Dare To Be Sophisticated – Liquor Cabinet Designs With Flair

Whether you’re making cocktails at home or you just like to have a nice collection of bottles always ready when you need them, a liquor cabinet is the perfect accent piece for such a task. It offers storage while also looking classy and even sophisticated. But where do you even start from when you decide you want a liquor cabinet for your home? The research phase is the most important part so we’ve prepared a few interesting designs for you to have a look at.

Aeropod liquor cabinet wine centre by Dean Jackson Design
Liquor cabinet wine centre by Dean Jackson Design

Aeropod is an interesting liquor cabinet inspired by classic car designs. It’s part of a series of 49 products with similar designs, all featuring sculptural and eye-catching forms and details. Although these egg-shaped cabinets are all similar, they have unique characteristic and no two are the same, each being signed and numbered.


Also inspired by a classical idea, the Monocles Cabinet impresses with its eye-catching golden finish and geometric design. It has a solid walnut wood frame with brass accents and metallic door fronts that add a touch of glamour to any space. It weighs around 165 kg so you won’t be able to easily move it around.


The inspiration for this bohemian liquor cabinet is, as the name suggests, the Carousel. It’s an expression of modern sophistication, being simple and complex at the same time. The eye-catching part is the center which has a turntable for bottles and glasses, designed to make them easily accessible. The cabinet is available in several different sizes and configurations and the marble top is an optional feature.


Depending on the style you’ve chosen for the rest of your home decor, the ideal liquor cabinet should be inspired by its surroundings and the ambiance you wish to create in the room. For instance, if you prefer a refined but also welcoming atmosphere, you could look for a design that’s a little bit vintage or traditional.


On the other hand, if minimalist is the main defining characteristic of the space, than a design such as this one could turn out to be ideal. Simple and compact, this liquor cabinet doesn’t really parade its function, keeping its identity concealed and being able to blend in a variety of spaces and settings.


Storage in the case of liquor cabinets usually comes in the form of shelves. They’re great for lining up bottles and storing glasses, making them easily accessible and visible. Small drawers are designed for accessories such as the ones used when making cocktails.


Designs such as this one have a beautiful duality. On one hand, they look simple and versatility, offering a hint of glamour but on the other hand they show their full character when the doors are opened, revealing a golden interior that really stands out in a theatrical way.


The Wine Tower from Toncelli impresses in two amazing ways. What you see here is the interior which is packed with storage in a variety of forms such as wine racks, open shelves and drawers. Close the doors and a wonderful image is depicted. The door fronts are decorated with inlaid wood, creating a unique paysage. This truly is a piece of art.


A similarly outstanding piece is the Cigar Tower designed by the same company. It has he same type of inlaid wood design and an interior defined by functionality and efficiency. This is not a liquor cabinet but it could be used in a similar way, offering glamour and sophistication and impressing through elegance.


Even when floor space is limited there’s still room for a small liquor cabinet such as this one. It could easily double as a sort of console table and you could make it a part of your living or dining room. Compact and simple, the cabinet has a fold-down door which can be used as a prep surface when making cocktails or drinks.


Bob is a really cool cabinet which managed to fit everything in a compact and simple unit. The geometry of the design is elegant and refreshing. In addition to that, the cabinet can be equipped upon request with a variety of features such as a small fridge or a series of four storage drawers designed to hold cutlery. This makes this cabinet a very practical addition to both dining rooms and lounge areas.

Nyn Corner Chest Of Drawers Giorgetti
Nyn Corner Chest Of Drawers Giorgetti Design
modern Nyn Corner Chest Of Drawers Giorgetti

Ideal for corners, the Nyn chest of drawers designed by Chi Wing Lo for Giorgetti allows you to make the most of a usually dead space. It’s a stylish corner cabinet with two flap doors at the top and four small drawers plus a larger one below. This is where you can store all your cocktail accessories, glasses and everything else, taking advantage of the swivel mechanism.