Blue Bahia Granite Countertops For A Dream Kitchen

Blue Bahia granite is the crowning jewel of kitchen countertop design. There are many granite countertops to choose from, so it’s challenging to find the right countertop style for your kitchen.

Blue Bahia Granite Countertops
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However, once you discover Blue Bahia, otherwise known as Azul Blue, you’ll understand why the granite countertops are popular among US homeowners. 

Blue bahia countertop

If you have concerns about granite countertops emitting radiation, you have nothing to worry about. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Radon originating in the soil beneath homes is a more common problem and a far larger public health risk than radon from granite building materials.” 

While laminate countertops are great for those with a strict budget, something like granite is much higher end. There are also many granite options to choose from with different price ranges, colors, and textures. 

What Is Blue Bahia Granite?

One of these amazing granite options is known as blue Bahia granite. Blue Bahia granite is a special granite with blue tones that is both rare and high-end. 

What Is Blue Bahia Granite?
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The decorative stone is the bluest granite available on the market today. It’s origin is northeastern Brazil where it’s also known as Azul Bahia. Azul is the Portuguese word for “blue.” 

The stone that the granite is quarried from is bright white with blue accents, which you can see when inspected closely. However, on average, 70 to 90 percent of the stone is blue. 

Shades Of Blue

The exact color of blue can be anywhere from a light sky blue thorough to a dark midnight blue. The dark blues are rarer while the light to medium blues are more common with blue Bahia granite. 

The illuminating effect of multiple blue shades swimming together in a sea of white is what you’ll see. This “common” effect is the best result. 

Blue Bahia Pattern

There are other colors in the blue Bahia granite, ranging from black to cream to brown. Even touches of green can be found. There are also different patterns found in this granite. All of them are natural patterns.

Some blue Bahia granite can be dense and have tiny dots all over it while others have a more marble-like effect. Some have swirls and others have streams. 

Blue Bahia Countertop Prices

Cost Of Blue Bahia Countertops

Blue Bahia granite can be used for almost anything, however, kitchen countertops are the most common. The average cost of blue Bahia countertops is roughly $130 per square foot.

If you are trying to figure the average amount of granite needed for a kitchen, measure your counter space. The average counter space is around 30 square feet. So, if your kitchen is average, you would pay around $3,000 for the blue granite countertops. 

Blue Bahia Granite Interior Design

Blue Bahia Granite Interior Design

While using neutral-colored granite countertops is easy, using blue countertops is not. It can be very difficult to match blue countertops, especially blue granite which can make most other things in the kitchen look dull.

Blue Backsplash

Blue Backsplash
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Although you can use a neutral backsplash when using Blue Bahia Granite, sticking with the blue theme for this particular item is usually a good idea. This is because you want to keep the color scheme working together.

Any shade of blue will do but don’t buy the backsplash until you’ve seen the granite in person. Because it is possible that the blues won’t work well together. So get the granite and then match the backsplash to it.

Neutral Tile Floors

Neutral Tile Floors

This is one place where you probably want to stick with something neutral. Gray tile is one of your best bets for flooring in a kitchen with Blue Bahia granite. While other floors can work, you will get the most out of tile.

Brown tile looks good when there are brown traces in the countertops. If you have tile and don’t want to replace it then it should be fine as long as it isn’t a bright color.

Blue Bahia Granite In Your Bathroom 

Blue Bahia Granite In Your Bathroom 

Blue Bahia granite looks great in the bathroom but people usually only imagine it in the kitchen. This is a shame because granite countertops can go in any room that has a counter, you don’t have to save them for the kitchen. 

When pairing bathroom countertops, stick with a neutral role for your cabinets. Blue countertops and cabinets will surely overtake the room. Gray, black, and white all work fine though.

Granite Vs Quartz

Granite Vs. Quartz
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This is an age-old question that not many people can answer. Is granite or quartz better, and what are the differences between the two? Let’s take a look at each of them, comparing the blue quartz to blue Bahia granite. 

While one may win each category, that doesn’t mean the other is useless in the category. It simply means that the first has an edge over its competitor not that it is necessarily a con in the category it “lost” under. 

What Is Granite?

