Nebulous White Sherwin Williams Has the Right Gray Undertones for Today’s Decor

Nebulous White Sherwin Williams is a white paint with gray undertones. It’s a perfect choice if you like gray but are trying to transition away from the overdone gray trend. It has just enough gray to mute the white and fit in with lots of today’s decor styles.

Nebulous White Sherwin Williams

What Color is Sherwin Williams Nebulous White?

Nebulous White (SW7063) is a cool white with gray undertones. It is part of the Sherwin Williams Living Well and Enthusiast Collections.

This shade of white has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 73, so it’s still quite bright.

The LRV scale runs from 0 to 100. Pure white is the brightest and ranks at 100 while absolute black comes in at 0. The higher the number the more light a color reflects.

Blue Undertones

Blue Undertones

Gray colors have blue-green or yellowish-green undertones. Nebulous White Sherwin Williams has blueish undertones.

The tone is very calming and really pops when paired with white trim.

Coordinating Colors

Coordinating Colors

Sherwin Williams recommends three coordinating colors. Pure White, and Greek Villa are lighter options.  Svelte Sage is a green option for matching with this shade of gray.

For darker options, you might choose Grizzle Gray SW7068 or Roycroft Pewter SW2848. Contrasting choices could include Jubilee SW 6248, Antler Velvet SW 9111 or Natural Linen SW 9109.

Ideas for Using Sherwin Williams Nebulous White

This is such a versatile white thanks to its gray undertones. Look at these examples of how homeowners have used this neutral sahde.

Neutral Kitchen

Neutral Kitchen
Amber Cline (Find, Fix N Flip)

The overall neutral palette of this open kitchen is perfect for walls painted Nebulus White Sherwin Williams. 

The gray undertones in the walls pick up the veining in the granite countertop and blend well with the beige cabinetry.

A Whole House Paint Color

A Whole House Paint Color
Professional Painter

It makes sense that you can use Nebulous White as a whole-house paint color because it is, in fact, white. 

This clean-lined entryway also shows off both sides of the neutral paint color. Closer to the door, it looks white. Inside the room, you can see the blue undertones in the dim light.

Serene Master Bathroom

Serene Master Bathroom
Fenstermacher Custom Building

For a serene bathroom space, this cool neutral is ideal. The gray undertones give a neutral bathroom some dimension.

Also, in the bright light, the paint indeed appears white. Meanwhile, in the corners, you can detect some of the gray.

Dramatic Nursery

Dramatic Nursery
Andi Bridgmon

For a nursery like no other, go for a dramatic, unexpected combination. Here, a super dark gray accent wall is paired with nebulous white walls.

Together, the combination is reminiscent of the classic black and white combo, but a touch softer. It’s also a good gender-neutral decorating idea.

Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom
Christie Kenny Interiors, LLC

A cool space that has a pop of bright color is also a great spot for Sherwin Williams Nebulous White.

The bathroom is very bright so it makes the paint look quite white. Here and there you might detect a hint of the gray, but not much.

Coordinated Exterior

Coordinated Exterior
ServiceFirst Painting

Using various shades of greige on the exterior of the house is a great way to play up the architecture.

These homeowners used Nebulous White on the brick portions. It looks quite different set against these greige colors that have beige undertones.

Stunning Stucco

Stunning Stucco
Silvan Homes

In contrast with the previous exterior, this one looks white. That’s because it is pared with darker gray trim and roofing.

The crisp contrast goes well with the clean lines of the house and the wrought iron railings.

Laundry Room Perfection

Laundry Room Perfection
Nick George

This is already a great laundry/pet care space but the nebulous white adds a little more interest.

The look is dimensional when the cabinets at the top show white, while the paint on the lower cabinets shows more gray.

Chic Dining Room

Chic Dining Room

Flooded with light, a chic and airy dining room looks great with the Nebulous White walls. 

In fact, you can see how white it really looks in the bright room. You can see just the tiniest hit of gray, which does go with the flooring and pale upholstered chairs.

Spa Bathroom

Spa Bathroom
Michaelson Homes LLC

Here’s another great bathroom that uses this versatile white paint. 

The skylights and windows make it so bright that it does look white. At darker times of the day, it will trend to the gray side, matching the tile floor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the undertones of Nebulous White?

This shade is a beautiful white color that has gray undertones.

Is Sherwin Williams Nebulous White warm or cool?

Nebulous White Sherwin Williams is a cool tone. It can trend warm if you combine it with neutrals that have a lot of warm beige tones.

Is Nebulous White gray or blue?

This is a shade of white that has gray undertones. The gray itself can trend toward blue. In some lighting situations, it can look quite blue.

What is LRV of Nebulous White?

The LRV for Sherwin Williams Nebulous White SW7063 is 73.09. this means it’s quite bright. The LRV scale runs from 0 to 100 and the higher the number, the more light the paint reflects. 

What is the most popular white at Sherwin Williams?

While there are so many white colors to choose from, Sherwin Williams High Reflective White SW 7757 is the most popular.


White paint colors have undertones that make each of them a little different. Depending on the space and decor of the room, choose one that has undertones that complement your decor. The color should also look right in your particular lighting situation.