Repose Gray Sherwin Williams Color Could Boost Your Home’s Value

Repose Gray Sherwin Williams (SW 7015) is the company’s second most popular paint color for good reason. This warm, neutral gray can pair up with a very wide range of other colors, which makes it super versatile.

What Paint Color is Repose Gray?

Repose Gray Sherwin Williams

As we said, Repose Gray is a neutral paint color that is a warm gray. It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 58, which makes it a little more reflective than a straight mid-range paint color.

The LRV indicates how much light a paint color reflects. The higher the number the more reflective and the lower the number, the more light it absorbs. Pure white sits at the top end of the scale at 100 and absolute black is at the other end, rating 0.

Repose gray is more true gray than some of the other super popular tones that tend to be more of a greige.

Undertones and Lighting

Undertones and Lighting

Paint colors look different depending on the level and quality of natural light in a room. Repose gray, second in popularity only to Agreeable Gray, is one of the chameleon colors that changes its appearance. It can look one way in the morning and another in the afternoon light.

Purple Undertones and more

Although it might seem like a simple warm gray, it’s more complex than you think. Repose Gray has purple undertones. However, green or blue undertones can become visible in certain lighting situations.

In really bright spaces, some homeowners say that it does indeed look blue.

Along with the purple undertones, Repose Gray includes a bit of brown and greige, and, of course, gray. The overall mix makes it look lively, not dull.

Home builders love Repose Gray because it can look so different from house to house and even room to room. It’s easier for them. They can paint the whole house interior one color and it will look varied.

Warm Gray With a Cool Twist

Yes, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is a warm color, but it does have some cool undertones. Moreover, that smidge of purple can look a bit cool in certain types of light.

A room that is flooded with natural light, especially in a south-facing room, will bring out the warm side of Repose Gray. On the other hand, a north-facing room or one that is darker will highlight the cooler qualities of this paint color.

This may be the main thing to remember with Repose Gray. If you’re using it in a north-facing room, it can look darker than anticipated.

Hence, it’s always key to test out colors in the specific room you’ll be painting.

Colors that Go With Repose Gray

Colors that Go With Repose Gray

Sherwin Williams has a few colors that they recommend for coordinating with Repose Gray. For a lighter gray by Sherwin Williams, consider Eider White (SW 7014). For darker coordinating colors, try Pavestone (SW 7642) or Coral Clay (SW 9005).

Of course, there are loads of other colors that can go with Repose Gray. If you want to coordinate an entire home, try adding in Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray or Sea Salt. Or, consider some areas painted in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, White Dove or Hale Navy.

Overall, designer recommend using colors that are blue or have blue undertones. Also, shades of green or paint colors with green undertones are appropriate choices to go with this gray paint color.

They also say that it is best to avoid red and pink because those colors will not match up with Repose Gray.

Gray is Here to Stay

Gray is Here to Stay

Depending in who you ask, gray can be in, out, waning in popularity or still going strong.

Some designers say gray and navy are off the table when it comes to trends. However, Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray and a host of other shades from Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore still top the popularity list.

Part of the reason some say people say that they are tired of gray is that some used the color in a haphazard way.

All paints have undertones and those in gray paint can really affect the way a room looks. Picking a gray without testing and checking the undertones and how it appears in a room can make it look bad.

It can also make you very unhappy with your interiors. Hence, it’s important to evaluate the different shades and decide which one suits your needs.

Repose Gray Compared to Other Gray Paint Colors

If you love Repose Gray but want something a little different, there are similar shades of gray you can choose.

The most important thing to consider when choosing between SW Repose Gray and another gray color is the difference in undertones.

Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray

Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray

As the top two paint colors from Sherwin Williams, either one of these is a good choice. Their continuing popularity also goes to show that gray is still trending.

The main difference between these two colors is that Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is really more of a greige paint color. It’s also a much warmer paint color with a more reflective nature and an LRV of 60.

