Sherwin Williams Silverplate Neutral Gray Paint Color

Silverplate by Sherwin Williams is a marvelous neutral gray paint color that works for every interior style. Silverplate color, it’s great for today’s modern farmhouse and contemporary looks, but it can have a role in tradition or glamorous decor too.

What kind of Paint Color is Silverplate?

Many shades of gray are very cool, almost feeling cold and icy. That’s not Sherwin Williams Silverplate SW7649.

sherwin williams silverplate

This versatile paint is a bit of a warm gray, although not entirely. As with most paints, the way it looks on your own walls will vary with the quality and quantity of light in the room.

Silverplate has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 53, which is still a middle-of-the-road paint color. The LRV is a scale of 0 to 100- and the higher the number, the more reflective the paint. It’s quite reflective and has a soft feel that’s reminiscent of rolling rainclouds.

SW Silverplate is a little darker than some of the most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors such as Big Chill or Gray Owl. In fact, some of the most popular ones like Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray are more greige.

Light Effects and Undertones

Light Effects and Undertones

This calm paint can look different from the actual color on the paint strip. The location of the room, the amount of natural light and the direction of the light can alter the visual appearance.

In a north-facing room, it can look cooler and even more of a slight blue-gray. On the other hand, in a south-facing room, it will look a little softer. 

Sherwin Williams Silverplate is less chameleon-like than some other paint colors. In fact, if your room is flooded with daylight, that can wash out the look of many colors. Not so with Silverplate.

In a dark room, you’ll want to have plenty of artificial lighting, otherwise, the color can appear dull and even drab.

When it comes to undertones, companies create paint shades by mixing primary colors, so there will always be some undertones that show in every color.

Silverplate has blue undertones that are quite subtle. In fact, the undertones are blue-green, but they are not very strong. This is likely why it doesn’t feel as cool as some other gray paint colors.

Coordinating Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Coordinating Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Plenty of possibilities exist for a match with Silverplate.

When it comes to picking paint for accents and trim, some soft off-whites might be appropriate. Of course, stick with Pure White or High Reflective White from Sherwin Williams and you can’t go wrong.

If you’re using Silverplate and want a coordinating color, you have a few choices.

Sherwin Williams recommends Nebulous White (SW 7063), which is a very pale gray, along with Eider White (SW 7014), a pale beige.

For stronger contrast, it suggests Cityscape (SW 7067), a much more dramatic shade. If you’re coordinating it with a beige or tan, stick to lighter shades.

With regard to other colors, Silverplate is a good match with light blue-green colors that have a gray undertone.

For a stronger accent, consider yellow, red, deep charcoal blue shades and earthy rust colors. Instead of black, you might opt for a color like Inkwell.

Sherwin Williams Silverplate Ideas

Are you wondering how to use this great neutral color in your project? Here are some ways that homeowners have incorporated Silverplate that can leave you feeling inspired.

A Blank Slate

A Blank Slate

One of the best things about Sherwin Williams Silverplate is that it creates a perfect blank slate for decor.

This living room is completely neutral with enough architectural details to create interest. When it comes to the color scheme for the decor, it can go in almost any direction.

Refined Master Bath

Refined Master Bath
ReVision Design/Remodeling

This is a traditional bathroom with some modern finishes. The Silverplate adds a soft, refined air. It also suits the floor, which includes shades of beige and tan.

The fixtures and hardware are silver, which is a good match for the cooler nature of the paint.

Let Accents Pop

Sherwin Williams Silverplate

Sherwin Williams Silverplate is a perfect shade of paint when you want the accents in a bathroom to pop.

The neutral wall paint brings out the black vanity setups that get an additional boost from the red flowers and towels.

A Neutral Base

Silverplate creates a neutral space

Silverplate creates a neutral space in your house and it’s a nice break from the usual neutral colors.

This Sherwin Williams color is versatile without being boring. It can also lend a bit of moodiness to the right room too.

Whole-house Neutral

Whole-house Neutral

If you want all or most of your home painted in one color, Silverplate is a good candidate.

Yes, this neutral is not as bright as some other choices, however, it is easy to decorate around it.

Because it’s a little warmer than many other similar colors, Silverplate tends to work with more styles of decor.

Elevated Farmhouse Kitchen

Elevated Farmhouse Kitchen

A distinctive farmhouse kitchen is a level up thanks to the cabinetry painted in Silverplate. The Sherwin Williams color adds dimension to the dimly lit space.

Notice how dark the paint color looks in this space. Even though it’s less of a color-shifter than some other shades, Silverplate still trends deeper with the lack of daylight.

Subtle Living Room Walls

Subtle Living Room Walls

Choose Silverplate if you want a living room where the wall color doesn’t dominate the decor.

Painting with this color creates a clean slate for decor, but it’s not the usual neutral.

SW Silverplate has more depth and interest than most lighter beiges and greiges.

Chic Kitchen Cabinetry

Chic Kitchen Cabinetry

Not just for walls, Silverplate makes a wonderful color for cabinetry too.

This kitchen uses gray as a complement to the backsplash and a counterpoint to the colorful island.

It’s a contemporary look that is fresh and family-friendly too. It would work for a farmhouse-style kitchen too.

Better Than Builder’s White

Better Than Builder's White

As this example describes it, Silverplate is a stylish step up from the standard paint that most builders use.

This two-story living space has plenty of light so Silverplate is not too dark. That’s especially true when you match it with a dramatic accent wall.

The black spindles in the railing are a perfect accent.

Elegant Furniture Piece

Elegant Furniture Piece

If you haven’t considered painting furniture in Silverplate, this console will change your mind. A coat or two of the elegant paint color strikes an elevated note with gold accents.

Stylish Pet Crate

Stylish Pet Crate

Much as it makes stylish furniture, Silverplate also levels up your pet kennel. Don’t settle for a metal pet kennel that’s an eyesore when you can have a chic one instead.

Wonderful With Walnut

Wonderful With Walnut

Just look at this spectacular space. Silverplate walls bring together white trim, dark ceilings and marvelous walnut flooring.

This living area shows how versatile the paint color is.

Exterior Sophistication

Exterior Sophistication
Marcelle Guilbeau

This Sherwin Williams paint is great for the exterior of your home too. It is understated and sophisticated but still works for styles like this Craftsman home.

The neutral color makes the dark trim pop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What color is Sherwin-Williams Silverplate?

Sherwin Williams Silverplate SW 7649 is a mid-range neutral gray that works in any room. It’s a step up from white and is neither very dark nor too bright.

What undertones does Sherwin Williams silverplate have?

Silverplate has very, very subtle blue undertones that trend a bit toward blue-green.

What gray is lighter than Repose Gray?

Many popular shades are lighter than Repose Gray, which has an LRV of 58. Agreeable Gray, at LRV 60, is a little lighter. However, Silverplate is darker than both of those colors because it has an LRV of 53.

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams gray?

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029 is the brand’s most popular. Of course, it is more of a greige paint. Silverplate is not too bright, which makes it a great choice, even if it doesn’t top the popularity list.

Silverplate Color: Conclusion

Silverplate might be one of the most underrated paint shades. Unlike some of the most popular Sherwin Williams colors, which are more greige, Silver plate leans toward the true grays. Nevertheless, it does not feel cold or icy, making it ideal for cozier interiors as well as refined spaces of all kinds.