40 Elements To Utilize When Creating A Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens blend a multitude of distinct styles: cottage, vintage, rustic and tradition too. And if you’re envisioning a space that holds so many points of interest, you’ll need to know the necessities that help to create and design it. Check out these 40 elements to utilize when creating a farmhouse kitchen, but don’t forget to add pinches of your personal style in there too!

Fresh Flowers

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We’re big advocates for fresh flowers in every house, no matter the style. But when it comes to a farmhouse kitchen, seasonal florals are an absolute must. I mean, think about it, the style is known as “farmhouse” for a reason.

Open Shelving

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Another great way to evolve your kitchen into something with more of a farmhouse style is adding in some open-shelving. It’s raw, it’s real and you can show off some of your favorite bowls, dishes and accents.

Hardwood Floors

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Wood is an essential element when it comes to these styles of kitchens. And it just wouldn’t look the same with a vintage tile or marble, it’s the hardwood floors that give the beautiful, yet welcoming foundation to the space.

Exposed Beams

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Similar to having hardwood floors, don’t hide any ceiling beams you may have in your house. These can become an integral part of your home’s foundational style, especially when creating that welcoming, cozy farmhouse feel.

Antique Clock

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Whether on the wall or hanging out on the hutch or your open shelves, clocks in the kitchen are a common sense necessity, but in a farmhouse-inspired space go with one that has a vintage or antique spirit.{found on thewoodgraincottage}.

Large Table

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To go along with your farmhouse kitchen you’ll need a farmhouse-styled dining table! Long, enough to pack all of the family in and made of wood, you can easily personalize it and create a beautiful scape atop.{found on kitchenlabdesign}.

A Range

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An old-fashioned range will really help transform your kitchen into a specialized version of a farmhouse escape. It adds the illusion of an old-age room without its modern looks and contemporary tradition.

Farmhouse Sink

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Also known as an apron-front sink, this goes right along with the vintage range that, if added, can really help to create a space that’s finished off with the same style from top to bottom.

Cream Cabinets

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When choosing your cabinets, go with a cream or white base. This will contrast well with the wood you’ll have around the room and open up the space with a breathy ease that you’ll need to balance out the dark, natural materials throughout.

A Butcherblock

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And then, when choosing your countertops thick about going with butcher blocks, at least in one space. It adds to the natural feeling you’ll be creating but they’re also super functional and great for those that spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Mason Jars

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These are a bit obvious but you’ll be surprised how much you can truly utilize these bits once you start decorating and organizing. Because you can both decorate and organize them – from centerpieces to sugar separating!

Some Stools

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Make sure you have some wooden stools around that the family can pull up and keep you company with. They’ll come in handy at the breakfast bar or a large island you may have as well.{found on devolkitchens}.

Apron Rack

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Another way to add some vintage, farmhouse flair to the room is to add an apron rack. Then, of course, you’ll have to add some adorable and charming aprons to the piece, creating a stylish and fully evolved design.{found on stonegableblog}.

Wood Walls

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If you have a big enough space, think about creating an accent wall with wood. Or, if the walls are already wooden, think about painting them cream to utilize the texture but open up the kitchen even more.

Pot Racks

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Another way to create that raw edge that we’re use to seeing with farmhouse style is to hang up the pots and pans for all to see. Just add a hanging rack above the kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Jade Greens

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If you’re looking to add a bit of color, go with natural tones. Jade green will create a fresh, lively feeling while not becoming too overwhelming or breaking from the vision in mind.

Free-Standing Buffe

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Go with freed furniture so you get a quirky, mixed-matched feel when pairing it all together. From free-standing buffets to hutches, this is a great way to personalize and look as if you’ve taken from the past. You may even use one as an island!

Wooden Utensils

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When shopping for some kitchen tools, shop for wood! They’ll help transform the style while they’re sitting on the countertops. Just make sure you learn how to clean them correctly!

White Dishes

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Don’t go with dishes that have a high variety of color, those aren’t won’t blend in with the theme you’ve been creating. Instead go with simple creams and whites – the upside to this is how much more beautiful your food will look when served.

