Sherwin Williams Eider White Is Your Under-The-Radar Color Choice

Sherwin Williams Eider White is a great all-around white paint color that brightens up any space. It can even lighten up a room that has little light because it’s airy and bright. Once you explore the tricky undertones in this paint, you’ll find lots of places to use it.

Sherwin Williams Eider White

What Color is Sherwin Williams Eider White?

This Sherwin Williams paint color is a white but trends toward gray. It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 73, which makes it a pretty bright color.

The LRV scale goes from 0 to 100, with 100 being the brightest white. At the other end of the scale, 0 is absolute black.

Eider White is on the same paint color strip as Repose Gray. It is a lighter version of that popular paint color.

Undertones and Appearances

Undertones and Appearances

The undertones are the reasons why white paints can show colors.

Eider White has grey undertones. For the most part, these will trend toward blue/purple in cool shades or red/brown for warm gray shades.

Sherwin Williams Eider White paint has subtle pink undertones, which create a tricky color. In some spaces, this can be rather noticeable. These are also present in Repose Gray, but in general, they do not show.

Undertones are the reason that you want to sample paint swatches of any colors that you are considering.

If you are painting a room with south-facing windows and more light, Eider White might look like a light greige color.

A north-facing room or darker rooms that don’t get a lot of light will show more of the paint’s pink/purple undertones.

Trim Options

You can paint the trim the same color, but if you want contrast, choose a white that complements this warm paint color.

Sherwin Williams Extra White is a good trim color as is SW High Reflective White and SW Pure White paint.

Coordinating Colors

Coordinating Colors

In general deeper gray colors are good to pair with Eider White, as are dark charcoal colors.

Some others paint color choices to consider are colors like Filmy Green SW 6190, a pinkish brown like Chinchilla SW 6011 or options like Blustery Sky SW 9140.

Similar Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Alabaster

Alabaster is a little more versatile because it is a creamy, warm white that does not have tricky undertones like Eider White.

Alabaster is also a much brighter color. With an LRV of 82, it is far more reflective.

 Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Incredible White

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Incredible White

These two paint colors are rather similar. Incredible White has an LRV of 74, comparable to Eider White’s 73.

The main difference between the two is the undertones and the fact that Incredible White is a warmer color.

Eider White vs Crushed Ice

Eider White vs Crushed Ice

The undertones in Crushed Ice are much like those in Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

Crushed Ice has an LRV of 66, a fair bit less reflective than Eider White at 73. 

Crushed Ice has a warmer feeling, is a bit more saturated and slightly darker, and has slight green undertones.

 Eider White vs Oyster White

Eider White vs Oyster White

Sherwin Williams Oyster White is a greige, unlike Eider White, which is an off-white shade.

Oyster White is just barely darker than Eider White at 72.

However, Oyster White does not have difficult undertones that can show us as rosy in some cases. This means it’s more versatile.

Eider White Painting Ideas 

 Since this is a tricky paint color when it comes to undertones it can help to look at a lot of examples before you test out paint colors.

Have a look at these great rooms that use SW Eider White.

Farmhouse Interior

Farmhouse Interior
M House Development

This white hue is perfect for farmhouse interiors. It blends with other shades of white and has a touch of gray that pairs with other popular light shades.

You can just pick up the hint of the undertone in this entryway.

This is partly from the black accents, which look striking

Accent Cabinets

Accent Cabinets
Creative Homes

Eider White painted kitchen cabinets are a marvelous match with the gray walls and the warmer yellow island.

Most of the space is done in shades of gray but the yellow paint is an ideal contrast and ties in the floor very well.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White Kitchen Cabinets
Martha O’Hara Interiors

A transitional kitchen has decor that is a riff on the classic blue and white color palette.

Here, the blue paint is a dustier, muted version of the typical blue.

It’s the ideal shade to go with the Eider White SW 7014 cabinetry because of the gray undertones.

Black and White Kitchen

Black and White Kitchen
Martha O’Hara Interiors

An all-white kitchen with black countertops is another good place for this white paint.

The hint of gray undertones ties everything together, including the wood floor.

Black hardware and lighting also work well here.

Living Room Style

Living Room Style
Anchor Builders

This living room has less natural lighting so you can see the gray undertones come to the fore in the paint.

The light blue furniture also pulls out the gray in the wall color.

Soft Color for a Sunroom

Soft Color for a Sunroom
SPRUCE 🛋 Statia Gibson

In this sunroom, Eider White Sherwin Williams looks warmer than in some of the other examplws we’ve seen.

Plentiful light and the yellow times in the upholstery skew the paint warmer, although you can still see the hint of gray.

Scandinavian Vibe Dining Room

Scandinavian Vibe Dining Room
S-W Designer Account Executive

Clean with a Nordic vibe, the dining room feels cool. The neutral space has dark gray trim and muted green shelving along with some beige elements.

All this works together with the Eider White walls.

While the wood accents add a little warmth they don’t cancel out the overall feeling that is trending to the cool end of the spectrum.

Soothing Nursery Decor

Soothing Nursery Decor

Eider White Sherwin Williams paint is also a good choice for a nursery.

This cool white shows some of its rosy side when you add blush accents.

The decor in this space pulls out both the grey undertones as well as the tricky warm pink undertone.

Chic Bathroom

Chic Bathroom
Sarah+Jason | Love Design Co.

A striking bathroom with a dark accent wall remains bright with SW Eider White painted walls.

The wall highlights the freestanding tub and also ties in the dark cabinets throughout the bathroom.

Farmhouse Exterior

Farmhouse Exterior

An Eider White Sherwin Williams exterior is perfect for farmhouse style.

This gabled home gets a boost from the vertical siding that matches the grey roof very well.

The grayish-white paint color also ties with the natural stone columns.

Open Plan Space

Open Plan Space
RITA | Staying Graceful |

Open-plan spaces can be very hard to decorate. Thus, it’s good to create a neutral slate throughout with the right paint.

Eider White SW 7014 makes a great choice in an airy space that has good light. It mixes well with the beige and greige in this living room.

Laundry Room Style

Laundry Room Style
Woodshop Diaries | Shara

This laundry room with vertical shiplap is so cute!

The Eider white walls go well with the Dorian Gray painted cabinets.

It’s a clean and neutral color palette that gets a pop of color from the accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What undertones does Sherwin Williams Eider white have?

This Sherwin Williams paint color has a gray undertone but also a very subtle pink one too. Certain lighting situations will bring out this rosy tone.

What trim goes with Eider White?

Eider White has enough undertones that it can stand out against trim that is a bright white. It also looks good with black.

Is Eider White a cool color?

Eider White is an off-white that has gray undertones so it can look a little cold. However, it can trend warm, particularly when the pink undertones show.

Does Alabaster go with Eider White?

No it does not. they are both neutral colors but don’t complement each other. Both look best with a pure white trim paint color.

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams white?

For more than a decade, Alabaster has been Sherwin Williams’ most popular white paint color. This is because it works with color palettes that trend warm or cool

What color is a shade darker than Eider White?

If you want a hue that is more saturated, consider using Agreeable Gray. This grey paint color is darker than Sherwin Williams Eider White. Agreeable Gray is also a true greige and is more warm.


Eider White Sherwin Williams doesn’t make the list of popular white because of its pink undertones.

However, many designers feel it is under-appreciated. If you sample paint colors in your home, you might find that Eider White is the perfect color for your painting project.