White Tiles Black Grout: A Study In Contrast

The white tiles black grout combination is a proverbial interior design favorite. Dramatic appearances that play on the strength of contrasting colors represents a stylish aesthetic unlike any color combination.

White Tiles Black Grout
Michelle Dirkse Interior Design

White tile with black grout draws attention to the tile shapes. The tile isn’t minimized the way it would be if the same color grout was used. The stark contrast combined with an intricate tile pattern offers a visually eye-catching appearance.

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The combination is a modern design favorite for industrial decor. Black grout with white tiles in traditional spaces blends the classic look of subway and herringbone tiles, adhering to a contemporary trends.

White Tiles Black Grout Designs

White Tiles Black Grout
Room Secret

The right tile options will highlight the black and white style better than other options. Tile size and style impacts the contrast. 

Below are a few example of tile options featuring black grout. When choosing tiles to go with black grout, the smaller and intricate they are, the more striking they will appear when paired with a  black grout contrast.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles
Cle Tile

Black grout subway tiles are classic. The tiles offer a modern look yet hold historic appeal. In households across America, black grout rectangular tiles are a timeless feature.

Herringbone Tile

Herringbone tiles
Hunted Interior

Herringbone is an intricate tile pattern featuring offset rectangular pieces. Black grout lines emphasize a sophisticated style.

Hexagonal Tile



Hexagonal tiles
Katrina Lee Chambers

Hexagonal tiles are six sided and available in different sizes. The tiles give bathroom or kitchen surfaces a historic look. It’s the black grout which keeps the style modern.

Black Grout Vs Light Grout

White Tiles Black Grout

You need to understand the look and long-term wear of black grout and light grout. Consider every factor before making a decision.


Black grout looks modern and industrial. Lighter grout colors offer a classic look.

Black grout with white tile, and light grout with black tile create a busier and definite distinction between each tile. Complementary tiles and grout colors unify appearances.

Wear And Tear

Issues will arise with black and light grout. Water impact black grout, changing its color to a white haze, which is difficult to correct. Bright white grout will suffer from discoloration and attract dirt, and is difficult to regain its original brightness. 


Black grout is an inexpensive method that gives white tile a custom look. White and black grout cost the same.

Best Black Grout For 2022

If you’re set on black grout for your project, here are a few of the best black grout options available today.

Mapei Ultracolor Black Grout

Mapei Ultracolor Black Grout

This grout is an all-inclusive sanded polymer that you mix with water. The reviews of this grout speak to its ease of use and the true black coloring.

This is the perfect product if you are doing small sections at a time as you can reserve the product you want by just mixing a small amount at a time with water. Buy this product from Amazon.

Laticrete Grout

Laticrete Ready to Use Grout

This product comes pre-mixed, so once you open it, you need to be ready to use it. This grout has a deep black color with excellent stain resistance.

It is a durable grout that is resistant to cracking and sagging. You can find this product at Floor & Decor.

Bostik Neverseal Charcoal Black

Bostik Neverseal Charcoal Black

A pre-mixed grout variety that offers a composition with true color accuracy and water resistant features so it won’t need to be sealed.

The product features UV resistant additives to prevent the color from fading due to direct sunlight. Find this product at Floor & Decor.

How To Grout

Here is a primer on grouting around tile. It’s an overview of the grouting process. If you need a thorough explanation that includes a step-by-step process, check out this article.

    1. Mix grout with water by according to the manufacturer’s instructions or collect your pre-mixed grout for use.
    2. Fill a bucket with water. You’ll need quick access to a water source for rinsing and cleaning.
  1. Scrape grout with a float and press it into the spaces between the tiles. Work at a steady pace in the small area and advance after the grout lines are filled.
  2. Clean excess grout from the tile before it dries. Be careful not to remove grout from the tiles. Don’t worry about the haze on your tiles after you’ve finished.
  3. Wait two hours and then clean the tile surface with a cheesecloth.
  4. Apply a sealer to the grout line after it has cured. Apply sealer to the grout line to maintain the grout’s look and color.