Repose Gray vs. Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter 

Repose Gray vs. Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter 

Pairing up the a couple of top colors from two different companies is a fun option. One of Benjamin Moore’s top colors is Revere Pewter. Compared to Repose Gray, Revere Pewter is las a lot more brown and taupe, making it a greige. Repose Gray is a true gray when compared to Pewter. 

Repose Gray vs. Requisite Gray

Repose Gray vs. Requisite Gray

Requisite Gray is another Sherwin Williams gray paint color that is pretty popular. At first glance, they might look a lot alike.

However, the green undertones, as well as the blue undertones, show a lot more in Repose Gray. Requisite Gray show more taupe and is more of a greige paint color.

Repose Gray vs Dorian Gray

Repose Gray vs Dorian Gray

Sherwin Willians Dorian Gray is in the same color family as repose Gray, but it is a darker shade.

You can use both or just one, but Dorian gray goes quite well with crisp white trim.

Dorian Gray is also a but more complementary to warmer elements like red block or furnishings that have warm colors.

You can tell that Dorain gray is much darker than Repose Gray because of its LRV, which is 39. That’s much less reflective than Repose Gray.

Repose Gray vs Mindful Gray

Repose Gray vs Mindful Gray

As already described, Repose Gray is a warm gray that has purple undertones and a teensy bit of beige. In certain rooms that have a lot of bright light, it can look a little blue.

On the other hand, Mindful Gray has a green undertone that is till a touch warm. Most decorators call it a medium gray.

If you are trying to choose between the two, designers say that you have to consider the furniture, decor and other colors in the space.

If the room has a lot of wood, whether it is furniture or flooring, it will emphasize the green underrtones in Mindful Gray. Repose Gray does not as much green in the undertones so that’s not going to happen.

Testing Paint Colors

The biggest mistake people make when painting is not raking time to test paint colors. Moreover, samples are not the paint strip you pick up at the hardware store.

To make the right color choice for your room, you need to paint aa sample sqwquare of the color or colors that would acre considering.

This may seem like an unnecessary pain in the process, but it can save you a lot of money and aggravation in the long run.

Paint colors take on different looks depending on the room, the amount of natural light and the type of artificial lighting.

When you get some of the paint that you want, paint samples on the wall that are at least one foot square. Then, look at the colors in at different times of day and in different kinds of light. What looks good in the bright daylight might be too dark for your taste at night.

It is also possible to buy peel-and-stick paint samples of your desired color from the paint company or one that specialized in those.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Ideas

Transitional Living Room

Transitional Living Room
Dwell to Sell Home Staging & More

Repose gray is a perfect gray partner for white shiplap, as you can see in this transitional living room.

Repose grey walls are accented with a brick fireplace, also painted gray, but in Sherwin Williams Dovetail.

It trends warm enough to create a cozy but stylish living space.

Lakeside Exterior

Lakeside Exterior
Lowell Custom Homes

If you want a tranquil exterior for your home, there is no better choice than Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

The lakeside setting of this home brings out all the best qualities of this great paint color.

The white trim and darker gray shingles complement the Repose Gray shade.

Moreover, all the greenery surrounding the house brings out some of the cooler undertones. This paint color is ideal for a waterside structure because it’s complementary to outdoor colors and doesn’t stick out.

Erika Woelfel, the Vice President of Color & Creative for Behr said in a press release that colors can increase the home’s value:

“Blues, greys, greens and whites, are timeless, calming colors that allow potential buyers to see a home as a fresh, clean slate. They can then picture themselves, and their personal furnishings, filling the space to make memories in years to come.”

Updated Exterior

Updated Exterior
Monique Wright Interior Design

Choose Repose Gray to give an outdated brown home new life as these homeowners did. The paint color is neutral and helps center the dominant brown of the stone on the lower story.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is truly one of those chameleon paint colors.

