The Farmhouse Front Door: A Simple Statement that Speaks Volumes

The front door is one of the things that most people see when they encounter a new home. The farmhouse front door is a meaningful symbol of the type of style and design that many are craving in their homes; a design that is comfortable and beautiful with spaces for gathering and rest.

Farmhouse Front Door

Farmhouse Front Door: Types and Styles

Because it is an inclusive style, there are many kinds of doors that work well with farmhouse design. Further, manufacturers make doors of different materials that you can buy according to your needs and budget.

Farmhouse Front Door Types and Styles

Materials – Wood front doors are the most traditional type of front door. These can be painted and stained to look amazing. However, wood doors can warp over time and are expensive.

Fiberglass front doors look like wood when painted and are long-lasting and less expensive than wood.

Style – There are single and double farmhouse front doors along with options for glass or solid fronts. Further, there are many styles with sidelights and even Dutch-style front doors where the top of the door opens while leaving the bottom closed.

Also, because farmhouse design ranges in tone, there are rustic farmhouse front door options to modern doors and everything in between.

Farmhouse Front Door Ideas

There are endless varieties of farmhouse door styles and unique ways that people have made them look inviting. We have gathered some of the best we have seen for you to enjoy and gather inspiration.

Farmhouse rustic front doors

The Farmhouse Front Door

The rustic style of this front door works well with the color of the home’s exterior molding. The white frame sets off the door to perfection and the wood adds warmth to the outside space. The fifteen glass panes allow the maximum amount of light to brighten the interior space.

Painted farmhouse front door

Painted farmhouse front door

Paint and an afternoon’s work can transform even the most mundane of doors into something unique and amazing. This robin’s egg blue front door featured on Home Stories A to Z is the perfect shade to create the farmhouse look. If you want to try a similar shade, try Benjamin Moore’s Woodlawn Blue (HC-147) or Blue Sky (SW 0063) from Sherwin Williams.

Farmhouse wood front doors

Farmhouse wood front doors

This is a beautiful brown wood front door from southernweddings. While it is rustic in style, it also has clean lines making it a good blend that you can use with traditional farmhouse to more a modern design aesthetic.

Bright farmhouse door

The Farmhouse Front Door

This yellow door from Winsome Construction brightens the home in a unique way. The color is unexpected and fresh and the side windows offer more light for the entry. The pots that surround the door provide complementary color tones that frame the door.

White farmhouse front door

The Farmhouse Front Door

This white front door is a classic look that says country and city all at the same time. The mix of plants and flowers is effective as are the mix of containers of different textures and heights. You can find more inspiration just like this on the littlewhitehouseblog.

Sophisticated front door

The Farmhouse Front Door

This door is both elegant and rustic. Notice the simple design of the doors and the unique hardware. Also, the designer aged the finish on the aqua paint to give it a patinaed look. The urns with the single evergreen trees are edited but not spare. Tim Brown Architecture created this design.

Black farmhouse front door

Black farmhouse front door
Cadco Door and Window

The black painted front door is a popular option that looks understated but elegant. What we love about this design is the simple lines of the door mixed with the rustic crocks and the farmhouse door wreath of ferns. The double mat is the ideal way to blend design and functionality.

Farmhouse front door with sidelights

The Farmhouse Front Door

This design from studio-mcgee features a wood door with sidelights. These are the perfect way to bring more light into your interior space without sacrificing the design of the door.

Farmhouse door inspiration


The Farmhouse Front Door

Keepingitcozy designed this lovely vignette. This door is simple but has elegant lines and hardware. Like they show here, a well placed hanging basket can be a receptacle for different seasonal offerings like wheat, colorful leaves, holly, or flowers. If you like this gray with a hint of blue, try New Hope (2130-50) from Benjamin Moore or Jubilee (SW 6248) from Sherwin Williams.

Dutch farmhouse door

The Farmhouse Front Door

We love how the owners of this house are not afraid of looking too showy, rather they are unapologetic in painting this Dutch style door a light shade of pink. The door takes center stage because of the simple style and decor of the porch. If you like this color, try Sweet Pastel (1007-8C) from Valspar or Middleton Pink from Farrow & Ball. This inspiration comes from onekingslane.

Modern farmhouse front door

Modern farmhouse front door
Colonial Homecrafters, Ltd.

While many cleaned lined doors work well with the modern style, this glass front door is unique in its modern styling. The glass door features a nine light grid pattern that allows a clear view to the interior of the foyer. It is lovely in its simplicity.

Blue painted door


The Farmhouse Front Door

This door is not the typical farmhouse door. However, it shows that when surrounded by rustic style products and the right paint color, many doors can evoke a farmhouse style. Find out more about it at she holds dearly.

Farmhouse double front doors

The Farmhouse Front Door

Why be content with just one door when you can have two? These double doors create a look that is more elegant and stately than a single door. This design from plankandpillow can be your source of inspiration.

An entry with style

The Farmhouse Front Door

This is a solid style door that works with many design styles. The wood paneled wall, home sign, and the surrounding décor gives the door a farmhouse vibe. The site our handcrafted life offers advice to help you style your front door space in a way that is similar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is a farmhouse style door?

The farmhouse style is simple and unassuming, and this is the style of the farmhouse door. They have clean lines and little ornamentation. You can paint or stain these doors, and they can have glass windows or solid fronts.

How can I make my front door look inviting?

Placing plants and flowers near the front door creates a welcoming look. Also, a wreath on the door can be beautiful. If you have the room, a bench or chair with a comfortable pillow and chunky blanket will look inviting.

What makes a style farmhouse?

This style is characterized by a cozy and casual atmosphere. It features mixed textures like natural grass, leather, and vintage style furniture. This style prioritizes comfort over style and family gathering places above never used formal spaces.

What are farmhouse colors?

The typical colors for this style are neutrals like whites, black, browns, and grays. However, you can also incorporate natural colors like greens and blues to bring vibrancy to your spaces.

Is farmhouse still in style in 2022?

While certain aspects of farmhouse decor are going out of style, some elements of farmhouse design still work well. This means products like signs with typography and distressed furniture are starting to look dated. Instead, choose more timeless pieces that are not as tied with a particular style but still are comfortable and purposeful.

What are the best farmhouse front door colors?

Classic white and black doors will never go out of style, but if you want something more interesting, try a dark slate blue, deep green, or gray for a moody look. For a brighter color option, you can use yellow, robin’s egg blue, or even red if you’re feeling bold.

How much do farmhouse doors cost?

Different companies sell these doors and the prices vary. However, depending on the material, you will be able to find a farmhouse door anywhere from around a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

What are the characteristics of a modern farmhouse?

Modern farmhouse mixes traditional rustic farmhouse decor with a more minimalist style. Therefore, the modern style features fusions like bright white walls with reclaimed wood elements and rooms with rustic furniture and modern light fixtures. Farmhouse with a modern twist is all about giving a nod to rustic style but not overwhelming the space with too much of a good thing.


Farmhouse doors come in a variety of styles and colors. In fact, the simpler they are the better because they are versatile and understated but elegant. Further, you can create a welcoming and beautiful space that others will enjoy. In the end, you will have a front door on the outside that shows some of who you are on the inside.