White Tile Black Grout: A Style Guide

An exciting and fresh look that brings your house up to date with the latest styles. Here, we have a few ideas for you to consider. The tile and grout combinations work for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, and floor tiles.

White Subway Tiles With Black Grout

White Subway Tiles With Black Grout
Kardina Interior Design

This is a standard white subway tile with black grout look. The tile pattern is emphasized to create an intricate design pattern on the shower walls. The designers elevated the style by adding decorative white and black hexagonal tiles to the shower’s floor.

Mosaic Background Subway Tile

Subway Tile with a Mosaic Background
Kadilak Homes

White and mosaic tiles dominate this black grout bathroom. The white subway tile and hexagonal tile are classic with black grout lines. Decorative background tile softens the shower’s look.

White Subway Tile Backsplash

Traditional Kitchen with Subway Tile Backsplash
A.Jennison Interiors

White subway tile with black grout offers a contemporary vibe. In this example of a traditional kitchen, it looks right at home.

The combination of modern and traditional rustic elements is seamless. If you like this look but feel it is too modern, try a darker grout shade, like gray. This will give you a similar effect, but one that is softer than a dark black grout.

White Tiles Black Grout

White Tile and Black Tile
Studio Allie

White tile paired with black tile is a striking combination. In this midcentury bathroom renovation, Studio Allie used classic white subway tiles with black grout and black hexagonal tiles with white grout. The look was softened with a warm colored wood vanity.

Marble Tile With Black Grout

Marble Tile With Black Grout
Laurel Mercantile

If you want a white tile that will blend with black grout more, try a white marble tile with a dark grout. In this bathroom from Laurel and Ben Napier, they used square white marble tiles with a dark gray/black grout color.

They paired these with dark green walls and honey colored wood. The combination of the rustic with the modern style is effective because while there are many elements at play, each in and of itself is simple and unadorned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you use black grout with white tile?

Yes, black grout with stark white tile is a look that is being embraced by DIYers and interior designers alike. Using white tile with dark grout serves to emphasize the lines between the tile and makes the shape of the tiles more distinct. This creates a more intricate look on your walls and floor than using a grout color that is the same as the tile color. This blends the two giving the wall or floor a more unified look.

What grout looks good with white tile?

There are many grout colors that work well with stark white tiles. For example, gray looks amazing with white tile. You can use light gray or dark gray depending on the look you want and how much you want to emphasize the shape of the tile. Also, black grout looks stunning with white tile. One piece of advice is to not use bright white grout as this will develop stains and be difficult to clean over time.

Should grout be white or black?

It is best to not use bright white grout as this will develop stains and be difficult to clean over time. If you like the tone-on-tone look for white tiles, use an ivory or very light gray grout color with white tiles. Black grout that is exposed to constant water is also problematic. It can develop a white haze. Therefore, if you use dark gray grout in a shower area, the color will last longer.

Why is my black grout turning gray?

The most common reason for grout turning white is known as efflorescence. This is a reaction of moisture with the grout and it can happen in a variety of ways. First, moisture can rise from below the surface and stain the grout with salt and mineral deposits. Also, most people tend to use black grout in a shower or on a bathroom floor near the bathtub. This will expose the grout to moisture and splashes of water which can discolor the grout over time. One other reason for grout discoloration is harsh chemicals used to clean the grout which leave a residue.

What Kind Of Grout Does NASA Use To Secure Its Antennas?

Epoxy grout was used to secure the Mars antenna at NASA’s Deep Space Network. The grout was an essential component of the hydrostatic bearing assembly, enabling the antenna to rotate horizontally.  

Why Are Contractors And Designers Switching To High Performance Cement Grouts?

Calcium aluminate base grouts with other advanced chemistries are compatible with porcelain tile. The advanced grout compositions mean less damage, so customer demand is fueling the development of high performance cement grout. 

White Tiles Black Grout Conclusion

White tile and black grout may not be a common choice, but it is becoming more prominent in all settings and design styles.

Whatever color grout and tile you choose, it is necessary to consider. These are the details that will set your bathrooms and kitchen apart from the rest of the crowd.

When considering tile and grout, it is worth thinking outside the box as it is an easy way to give your home unique character and style.