Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams: The Cool, Tranquil Color That’s Actually Purple

Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams is what most people think of as a classic light blue. It has the feel of a pale sky and adds an airy feeling to any room. But this color is not actually blue.

Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue

What Color is Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue?

You might be surprised to find out that in truth, this is a purple paint color. This is despite the fact that Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams (SW6519) looks blue.

This paint color has a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 68, putting it on the brighter side of mid-range paints. The LRV scale runs from 100 to 0 and the higher the number the more light the paint reflects. The brightest white has a score of 100 while absolute black ranks at 0.

A Cool Color

A Cool Color

Part of the Living Well Collection, Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams is a cool blue color. It has no yellow undertones, which is something that a warm blue would have. 

The paint color looks lighter in rooms with a good deal of natural light, while in dark spaces it takes on a stronger blue tone.

Coordinating Colors

Coordinating Colors

While lots of whites, off whites and dark shades of blue are good matches, Sherwin Williams also has some suggestions. For white, consider Shell White (SW 8917) and for a light gray hue, check out Rarified Air (SW 9015). For string contrast, consider and bold yellow like They call Mellow (SW 6525).

Ideas for Painting With Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams

Confused about how to use this blue that’s really a purple paint color?  Check out these examples of how great this paint looks.

Hinting Blue Home Office Wall Paint

Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams Home Office Wall Paint
Jennifer Morrell

Turn a makeshift office space into a real chic work area. Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue walls are a perfect match-up with crisp white trim, built-ins and accessories. 

This icy palette creates a professional space that is calming as well as stylish. 

Bold in the Dark

Bold in the Dark
White Cloud Construction Inc

In contrast to the pale icy look in a light-filled space, a dark room gives Hinting Blue a darker look.

In fact, this doesn’t much look like the same paint, but it is. The lack of light brings out the purple tones of the Sherwin Williams paint color.

Bathroom Retreat

Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue Bathroom Retreat
Stacy Frye Joline

Take the bathroom to a new level of serene when you paint it Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue. The tub alcove has its own little chandelier and a window. Together with the white trim and tile floor, it’s a super calming bathroom space. 

Blue on Blue

Blue on Blue
Stonegate Homes

For a laundry room like no other, combine Hinting Blue with a variety of prints done in blue.

The Hinting Blue cabinets and trim coordinate with the floral wallpaper. A ceiling finished with a checked wall covering and a patterned tile floor add to the mix to create a statement laundry room.

SW Hinting Blue Seaside Vibe

Seaside Vibe
27 Atlantic Apartments

It’s no surprise that Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue creates a coastal vibe. Just look at this home with the blue walls and coral-like wall pieces.

Colorful Entry

Colorful Entry
Lynn Morgan

Turn the interior side of your front door into a statement like this one, painted Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams.

The door coordinates with the blue light fixture and together create a very cheery entryway. The only other color in the white space is the muted blue in the striped rug.

Not-so-Basic Bathroom

Not-so-Basic Bathroom
Kristy Leitzel

Level up a family bathroom by giving it a coat of Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams. It’s a subtle color that’s not too bold and works well with existing flooring and accessories. 

Bedroom Accent

Bedroom Accent
Melissa Abrams

Hinting Blue might be very light but it is still good for creating an accent in a room. This neutral bedroom gets a mild color boost from the custom panel behind the head of the bed.

The Sherwin Williams paint adds color without making a major change to the neutral palette in the bedroom.

A Blank Slate

A Blank Slate
Joanne Petrun

When considering paints for a large space, you might not consider a light blue, but this basement will change your mind.

In this artificial light, Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams takes on more of a gray tone but retains its pleasant blue iciness. It’s a neutral paint color with a twist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What color Is SW Hinting Blue?

Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue SW 6519 is a purple paint color that looks blue.

What is Sherwin Williams most popular light blue?

Some of the SW paint colors that have a classic light blue appearance are Sleepy Blue Krypton and Tradewind. For something that has a dusty appearance, try Stardew.

Is there a warm blue paint color?

Yes. Blue paint colors that are warm will have yellow undertones. You can find one by searching the darker end of the paint strips at the store.

What accent colors go with light blue walls?

If your walls are light blue, choose neutrals that complement them. Good choices include crisp whites, off-white, beige and greige. For an accent color, choose a darker shade of blue, or consider warmer colors like yellow, gold, orange or even brown.

Can you mix different shades of blue in a room?

Shades of blue can easily be mixed in a single space. The key is to choose shades that have the same or complementary undertones.


While Hinting Blue Sherwin Williams may be classified as a purple color, it looks blue in most cases. The variation between coastal and icy looks depends on lighting, Thus, try out a sample in your own room and you might find that this is your perfect light blue paint color.