It changes with the right and pairs up with a range of warm and cool shades, as well as most greige paint colors.

Moreover, using this gray with the brown stone fits with the current trend of multiple tones for the exterior of a house.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse
Third Chapter Designs LLC

Repose Gray was made for the modern farmhouse style of home. It strikes just the right vibe for the modern, yet laid-back casual vibe you need for this type of interior.

The Repose Gray paint color is also great because it fits the neutral palette associated with this type of decor.

Even if your farmhouse interiors have a bit more color, Repose Gray is a good pairing. It looks very nice with colors like Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and a number of greige paints.

With Black and White

With Black and White
Blue Parrot Painting

Black and white color schemes are a classic choice that gets a fresh look with Repose Gray.

You can see how the Repose Gray walls look darker in this living space. This can often happen in a room that does not have a lot of natural light.

They also create a perfect counterpoint to the black railings and pure white trim.

It all comes together in a contemporary look that transitions to the darker accent wall in the hallway beyond.

Spa Bathroom

Spa Bathroom
Ryan Duebber Architect, LLC

A spa bathroom is a perfect spot to paint the walls Repose Grey. The paint color has a slightly lighter look in this bright space.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray SW 7015 ties together the white trim color, the tub, and the dark wood platform underneath. Moreover, the natural light brings out the calm and soothing nature of this paint color.

This gray shade will work in any bathroom that needs to feel a bit more serene.

Grand Entryway

Grand Entryway
Tiffany Farha Design

Lest you think that Repose Gray walls are just for contemporary or farmhouse style interiors, here’s a different example.

A grand entryway has traditional high-end beauty that Repose Gray elevated even further. Most often, you might see homeowners use greige paint colors for this space. However, the use of gray here is a fresh choice.

Instead, the light-filled entryway lets the paint’s light reflective value bring out the touch of taupe undertones.

Slimmed-Down Style

Slimmed-Down Style
Cindy | Home Interiors

Gray SW 7015 was the perfect choice for this clean, pared down farmhouse entryway.

The homeowners took out a lot of extra trim to lighten the look and used Repose Gray with a pure white trim color.

The result is a light and welcoming space, enhanced by the tones of the wood floor and ceiling. This same tactic is good for any space that could use a cleaner look.

Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom
Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

At the modern end of the spectrum, this minimalist bathroom has walls painted Repose Gray.

The lighting and the stone fixtures bring out the green undertones of the paint. In fact, the space is monochromatic and the walls look more toward a medium gray.

This space also demonstrates that Repose Gray is versatile enough for spaces that need a more masculine feel. This shade gives that vibe without the usual cold edge some gray paints have.

Neutral Nursery

Neutral Nursery
KOENIG Building + Restoration

At the paint store, you might never reach for a gray paint strip for a nursery. However, Repose Gray is so versatile it even looks great in the baby’s room.

The neutral decor in the room is filled with items that have beige and brown undertones. Still, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray works. This might be because it is even used as the ceiling color. Doing this pulls the entire space together.

Because it has so many options for color pairings, Repose Gray also works for nursery decor that has a bolder color scheme.

Bright Pairing

Bright Pairing
Shea Homes Charlotte

Speaking of bolder color matches, the Repose Gray walls in this bedroom are ideal with the blue wall color. Both white trim and the white chair rail help pull it all together.

Pairing Repose Gray with blue brings out its true gray nature This color combo is bright, cheerful and perfect for a coastal style interior too.

Family Room

Family Room
Coastal Signature Homes

A cozy family room with a dark brown couch and some natural wood pieces gets an upgrade with Sherwin Wlliams Repose Gray.

In this case, the Repose gray leans to the warm side. In fact, you can see how different it looks on the two sides of the room. Near the window and daylight, it appears lighter and cooler. On the opposite side where the light is dimmer, it looks slightly darker with more beige undertones.

You can use this paint to give almost any family room a quick refresh.

