Shoji White Provides Interior Bliss For Pastel Lovers

You’ve seen Shoji white, you just didn’t know color’s real name.  Whether exterior walls, interior walls, or furniture, the off-white pastel is a real earthshaker.

Shoji White

If you want quiet versatility, you’ll like what Shoji white can do for your interior living spaces.

What Is Shoji White?

Most people use at least one shade of white somewhere in their homes. But it is easy to get stuck with a cool colored generic white because it is standard and readily available. 

What Is Shoji White?

Shoji is a term used for Japanese-style doors that have panels and slide in and out. It can be assumed that the color Shoji White was named after the color of the white panels of this type of door. The shoji door. 

Shoji White

Shoji White is a paint color by Sherwin-Williams. It is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason. It is a gorgeous warm white that suits many design styles, primarily the ever-popular farmhouse design style. 


  • R: 230 – this is the red tone in the color. The red tone affects the warmth of the color and is very noticeable. Those with an R of 0 and GB of 255 will be teal. Those with an R of 255 (max) and G-B of 0 will be pure red. 
  • G: 223 – this affects how much green is in a color. This will come in handy later. Those with a G of 0 and R-B of 255 will be magenta. Those with a G of 255 (max) and R-B of 0 will be pure green. 
  • B: 211 – this affects how much blue is in color and generally affects coolness. Those with a B of 0 and RG of 255 will be yellow. Those with a B of 255 (max) and RG of 0 will be pure blue without a touch of green. 
  • Hex Value: #e6dfd3 – this is simply the code used to find the exact color in any color wheel. This can be super helpful when changing the brand of your paint but looking for the exact same color.
  • LRV: 74 – the LRV is measured on a scale of 0 to 100. If a color has an LRV of 0 it cannot reflect light, and it is pure black. If it has an LRV of 100, it reflects the most light possible and is a very bright white.
  • Color Collections: Living Well – Inspire, Top 50 Colors, Warm White – these are the collections that Sherwin-Willaims have added the specified color to. Some have no collections while others have a dozen. 

Shoji White Coordinating Colors

You can’t get by using only one color for your entire house. You need to find colors that work together. Sherwin-Williams mentions a few colors they believe go well with Shoji White and we wholeheartedly agree. 

Fawn Brindle – SW 7640

Fawn Brindle - SW 7640


  • R:167
  • G:160
  • B:148
  • Hex Value:#a7a094
  • LRV:36
  • Color Collections: Free Spirit, Nurterer, Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2021, Precious Baby

Fawn Brindle seems to complement Shoji White well. It’s much darker than Shoji White, offsetting the color quite well. People tend to prefer it in the kitchen and living areas due to its calming and neutral nature.

It also has a coffee shop feel to it, making it perfect for kitchens and breakfast nooks. Pair it with Shoji White which will warm it up and bring the cream to that coffee. This is a great pair for any room.

Perle Noir – SW 9154

Perle Noir - SW 9154


  • R:79
  • G:77
  • B:81
  • Hex Value:#4f4d51
  • LRV:8
  • Color Collections: 2020 Haven

Perle Noir is a deep charcoal gray that is very versatile. You may want to keep one of these around because it looks amazing both indoors and outdoors as well as both on walls and on furniture. It is a great base color.

But the way it looks with Shoji White may just take the cake. The cool dryness of the Perle Noir really works well with the warmth and coziness of the Shoji White. So together, they are unstoppable and unique. 

Pure White – SW 7005

Shoji White


  • R: 237
  • G: 236
  • B: 230
  • Hex Value: #edece6
  • LRV: 84
  • Color Collections: Trendsetter, Dreamer, Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2021, Pottery Barn Kids – Fall/Winter 2021, Pottery Barn Teen – Fall/Winter 2021, Living Well – Unwind, Timeless White, 2020 Play, Acute Care Cool Foundations, ABC’s and 123’s, Inbe Tweens, Teen Space, Top 50 Colors,

This may not make sense, but using a warm white with a cool white looks amazing. It brings out the best color tones and when combined the colors can transform a room. 

Pure white is purer than Shoji.  

Alternatives To Shoji White

Shoji White

SW Shoji White is a huge seller and a go-to among interior decorators.  However, some feel the tone isn’t what they are looking for while others can’t find the paint in stock. 

Oyster White – SW 7637

Oyster White - SW 7637
  • R: 226
  • G: 221
  • B: 208
  • Hex Value: #e2ddd0
  • LRV: 72
  • Color Collections: Nurterer, Pottery Barn – Fall/Winter 2021, Living Well – Unplug, Timeless White

Oyster white is a close cousin to the Shoji hue. It has a similar tone with an RGB-balance. The difference is noticeable to those who are color sensitive.

