What is a Skillion Roof?

Skillion roofs have a single sloped flat surface. They are popular for minimal and contemporary-style homes.

A skillion roof is inexpensive and easy to build. While you’ll often see these roofs on minimal architecture, they’re also a top pick for outbuildings. They provide optimal water drainage but aren’t ideal for areas with high winds.

Skillion Roof

If you’re considering a skillion roof for your home, garage, or shed, here’s what you should know.

What is a Skillion Roof?

A skillion roof features one flat, sloped surface. Other names for this style include a lean-to and mono-pitched roof.

Designers use skillion roofs on minimal-style homes. They’re also popular for home additions, sheds, and garages due to their easy construction and high pitch. 

Are Skillion Roofs Strong?

Skillion roofs are structurally strong. Their steepness provides optimal water drainage, and skillion roofs with a high-pitch work well for snowy climates.

These roofs are not a good choice for areas that experience frequent high winds. Since they only have one slope, they’re more likely to sustain wind damage than a hip or gable roof, for example.

Pros and Cons of a Skillion Roof

Skillion roofs are ideal for any homeowner looking for a contemporary, cost-efficient, or easy-to-build solution. But along with their strong set of pros are a couple of disadvantages. 

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of a skillion roof.

Pros of a skillion roof:

  • Easy to build – A skillion roof features one flat, sloped surface, making this roof one of the easiest to build.
  • Affordable – Fewer intricacies and simple building plans result in a less expensive roof.
  • Modern aesthetic – Skillion roofs have a modern aesthetic, ideal for contemporary and minimal style homes.
  • Good choice for home additions – A skillion roof is ideal for home additions or extensions.
  • Optimal water drainage – A skillion roof has excellent water drainage due to the steep slope.
  • Ideal for Snow – Roofs with a high pitch are ideal for snowy climates since the steep angle allows melting snow to run off.

Cons of a skillion roof:

  • Not ideal for high winds – Due to the steep pitch and singular surface, skillion roofs are prone to wind damage and unsuitable for hurricane-prone areas.
  • Less attic space – The pitch majorly reduces the amount of attic space in a home which can be a con if you need extra storage space.

Skillion Roof Examples

Skillion roofs work for multiple types of construction. Here are some examples.

Split Slope Skillion Roof on Modern Home

Split Slope Skillion Roof on Modern Home
Lucid Architecture

The modern home in this photo features a split skillion roof – a roof on the tall two-story section and a lower over the glass-enclosed living space.

The home has contemporary architecture, but the wood siding softens it for a cozy minimalist vibe.

Skillion Roof on Snowy Cabin

Skillion Roof on Snowy Cabin
FINNE Architects

The slope of a skillion roof makes it ideal for homes in snowy climates. As the snow melts, the water quickly runs off.

The skillion roof gives this cabin a modern look and the illusion of a roof lifted by windows.

Minimalist Glass House with Skillion Roof

Minimalist Glass House with Skillion Roof
kevin akey -azd associates

Skillion roofs are most well-known in houses like this. The roof design perfectly tops this glass house’s simple and minimal style.

The steep slope of this roof ensures that water and snow quickly drain.

Garden Shed with Beautiful “Green” Skillion Roof

Garden Shed with Beautiful “Green” Skillion Roof
Graham Design Build

If you’re looking for beautiful skillion roof ideas, this one is hard to beat. The wooden garden sheds feature a sloped roof with live greenery on top.

Even without the living roof, the skillion style is an ideal solution for outbuildings.

Modern-Rustic Skillion Roof Home

Modern-Rustic Skillion Roof Home
Adam Hobill : Design

Modern rustic design combines natural elements like aged wood and stone with clean lines. On this home, the wood siding is rustic, while the skillion roof adds a modern touch.

The house design is simple but beautiful and works well for country-style homes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is a split skillion roof?

A split skillion has two sections of single-sided sloped roofs, with one side being higher than the other. The two sections of roofs don’t touch.

What’s a Skillion roof pitch?

The minimum pitch for a skillion roof is 5 degrees and these roofs usually have a pitch between 5 and 12.5 degrees.

What kind of materials for a Skillion roof?

The single flat surface of a skillion roof makes it a prime candidate for any roofing material. One of the most popular roof materials is metal, but shingles and tiles are also great options.

Skillion roofs have a simple design. They feature one flat, sloped surface. Designers often use this roof for minimal and ultramodern homes but they’re also a prime candidate for sheds and other outbuildings.

The two disadvantages of skillion roofs are that they eliminate attic space and don’t hold up well in windstorms. Otherwise, these roofs are affordable, easy to build and provide optimal water drainage.