 drawers for clothing items, the two at the top being smaller compared to the others. Also, in between them there’s an additional extra drawer which is similar to a pull-out tray and which is designed for jewelry.

Solid wood dresser with hairpin legs

Solid wood dresser with hairpin legsView in gallery

The contrast between the solid and robust body of the Kirk dresser and the metal hairpin legs that hold it up is one of the details that make this such a beautiful and elegant piece of furniture.

The dresser has three drawers that are all the same size and it’s also quite compact overall, being only 29’’ tall and 32’’ wide. It’s great for small bedrooms and it can even double as a nightstand.

Eclectic dresser with texture and character

Eclectic dresser with texture and characterView in gallery

The Amari dresser definitely has a distinctive look thanks to the natural acacia wood finish. It’s reminiscent of reclaimed wood furniture but at the same time it has modern-industrial vibes and a bit of rustic charm as well. This helps it fit into a variety of different decors and settings. Moreover, the six drawers offer plenty of storage space.

An intriguing design with an optical illusion

An intriguing design with an optical illusionView in gallery

At first glance it appears as if the Amanda dresser has 5 drawers and 5 little cubbies next to them but in reality it’s only a 5-drawer piece. The front panels of the drawers create this optical illusion, making it seem like the design is asymmetrical. It’s a nice little detail that makes this piece quite interesting overall.

Minimalist dresser with a contemporary allure

Minimalist dresser with a contemporary allureView in gallery

If you want a super simple dresser that can fit in your stylish contemporary bedroom but that also gives you plenty of storage, check out the Alameddine dresser. It has three ample drawers and the hardware is all hidden giving it a super clean and elegant look amplified by the glossy white finish and the layered effect.

A retro dresser perfect for organized bedrooms

A retro dresser perfect for organized bedroomsView in gallery

The Stratford dresser is the perfect piece for anyone who enjoys organizing everything. It has 6 drawers of different sizes and two additional compartments and it has a lovely cottage-inspired aesthetic. The drawer pulls contrast with the off-white finish in a lovely way.

DIY dresser plans and ideas

A solid dresser with lots of storage

A solid dresser with lots of storageView in gallery

If you just can’t find the perfect dresser or if you have a special design in mind that you want to turn into reality, building your own dresser from scratch is also an option.

It can turn into a very rewarding project but it can also get out of hand if you don’t follow a plan so check out this post on jenwoodhouse to get a better idea of what something like this would involve. There’s three versions to choose from.

An extra wide dresser for the nursery

An extra wide dresser for the nurseryView in gallery

There’s a lot of preparations to do before a baby arrives and setting up their room is one of the bigger tasks. If you have the time and energy for it, it could be really cool to build some of the furniture yourself.

This extra wide dresser would be perfect and you can find the plans for it on ana-white along with all sorts of useful info.

A rustic dresser on wheels

A rustic dresser on wheelsView in gallery

How does the idea of a rolling dresser sound? It’s a bit unusual but also super fun and quite practical as well. This rustic wood dresser featured on ana-white is easy to move around and relocate which makes cleaning the room a lot easier and also means you can make the room look fresh again just by changing the layout from time to time.

A compact dresser with a retro vibe

A compact dresser with a retro vibeView in gallery

Sure, drawers are very practical in a lot of cases but if you also prefer to have a bigger storage compartment or some shelves in your dresser check out this design shared by Katie Cleveland.

You can find the plans and tutorial for the project in the description and the video will give you a good idea of how this dresser is actually built.

A modern 12-drawer dresser

5block storage opinion ciattiView in gallery

There’s really no rule saying how many drawers a dresser can have or how big it should be. If you feel like an extra large dresser would fit the room or if you just need tons of storage, this 12-drawer dresser design shared by I Like To Make Stuff might just be exactly what you’re looking for. The design is simple and modern and there’s no visible hardware which gives it a super clean look.