A Hutch

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Another way to bring in some vintage antiquity is with an old-fashioned hutch in the corner. Use it as more cabinet space. In fact, stack your white dishes inside for easy access at family dinners.


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Beadboards are just another great way to style and decorate your farmhouse foundation. It’s in the same family as backsplash and shoots for the same goal in terms of adding texture – but in this instance adding that cozy, throwback fashion.

An Island

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Islands are practically essential for every kitchen, if you’re lucky enough to have the room. But the key here is to stray away from super sleek and modern look and go with a more shabby feel with wooden accents.

Natural Lighting

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An element of this kitchen when it comes to its creation is paying attention to the natural details and one of those comes into play when talking about lighting. And the more natural light you allow in, the better.

Antique Pyrex

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If you’re able to get your hands on some antique pyrex, then snatch it up and use it! From decorating the open shelves to using your favorite bowl as a mixing dish, these definitely add to the ethos.

Brick Accents

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Brick is another more natural element that can do the same as wooden accents will in a farmhouse space. Accent walls, trim and more; depending on your preference this works too!

Wire Baskets

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Here’s another way to organize and style nook sand crannies of the kitchen. Small ones on countertops, big ones on the floor; this is a great way to bring in bouts of personalization.

Pallet Art

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DIY yourself some new art to place above the cabinets or on the walls, there are so many different ways to help enhance the farmhouse style. The key here is to again, utilize the natural textures and personality of the wood.{found on thecountrychiccottage}.

Lace Additions

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Curtains, tablecloths and the like, add some lace to your kitchen linens! Lace is known for having a bit of a vintage vibe and it’s just another minor detail that helps in the fun and transformation of it all.

Wispy Windows

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And speaking of curtains, make sure you do dress your windows. But, also make sure you don’t use any colors or fabrics that are too heavy or dark. Remember, you’re supposed to let in as much natural light as possible!{found on talkofthehouse}.

Chatty Signs

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This can also be a great DIY project to dive into. Create signs with “sayings” from one word to phrases, this is a great way to enhance the theme you’re envisioning and add accents in more bare places.{found on knickoftime}.


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Pitchers are another accent that can be used for both style and function. Have your favorites inside the hutch or ready-to-use on the island. Here is a spot that you can add a dash of color too, if you’d like.{found on stonegableblog}.

Food Scale

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You may not need or use a food scale but they can be quite adorable as a way to dress up your countertops or open shelving. We love the addition of some of the vintage finds that can bring in a lot of life.

White Ironstone

White ironstoneView in gallery

Just like pyrex, white ironstone are more pieces of functional pieces that you can use in the kitchen but also have a means of adding and infusing vintage style and personality into the kitchen.

Stoneware Crocks

Stoneware crocksView in gallery

Stoneware crocks too you can add to your collection. Or this may be your pick over ironstone. Even better, mix and match the bunch inside your hutch for a delightful celebration of this entire style.

Powder Blue

Powder blueView in gallery

If you’re scouring for another color to accent with, go with powdery blues. Like jade, it’s a more earthy and natural shade that won’t differ attention away from the textures and organic nature of the room.

Pendant Lights

Clear glass pendant lightsView in gallery

For extra romance and lighting, add some pendant lights above the island or breakfast bar – or even over the sink. Personally, I love copper pendant lighting, but depending on your specific style you can easily choose gold or silver.

Plate Racks

Plate racksView in gallery

Show off some of your favorite plates by adding a plate rack. You can add it to the kitchen island in the middle or right onto the wall. Again, this is very vintage in style and adds to the simple, farmhouse feel but with a girlish infusion!{found on roomsforrentblog}.

Glass Canisters

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Your mason jars will help but you truly can’t organize everything with them alone. You’ll need some glass canisters too that provide the same type of antiquity but will more room for displaying and filling.{found on roomsforrentblog}.

Soapstone Countertops

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If you don’t want to cover your entire kitchen in butcher block or wooden counters, then soapstone is a great alternative. There are a lot of benefits and even more so, it blends in with the farmhouse style.

A Fireplace

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Not everyone is or can be lucky enough to enjoy a fireplace in their kitchen space, but if you’ve got it, then utilize it! Add texture – like brick – to its frame and blend it into the style of the room.