Peaceful Bedroom

Peaceful Bedroom
Elm Tree Design & Home Styling

Taking neutrals all the way can create a very restful bedroom like this one.

If you love Repose Gray, why not take it all the way up the walls and across the ceiling? By doing this, you emphasize the airy feeling and tall, open vibe. This works very well with a light color like Repose in a room that’s flooded with natural light.

Sticking to a palette of gray, greige and cream makes the most of a space, large or small.

Country Cottage

Country Cottage

What’s good for farmhouse is good for country interiors too. Repose Gray is a fresh and maybe unexpected choice for a country kitchen.

Gray is a departure from the typical colors of a country interior, no matter whether rustic or shabby chic. White and cream are more common choices for this style.

Pair gray with rustic country furniture and accessories, along with just a country valance on the window. It all comes together in a homey kitchen that’s very family-friendly.

Whole-House Style

Whole-House Style
Kelly Bohlen-Wolkenhauer

As already noted, homebuilders love Repose Gray or Agreeable Gray for the whole house. This is because it looks so different in various lighting situations.

Here’s another example of using gray for the main space in the house. You can also see how fabulous it looks with a dark wood floor, dark hardware and white trim. This space looks like it came straight out of a design magazine.

A High-End Look

A High-End Look
Boyce Design & Contracting

Repose Gray gives this custom kitchen a warm yet refined look.

The wood floor, island and copper hood bring out the warmth in the gray kitchen cabinets. Even though this is a high-end look it’s still cozy and welcoming for family and friends.

The kitchen hood is an example of how warm metals work with this gray color. It taps into the warm tones within this paint color.

Refreshed Kitchen Cabinets

Refreshed Kitchen Cabinets

Painting gray kitchen cabinets is an easy way to refresh the whole space. Repose Gray is one of the Sherwin Williams paint colors that is popular for this type of upgrade.

Here, the cabinets look rather light. If you want to go a shade darker, you can opt for Revere Pewter from Bejamin Moore or Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams.

In fact, the gray is versatile enough that you can paint almost any kitchen cabinets for a refresh.

Light and Bright Kitchen

Light and Bright Kitchen

This kitchen is a great example of how light Repose Gray can appear.

The lower cabinets as well as the wall above the top cabinet on the left are painted Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. The upper cabinetry is white.

By using both gray and white cabinets, the kitchen gets a dimensional look. The difference between the paint colors iss visible but not drastic.

Overall, it’s a way to add interest without disturbing the light, neutral color palette.

Gray and White Kitchen

Gray and White Kitchen
shanna tanner

Here’s another example of white cabinets with Repose Gray in the kitchen.

The kitchen island, done in gray, is an accent against all the white cabinetry.

Although there is not a great deal of light in the kitchen, brightness gets a boost from the interior cabinetry lighting at the top. In fact, that’s a good trick to keep in mind for any kitchen that could use a bit more illumination.

Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets

Just like kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets can get a refresh with a couple of coats of Repose Gray.

This gray paint color looks lighter in this bright bathroom. In fact, it looks more muted with a touch of beige in this particular situation.

The homeowner also used it on an accent wall, which ties the look together.

Perfect Blank Slate

Perfect Blank Slate
L e s l i D e V i t o

Gray paint colors, especially Repose Gray, are a fabulous option for an eclectic space.

For example, take this dining room. The old-world chair style, modern art and traditional trim could be a challenge to merge into one interior. Repose Gray makes a wonderful blank slate for a space doing so.

Moreover, the light gray rug and the gray upholstery on the chairs help pull the look together.

The bottom line is that this paint color is ideal for art lovers and spaces that feature lots of art. It’s neutral enough to let the artwork shine.



Scandinavian or Nordic style is all about simplicity and function. Although these interiors are often done in a greige paint color, Repose Gray is also a good option for this style of decor.

Since the Scandinavian vibe is neutral overall, Repose Gray is a good match. If the space is filled with natural light like this one, all the better.

