White House Black Trim: Colors, Ideas & Styles

The white house black trim trend may seem like a modern stroke of genius but in reality it’s a design that’s been used on home exteriors for decades and it’s no surprise why.

White House Black Trim

The freshness of white is beautifully contrasted by deep black trim making for a polished and put together look.

Paired with other architectural elements like metal and wood accents, there’s a way to work anyone’s personal style into this color collaboration.

Why Choose The White House Black Trim Look?

There’s many reasons to choose this color palette for your home’s exterior. For starters, it’s a timeless option that won’t go out of style. With decades of use to prove it, you can count on not having to repaint anytime soon.

Likewise, there’s no shortage of color choices with white and black color palettes. If you’re searching for something less bright, there’s plenty of creamy whites to satisfy your style.

Maybe you want a black trim thats more washed out and not the traditional stark black. Whatever it is you’re looking for, there’s endless hues to make your vision come to life.

Tips for a Standout Design

White House Black Trim
Spivey Architects, Inc.

If you like this classic combination but you want your home to stand out among this popular palette, check out these tips to help your house stand out among the rest.

Colored Doors

One way to make your design stand out is by highlighting the exterior doors. Of course, black doors are always an option but you can use other colored doors alongside the black trim used elsewhere.

For example, warm reds have often been used for front doors with white and black exteriors. The touch of color adds a homey and welcoming vibe. Don’t forget, this idea also includes your garage door.

Colored Roofing

As with doors, colored roofing can offer a striking touch to your white house black trim exterior design. Black roofing can add a clear cut contrast to the body of the home, keeping with the original color palette.

Rich orange-colored tiles seen in Spanish and European-styled homes also provide your home with a distinct look. The warmth of the orange adds color to the existing neutral color palettes, tying it all together.


Without added texture, a white house black trim design could fall flat. Simple additions to the home’s exterior can help homeowners ensure this doesn’t happen to them. Adding stacked stone or brick to existing pillars is one idea.

Those textures coupled with the perfect white paint is certain to standout. Wooden accents are also a great option. Any natural looking wood accent will also pair very well with these colors, adding a warm and earthy feel to the house’s architectural style.

White Paint Color Ideas

There’s plenty of whites to choose from but these are among the most popular for a reason. Not too bright but still falling into the white category, these options are sure to please.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White (LRV 71.97).

White House Black Trim

A creamy, white hue with greige undertones.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster (LRV 82):

White House Black Trim

An airy white with muted beige undertones.

Sherwin Williams Pure White (LRV 84).

White House Black Trim

A soft white with subdued gray undertones.

Behr Whisper White (LRV 89).

Behr Whisper White

The lightest on the list, with hint of cream and warmth.

Benjamin Moore Seapearl (LVR 76.43).

White House Black Trim

A cool, off white with modest gray undertones.

Black Paint Color Ideas

Tried and true colors, these black trim ideas will contrast any white of your choosing. Having proven to be reliable options for exterior use, these bold hues will make your home standout.

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (LRV 3).

White House Black Trim

A solid black with no true undertone.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (LRV 6).

White House Black Trim

An inky, charcoal hue with green undertones.

Benjamin Moore Black (LRV 4.56).

White House Black Trim

A grounded, dark neutral with a classic touch.

Sherwin Williams Black Magic (LRV 3).

Sherwin Williams Black Magic

A warm, deep black with a true black undertone.

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron (LRV 8.17).

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

A soft black with blue and gray undertones.

Examples of White Houses with Black Exterior Trim

While the farmhouse style has popularized the white house black trim exterior, that’s not the only style this look meshes with. Since white and black are neutral colors, they make a very flexible color palette with plenty of room for personal style.

Take a look at real examples of how white houses with black trimmed windows can fit into many exterior home styles.

Modern European Style

White House Black Trim
Hendel Homes

A warm, modern white house accompanies prominent black windows and metal roof accents for even more texture.

Beach Style

White House Black Trim
SkB Architects

Radiating beach vibes, wood siding completes this white and black trim house. As light and airy as the beach itself, white exterior houses are perfect for beach style homes. Reminiscent of the cape cod feel, this color combination is no stranger to the beach.

Farmhouse Style

White House Black Trim
Chase & Arnold, Inc.

A spin on the classic farmhouse style, modern farmhouse has a rustic yet refined feel. Airing on the side of minimalistic, the white house black window trim combination adds the clean touch a modern farmhouse exterior is famous for.

Transitional Style

Transitional Style
Boyce Design and Contracting

Mixed textiles peek through in the natural light as one solitary white shade makes the black window trim pop. Classic homes with a touch of contemporary, the transitional style house makes a great canvas for a white and black exterior. Clean lines meet lots of texture, only adding to the color’s impression.

Spanish Style 

White House Black Trim

Bordering on ivory, this Spanish beauty is not only contrasted with the black vinyl windows but also the dusty orange tiled roof and dark wooden door.

A style with plenty of character of its own, wood doors and smooth stucco heighten the charm of a Spanish style white house with black trim.

Modern European Style: White paint only accentuates the brick and stone exterior design the modern European style is known for. The style’s distinguished arched openings trimmed in black bring the look full circle.

Traditional Style

White House Black Trim

The model of a traditional home, the black windows are highlighted by the light, white brick partnered with a dark roof for contrast. Evoking thoughts of the classic white picket fence home, a white house with black trim is the epitome of a traditional-style home exterior.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Style
Vanguard Studio Inc.

Another style based on seaside inspiration, the mediterranean style is suggestive of the coastal life. Stucco exterior and enclosed outdoor spaces are brightened by sharp whites and leveled out by the black trim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Do black windows have to be installed to get this color palette right? 

If the white house black trim look is what you want, installing black windows in a new build is without a doubt the easiest way to go. However, it might not be the most affordable as black window frames are known to be more expensive than white. 

That said, if you’re looking to save on materials or refresh old windows, black paint is the perfect solution. 

Do black windows fade over time? 

Unfortunately, black windows are at risk for fading. However, the rate at which they fade is dependent upon what material they’re made of. High quality windows manufactured with strong finishes will fade slower which makes a strong argument for not going cheap in the window department. 

In the end, fading is inevitable due to sun exposure and heat but with proper precautions the fading process won’t be fast moving. 

Aren’t homes with white exterior paint harder to maintain?

While white may show more dirt, it’s not necessarily true that white houses are harder to maintain. All home exteriors need maintenance, white exteriors needing just as much attention. Unless you live in an area that tends to take on excess water or mud, you’ll be okay to power wash on the normal biannual schedule. 


An ageless and reliable color palette, white houses with black trimmed windows will stand the test of time. Creating the perfect mixture of light and dark, they contrast each other in a simple yet elegant way. The white house with black trim exterior also has the ability to mesh with many personal styles, making it as versatile as it is eye catching.

If you’re having trouble choosing colors for a new build or need inspiration for your remodel, the white and black color combination will not disappoint.