Granite is a 100% natural hard stone that is mined from quarries all over the world. It depends on the type of granite and where it was quarried. For example, the Brazilian mines are used for Blue Bahia granite.

What Is Quartz?

Quartz countertops are only 95 percent natural. The other 5% is simply resins used to hold the quartz together and create an extremely durable surface. So it is only slightly less natural than granite.

Aesthetics: Granite

Quartz is truly an amazing material and it looks great compared to laminate countertops. But when it comes to high-end countertops, granite will always come out on top. But to be fair, there isn’t a huge gap between them.

Because quartz looks great and many people wouldn’t know the difference between granite and quartz . However, that doesn’t change how granite is a “more beautiful” than quartz. 

Cost: Quartz

The cost of quartz is harder to determine than granite because the price range is larger. But in general, you can expect to pay somewhere between 50-75 percent of the cost of granite. For example, if you pay $3,000 for granite, you would pay around $1,500 to $2,250 for quartz in the same color. 

Eco-Friendly: Quartz

This one is tough because granite is 100 percent quarried and cut in slabs that end up on your counters. This requires energy and natural resources for the sole purpose of creating an elegant kitchen.

Meanwhile, quartz is only five percent resin, not 100 percent natural stone. We give it the win here because it’s more plentiful. It’s also easier to buy locally and uses less energy to quarry as the stone doesn’t have to be cut into a slab. 

Resale Value: Granite

Homeowners and customers alike are always searching for the best granite to display in their kitchen. Furthermore, Azul Bahia is a good investment for your kitchen space.  

Maintenance: Quartz

Granite countertops need to be cleaned regularly with dish soap and warm water. Clean the countertops once a week with a special granite cleaner and reseal them once a year.

Quartz on the other hand never needs to be resealed and it only needs standard cleaning. So yes, it is easier to maintain quartz than it is to maintain granite. It’s one of the easiest countertops to clean. 

Durability: Tie

Granite is a very durable material that is heat-resistant and generally a long-lasting countertop option. However, it is quite porous and can absorb liquid and stains, especially if not sealed correctly. 

Quartz is much harder than granite and some people even call it indestructible. It does, however, tend to be susceptible to heat, unlike granite. Which is the loophole that you definitely didn’t want in the term indestructible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Do You Clean Blue Granite?

The best DIY cleaning solution for blue granite is a mixture of baking soda poultice paste and water. Mix the two until it has the same consistency as almond butter or hazelnut spread. Cover the stain with the paste.

Next, take a piece of plastic wrap and cover the paste. You’ll need to poke a few holes in the plastic. Let it sit for 24 hours. Remove the plastic and wipe away the past with a clean, damp rag and your stain should be removed. Remember, do not use Clorox to clean granite countertops.

How Much Does Blue Bahia Granite Cost?

The Blue Bahia granite price per square foot is almost $130. It is the most expensive granite worldwide. Otherwise known as Bahia Blue, it’s classified as a semi-precious stone. The expensive granite is quarried in Bahia, Brazil.

What Is Blue Fire Granite?

Although quarried from the same region as Bahia Blue granite, Blue Fire granite is different and features heavy gold and blue colors with cream-colored veins.

Are Granite Countertops A Health Hazard?

Granite and decorative stones might contain small traces of radioactivity, granite kitchen countertops do not represent a threat in households.

Like all granite, Blue Bahia contains radon, a colorless and radioactive gas. However, granite kitchen countertops are non-porous and their surfaces are covered with sealant, thus preventing radon from escaping.

How To Fix Discoloration In Granite Countertops?

Discoloration on granite countertops is not uncommon. To fix discoloration spots, apply tiny amounts of baby oil with a clean, white rag to the spots that you want to restore. Before you do this, make sure your countertops are sealed. If they’re not, the baby oil could permanently stain the countertops.

Blue Bahia Granite Conclusion

It’s obvious why many homeowners choose Blue Bahia granite for their kitchen countertops. Although expensive, the decorative stone is worth it in the long run.

Blue Bahia kitchen countertops come in slight variations. You should consider every option before making a decision. As a natural stone, you won’t find anything prettier. Furthermore, with Azul Bahia countertops in your kitchen, it won’t be difficult to sell your home.