Sherwin Williams Cityscape is the Chic Paint Color with Just Enough Drama

Sherwin Williams Cityscape is a darker gray paint color that adds depth and drama to a room. It’s popular because it can look classic or have a bit of edginess. Cityscape SW7067 is a good choice for spicing up a neutral palette.

What Kind of Paint Color is Cityscape?

What Kind of Paint Color is Cityscape

Popular among darker gray neutrals, this Sherwin Williams paint is a sophisticated gray color. It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 22.

The LRV scale runs from 100 to 0, with the brightest white being 100. Absolute black is at the other end, ranking at 0. The higher the number, the more light the paint reflects, so Cityscape absorbs a great deal of light.

Green Undertones

All paint colors have underlying colors that can show in certain lighting conditions. This popular hue has green undertones that give it a moody feeling.

In dark spaces that don’t have a lot of lighting, it will appear darker. On the other hand, well-lit rooms will make it seem brighter. In either case, it looks luxurious and high-end.

The different ways this Sherwin Williams color can vary mean it’s important to sample the color in your room before you select it.

Ideas for Painting With Sherwin Williams Cityscape

Even if you love this deep gray paint, you still might be unsure about the best way to use it. Have a look at these inspiring examples that can help you decide to select this paint color.

Sophisticated Walls

Sophisticated Walls
Edward and Kristin

Cityscape Sherwin Willams makes these walls the epitome of sophistication.

The dark color looks brighter by the window. The added light pulls out the green colors in the paint and makes it the perfect hue.

Distinctive Nursery

Distinctive Nursery
Michael-Cristi Lemanski

You might not think that Cityscape SW 7067 is an appropriate paint for a nursery. However, this room shows that you can use it to create a soft, welcoming nursery.

Vertical shiplap is painted with this Sherwin Williams color and it is an ideal base for a nursery that’s not juvenile.

Stunning Farmhouse Island

Stunning Farmhouse Island
Silver Star GC

Bright and airy, this transitional kitchen gets a visual boost from the gray-painted island. Pairing a more vibrant island with a neutral kitchen palette is a great design tactic.

It’s a neutral but also a strong contrast element against the otherwise all-white space.

Beautiful on the Outside

Beautiful on the Outside
Countyline Home&Garden

A Sherwin Williams Cityscape exterior works for many house styles.

Classic ranch architecture gets an upgrade from this paint. Dark gray and similar colors are a good contrast to the white trim and stonework on the suburban home.

Crisp and Classic

Crisp and Classic
DPC Painting And Refinishing

For a more dramatic exterior look, pair Cityscape Sherwin Williams with crisp white trim paint.

The contrast livens up the otherwise boring brickwork on the columns.

Furniture Refresh

Furniture Refresh

Freshen up a worn or outdated piece of furniture with Cityscape, one of the Sherwin Williams paint colors that are more versatile.

The bright daylight in the room makes the paint look much lighter than you expect. It also brings out the green undertones quite a bit.

Contrasted Kitchen

Contrasted Kitchen
Vanessa Walcott Koppenhaver

The darker side of Cityscape paint is on display in this kitchen.

White cabinets contrast with the dark walls and create a moodier look.

Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom
Stephanie Wilson

Dark tones like Cityscape are not the go-to paint choice for shiplap but should be in some cases.

Stylish and clean-lined, this bathroom gets more visual interest from the darker Sherwin Williams color.

Front Door Style

Front Door Style

Modern farmhouse style is the ideal place to use Cityscape Sherwin Williams.

Painting the front door of the house with this chic neutral adds a nice accent when you don’t want to introduce another hue.

Muted Accent

Muted Accent
Living Peterson| &

Dark gray paint like Cityscape is also good for details like a small accent wall.

The partial shiplap wall around the sink defines the area and adds depth.

Modern Wainscoting

Modern Wainscoting
A Lived In Home Interiors

In most cases, you’ll see wainscoting painted white and the wall above in a deeper color.

In a departure from the usual, this dining room puts the Cityscape on the wainscoting. The color above it is a golden paint that creates a vibrant contrast.

Built-in Perfection

Built-in Perfection
Ruiz House Build •Valarie•

Some shade of white is the standard color for built-ins, but it doesn’t have to be.

Cityscape makes a chic choice for this mudroom and gives it a chic look. A darker color will also help hide smudges and scuffs from kids and pets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is SW Cityscape a warm or cool color?

Sherwin Williams Cityscape is a cool gray paint that has stronger green undertones. In some cases, it can look like a charcoal color.

What colors go with Cityscape Sherwin Williams?

Sherwin Williams suggests three coordinating colors. A light option is Passive SW 7064 and for a white, the company says Nebulous White SW 7063 is a good match. For an even darker contrasting color, consider Charcoal Blue SW 2739.

What Benjamin Moore paint looks like SW Cityscape?

Cinder AF 705 from Benjamin Moore is the closest to Cityscape Sherwin Williams 7067. Cinder has an LRV of 24, just 2 points higher. It also has strong underlying tones of green.

Is SW Cityscape a neutral gray?

Cityscape is a popular color that many people consider neutral. It can look quite green in many cases, which makes it less neutral than many other similar colors.

What popular dark colors are like Cityscape?

Some of the darker colors on the same paint strip with Cityscape are also very popular with designers and homeowners. Peppercorn SW7576 is a big sellers, including for exterior projects. Grizzle Gray 7068 is another one that’s darker than Cityscape but not as dark as Peppercorn.


Cityscape Sherwin Williams may not be as popular as some of the light neutral tones, but it can be just as versatile. The rich, sophisticated color works well in some unexpected places, including exteriors.