Sherwin Williams Window Pane – Light Bluish-Green Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Window Pane is a light bluish-green paint color that brightens any room. The pale hue has a watery quality and a coastal vibe. Moreover, it works in any style of interior.

Sherwin Williams Window Pane

What Color is Sherwin Williams Windowpane?

Sherwin Williams Window Pane (SW 6210) is a very light blue green, although it can look like a pale green with a touch of gray. Like many of the similar colors, it can change with the level of light in a room.

Window Pane has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 72, which is quite bright. The LRV scale runs from 100 to 0. At the brightest end is pure white with a rating of 100. At the opposite end is absolute black at 0. The higher the number, the more light a paint reflects.

Green Undertones

Green Undertones

Window Pane is a pale teal but it has prominent green undertones. In fact, it is on the same paint color card as Sherwin Williams Rainwashed. So, this paint is much the same color, just a little lighter.

Thus, if you love Rainwashed, you might like this paint color too.

Coordinating Colors

Coordinating Colors

You’ll have many choices of paint shades to coordinate with Window Pane. Many of these may be the same as those that go with SW Rainwashed.

Sherwin Williams recommends Extra White SW 7006 and Pure White SW 7005 as white options. For a slightly darker shade, consider using Quietude SW 6212 as a coordinating color.

SW Window Pane vs Sea Salt

SW Window Pane vs Sea Salt

At first glance you might think that Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and Window Pane and are pretty much the same Sherwin Williams paint color.

Sea Salt is not as bright because it has an LRV of 64. That’s not as bright as Window Pane at 72.

Often, Window Pane looks like a white paint in bright rooms. By contrast, Sea Salt can look quite blue or green in a room, depending on the light. It also looks more gray compared to Window Pane.

SW Window Pane vs Rainwashed

SW Window Pane vs Rainwashed

As noted above, Sherwin Williams Rainwashed is on the same paint card as Window Pane.

The company called it a green paint color. However, it has a blue undertone that can make it feel quite a bit moodier.

Rainwashed has an LRV of 59, which is much darker than Window Pane. Thus looking for paint ideas that are more saturated, Rainwashed might be a better choice.

SW Topsail vs Window Pane

SW Topsail vs Window Pane

Sherwin Williams calls Topsail a “white and pastel” paint. It has deep blue and green undertones and appears stormier than Window Pane.

With an LRV of 74.67, it is little brighter than Window Pane. It is also more of a chameleon color. It can change its look based on the quality of light in the room.

Test Paint Samples

As you can see, these paints have very subtle differences that can create very different looks in the rooms of your house.

Before you commit to a color, paint a test swatch of these Sherwin-Williams paint colors. Or order some peel and stick samples.

Never decide on a color choice on a photo or the on-screen representation of a particular shade. You want to see a swatch at different times of the day in your own space. The color will vary!

Ideas for Using Window Pane Paint Color

Window Pane is a pale hue but it is a greenish-blue. If you haven’t considered this type of color, you might not be sure how to use it. These examples will spur some ideas and inspire your own use of this Sherwin-Williams paint.

Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom
Kari & Matt

Give a farmhouse bathroom a bright look by painting it with Window Pane.

This example uses the paint above the wainscoting. It’s a perfect pairing with the white and brightens up the space quite a bit. The light color also gives it an airy feeling.

Crisp Exterior

Crisp Exterior
Maranda Penner

Window Pane is also a nice idea for the exterior of a house. In the plentiful daylight, it looks almost white.

This house has dark green trim which is an excellent match for the crisp look on the siding.

Refreshed Furniture

Refreshed Furniture
Susan Praetorius Ballo

You might not consider Sherwin Williams Window Pane for a furniture refresh, but you should.

This dining set has a fresh, modern farmhouse look thanks to the soft green paint. It also goes nicely with the natural wood tones.

Stylish Sunroom

Stylish Sunroom
Amy Bell

This soft, grayish blue-green makes a wonderful wall paint for a sunroom.

Plentiful natural lighting and lots of white and light neutral furniture emphasize the brightness and actual color.

Neutral Walls Anywhere

Neutral Walls Anywhere
Madeline Althans Fox

It’s not a stretch to call this a neutral paint.

The light in this entryway brings out the slight gray undertone. You can see in this photo how the paint looks grayer at the bottom of the wall and white near the top. You’ll see the same variations in your own house.

Ceiling Perfect

Ceiling Perfect
Tina N Cannon

Speaking of Window Pane being a neutral paint color, here’s a great example of that.

The ceiling of the sunroom area is painted in this shade and looks wonderful. It is a good match with the other neutral shades. Moreover, the floor picks up the subtle grey tones in this color.

It’s not a commom choice for ceilings, but maybe it should be!

Serene Bedroom

Serene Bedroom
Priscilla Fenlin Interiors

Another example of how walls painted in this hue look neutral is this traditional bedroom.

Yes, you see the hint of green in the paint, but it’s watery and light. With all the beige in the room, the paint can create a nice contrast and complement at the same time.

Kid-Friendly Color

Kid-Friendly Color
Kelly Donovan

Sherwin Williams Window Pane is also great for a kid’s room. The paint is light, gender-neutral and great for any age.

Plus, the shade is versatile enough to match with brighter pieces of decor and art in a kid’s room.

Traditional Interiors

Traditional Interiors
Tobi Fairley Interior Design

This color can also work for traditional interiors, which is not an image you might have had for this paint color.

This living room has traditional drapes and furniture, which the paint livens up. It’s a nice refresh for an old-school space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is SW Window Pane blue or green?

Sherwin Williams Window Pane SW 6210 is a soothing pale blue-green. It has green undertones but also a hint of gray.

What color is Sherwin Williams Rainwashed?

Sherman Williams Rainwashed is a green color. While it has blue undertones, it does not trend toward teal.

Is Sherwin Williams sea salt warm or cool?

Sea Salt is a what many call a chameleon color. That’s because it is very cheangeable based on the quality of light. However, in general it trends toward being a cool color.

What undertones does Sea Salt have?

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a changeable color. It is a cool paint color that has green and gray undertones.

Is SW Topsail blue or green?

Sherwin Williams Topsail is a neutral paint with blue and green undertones. It looks clean and crisp and is popular for rooms that need a beachy vibe.

What is one shade lighter than Sherwin Williams sea salt?

Sherwin Williams Spare White (SW 6203) is one shade lighter than Sea Salt on the paint strip.

What is the most popular trim color from Sherwin Williams?

There are many different trim colors from Sherwin Williams that will work with all the popular shades. Some of he top choices include High Reflective White SW 7757, Alabaster SW 7008, Snowbound SW 7004 and Pure White SW 7005.