Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams is a Sophisticated Color Choice

Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams is a deep blue-green paint color that adds drama. It’s ideal for a distinctive exterior, stylish cabinets or a dramatic dining room. It’s a strong color so it might not top everyone’s popularity list. However, those bold enough to choose it are well rewarded when it comes to style

Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams

What Color is Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams?

This Sherwin Williams color is a muted blue, inspired by the tone of a stormy sky. The hue is part of the 2021 Encounter Collection and has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 22. This means that it absorbs a lot of light and is not very reflective.

The LRV scale runs from 0 to 100. At the top is the brightest, most reflective white. At the other end of the scale is absolute black at 0.

Blustery Sky ranks at 22, which tells you it’s pretty darn dark.

Strong Undertones

Strong Undertones

Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams is a definite blue color, although it does look like a greenish-blue. This is because it has a fair amount of green, along with a touch of gray to moderate.

It’s a Cool Color

It's a Cool Color

Hands down, Blustery Sky is cool paint color. You can pair it with creamier whites, but a true crisp look comes from a cooler white. 

A Changeable Hue

You can see the strength of the blue when you view Blustery Sky in different types of light. In dark spaces or those that have a northern exposure, the color looks deep and greenish-blue. 

On the other hand, a light-filled room pulls out the blue side, making it look like a much brighter blue than expected.

Sherwin Williams Blustery Sky is, in this respect, true to its name. It is as changeable in looks as a sky that is blustery and bit stormy.

Testing Paint Samples

It’s important to test samples of your paint in the room that you are repainting. It might sound like an unnecessary step, but the way color can change in different types of lighting makes testing critical.

Paint a patch of your desired color at least one foot square in the room. Then, observe the color in different types of light.

Also, be sure to view the color in artificial lighting. The type of lighting you have and even the warmth of the bulb can affect how the color looks.

Ideas for Using Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams

Distinctive Exterior

Distinctive Exterior
Fishionista Interiors & Design

Whether you live on Nantucket or not, you can get the look by painting the exterior of the house Sherwin Williams Blustery Sky. 

It looks like a classic combination with white trim. The hue is a bold blue but muted enough that it doesn’t look garish. It would look great paired with some gray accents too.

Stylish Bathroom Vanity

Stylish Bathroom Vanity
Colorado Paint & Roof Masters

This bathroom cabinetry shows how bright Sherwin Williams Blustery Sky can look. Plentiful daylight emphasizes the blue and brings a bright edge to the otherwise moody paint color.


Sarah Harrington

This is dramatic look for a kids playroom! Moody walls temper the reddish orange rug and all the colors in the kids toys.

Sherwin Williams 9140 Blustery Sky creates a playroom that  looks sophisticated and out of the ordinary.

Dark and Dramatic

Dark and Dramatic
Trish Thiel Isenbarger

Don’t be afraid to go dark and moody with the paint in a small room.

This space is was already dark thanks to the lack of daylight. Painting it Bulstery Sky Sherwin Williams leverages the dark for extra drama. You can see how dim spaes bring out the stormy side of the paint

Accent Wall

Accent Wall
Laura Sima // Sima Spaces

Painting an accent wall is a good way to counter a lot of wood surfaces in a room. The wall in this living room is painted Sherwin-Williams Bustery Sky. 

The room has good daylight so the color does not look too deep. The cool shade of blue-green pairs well with the wood floor, wall and furniture.

Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished Furniture
Amanda Polk Whitley

This shade of paint is also good for giving life to outdated furniture. This side table got a farmhouse makeover with a coat of Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams. 

Dark Dining Area

Dark Dining Area
BNDecor Beth Nimmervoll

An outdated dining room gets a new look with walls painted Blustery Sky. The dark greenish-blue wall color is quite nice with the light wood flooring, mixed dining set, and white and cream accents. 

Island Happy

Island Happy
Fig St. Design

Use Blustery Sky to add pizzazz to a neutral-toned kitchen. This kitchen island looks rather light because of all the daylight. The color is muted but still lively.

Coastal Style

Coastal Style
Residential Design | Boston

A bright white bathroom make Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams look like a whole different color. There’s so much daylight that the blue really shines and it takes on the perfect coastal vibe.

Natural Companion

Natural Companion
Sebastian Behmer, Liz McKinley

Although modern farmhouse decor trends toward a paler color palette, Blustery Sky can work too. This room pairs the dark wall color with a natural wood light fixture for a great, casual look.

Mixed Color Kitchen

Mixed Color Kitchen
Paige Moreland

This gorgeous custom kitchen shows the muted nature of Sherwin Williams Blustery Sky. The bottom cabinetry goes well with the other colors and the natural wood hood and tile floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What color is Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams says that Blustery Sky (SW 9140) is a blue paint color.

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams blue?

The Color of the Year from 20202, Sherwin Williams Naval, is one of the top Sherwin Williams blue paint colors.

How do you make a blue room look warm?

Blue colors are cool colors, so to warm up a blue room, you need warm accent colors. Use shades of orange and yellow along with natural wood and creamy whites.

What Color go with SW Bulstery Sky?

Sherwin Williams suggests that the light beige Nuance (SW 7049) and Gray Area (SW 7052) are good coordinating colors. For a lighter greenish blue, try Mountain Air (SW 6224).

Blustery Sky Sherwin Williams is a dark blue that lends a sophisticated air. It’s a bold choice but it will make a color statement no matter the room you paint.