Greek Villa – SW 7551

Greek Villa - SW 7551


  • R: 240
  • G: 236
  • B: 226
  • Hex Value: #f0ece2
  • LRV: 84
  • Color Collections: Free Spirit, Living Well, Top 50 Colors, Timeless White, 2021 Tapestry, Rejuvenation – Spring/Summer 2021

Greek Villa is quite a bit more saturated than Shoji White, making it a great choice for those who want something bolder yet still soft enough to use almost anywhere. Greek Villa is still a very lovely color.

In general, most people will simply notice that Greek Villa is a lighter version of Shoji White. So if you prefer to have something lighter and not as creamy then you will probably prefer Greek Villa offer Shoji White. 

Ivory Lace – SW 7013

Ivory Lace - SW 7013


  • R: 236
  • G: 229
  • B: 216
  • Hex Value: #ece5d8
  • LRV: 79
  • Color Collections: Acute Care Cool Foundations, Living Well, Warm White

Ivory Lace is also very similar to Shoji White but with a creaminess to it that you can only find in lacy colors like in those named Ivory Lace. But to the untrained eye, even these two colors look the same. 

As far as color composition is concerned, Ivory Lace has more red, green, and blue, giving it a higher contrast and saturation than the original Shoji White. But this is only a slight difference that is rarely noticed. 

Natural Choice – SW 7011

Natural Choice - SW 7011
  • R: 227
  • G: 222
  • B: 208
  • Hex Value: #e3ded0
  • LRV: 73
  • Color Collections: West Elm, Living Well, Top 50 Colors, Warm White

This one is similar to Shoji White with an ever so slight lessening of red and blue tones. The green tone itself is nearly identical to that of Shoji White so if you want a similar balance, then this is a great choice. 

Many people will notice a slight difference between Natural Choice and Shoji White but only if they are placed right next to each other. This is because Shoji White will have a slightly more yellow tone to it. 

Pearly White – SW 7009

Shoji White


  • R: 232
  • G: 227
  • B: 217
  • Hex Value: #e8e3d9
  • LRV: 77
  • Color Collections: Living Well, Top 50 Colors, Cool White

Pearly White is a gorgeous and calming white that is as pure as a pearl. It is very, very similar to Shoji White so if you love Shoji White but can’t find it then this will be pretty much the same thing with a slight tonal difference. 

If you are choosing between all of the colors and love Shoji White the most, then choose this one. It can even work as a replacement color for repairs if used carefully, so it can really be a lifesaver at times. 

White Duck – SW 7010

Shoji White


  • R: 229
  • G: 223
  • B: 210
  • Hex Value: #e5dfd2
  • LRV: 74
  • Color Collections: Living Well, Timeless White

White Duck is a unique name for a unique color. It isn’t white like a domestic duck but more like a wild duck, creamy and pure. As you can see, it is very similar to Shoji White in tone so it can also work as a replacement. 

Those without an eye for color will be confused when seeing the two as they look very similar. Again, this is a great replacement for Shoji White and you can even call it that and most people will never know. 

Finding The Right Off-White

Sherwin Williams Shoji white is either the color you’re looking for or it’s not. Shoji white is also a wonderful exterior hue. If you want the right white for your home is out there somewhere. Despite white being a neutral color, there are hundreds of shades of white for you to choose from. This may seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t take long.

All you need to do is get on the right track. Start with a piece for inspiration and color match it with a color matching tool. Or, start with warm or cool white and work your way to your perfect dream shade. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Colors Go Well With Shoji White?

As a neutral color, the off-white hue looks good with gold and black colors.

Is Shoji White Warm Or Cool?

It’s a warm color. Shoji white is a mix of cream and gray, making it a warm color.

Does Shoji White Look Pink?

It depends on the lighting of the room. If your room is filled with red hues and combined with plenty of natural light, Shoji white will look pink.

What Undertones Does Shoji White Have?

Shoji white undertones include beige, gray, and cream. However, SW Shoji white has a slight green undertone.

Does Shoji White Go With Gray?

The white paint is one shade lighter than greige or warm gray. You could almost get away with a monochrome color layout if you wanted to both colors.

Shoji White Conclusion

Shoji white is one color than can do just about anything. When you have a firm understanding of the color principles, you’ll understand Shoji on a deeper level. Remember, the first attribute of color is hue, which is the name of the color. The color wheel is used to represent the basic colors of the visible spectrum. So, with Shoji white, if you don’t want white walls in your living room, for example, then it would be a great choice. 

The second attribute of color is value, which describes the color’s lightness or darkness. The third attribute of color is chroma or saturation, which describes the  purity or intensity of a color. 

Interior colors like Shoji white provide enhancing qualities for your indoor spaces. Among all off-white color schemes, Shoji white is the ideal modern farmhouse tone. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both offer the off-white color, and you can’t go wrong with either of the two.