Glammed-up Bathroom

Glammed-up Bathroom

Many of the looks people use Repose Gray for are quite relaxed. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a glammed-up space with this paint color.

Just look at this fabulous, fancy-feeling bathroom. The cabinets are painted Repose Gray, which matches the gray-veined marble and walls, also in Repose Gray. You’ll also notice that it looks quite a bit darker in this bathroom because there is less light and the room probably faces north.

What makes them super glam is the gold hardware, mirror frame and sconces. That’s some serious style!

Shiplap Accent Wall Color

Shiplap Accent Wall Color
Bella Via Design

Skip the white and paint your shiplap accent wall with Repose Gray SW 7015.

In the bright light of this bedroom it is a slight accent. However, as the light dims at the end of the day, the color will darken a bit.

SW Repose Gray is an excellent choice for shiplap because while it’s not a pure white or cream, it is the right shade for a farmhouse interior.

Complementary Color

Complementary Color
Janet | Home decor

If you’re doing an accent wall in a dark gray paint color, SW Repose Gray is an excellent color to go with it.

It is light but still gray and unobtrusive enough to let the accent color shine.

In this case, the view out the window is spectacular so you don’t want a color that competes. SW Repose gray fits the bill.

Granite Match Up

Granite Match Up
Studio Croft

Many transitional kitchens have granite countertops and SW Repose Gray makes a great wall color choice.

The gray color of the painted kitchen cabinets picks up on the veins in the stone and pulls the look together. It also brings extra attention to the island and the beauty of the granite.

Choosing gray SW 7015 is an unmistakable way to level up the look of your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is Repose Gray still popular 2022?

Colors that leave you feeling cold are out and warm tones are in. While this means some shades of gray paint colors may drop off the popularity list, that’s not the case with Repose Gray. It tends to feel warmer than many gray colors and is not really a greige.

Is Repose Gray a warm or cool gray?

Repose Gray looks like a true gray more than Agreeable Gray does, which looks like a greige. Agreeable gray looks warmer, but Repose Repose Gray is also a warm gray, just not as much.

What is the difference between Repose Gray and Mindful Gray?

Both the repose and Mindful Gray paint colors are warm, but Repose Gray is a medium to light gray with an LRV of 58. On the other hand,  Mindful Gray is a mid-range gray with a Light Reflectance Value that’s a little higher at 60. Although Mindful Gray is lighter according to the scale, it looks like a deeper color than Repose Gray.

What is the most popular gray color right now?

Agreeable Gray from Sherwin-Williams takes the top spot among popular gray paint colors. Repose Gray takes second place. Both are popular because they work in any room in the house and for any style of interior.

Is Repose Grey good for exterior?

Using two shades of a color or two complementary colors on the exterior of the house is trending. This is a good time to use Repose Gray because it work so well with other colors.

Or, paint the whole house gray and accent it with a darker choice for the doors and trim.

Which is better Agreeable Gray or Repose Gray?

The gray tones in Repose Gray are a little stronger than in Agreeable Gray. Moreover, Agreeable Gray is a greige.

What colors work well with Repose Gray?

When it comes to accent colors for Repose Gray, most designers suggest using greens or blues. This brings color into the mix and draws on the undertones present on this paint color.

For the most part, avoid using red anre related colors because they don’t look good with Repose Gray.

What trim goes best with Repose Gray?

The best trim color option to go with Repose Gray is a clean, crisp white. Sherwin Williams Pure White and Sherwin Williams Extra White are two popular choices.


Repose Gray SW 7015 may not top the list for popularity but it does for versatility. This color is so easy to incorporate into a room for a refresh or a whole new look.

Once you test out some Repose in your own space, you’ll see what it can do for a room. It doesn’t matter if the space is modern, country or something in between, this shade of gray can work. It has the warmth you want but the gray shade you need. You can’t go wrong with this gray color.