40 Bohemian Bedrooms To Fashion Your Eclectic Tastes After

An array of color and prints, varying textures, billowing fabrics and layers of worldly decor, boho style is one of the most fun to create from the ground up. If you’re looking into adding some funky nooks and crannies throughout your home, we’ve definitely compiled a beautiful assembly of inspiration for you. These 40 bohemian bedrooms will definitely help you in your redesign. Fashion your eclectic tastes after any one of these setups!

1. With Macrame Tapestry

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Filled with natural sunlight, pretty bed prints and a macrame tapestry for a bout of interest on the walls, we’re loving the eclecticism and easiness of the room. Also, those open shelves filled with greens and succulents really add a beautiful, organic vibe to the area as well.

2. With Salt Lamps & Beadwork

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This cozy little nook really is filled with bohemian style, in all kinds of ways. From the multiple tapestries hanging from the ceiling to the intricate beadwork on the throw pillows, there’s a lot to get excited about here. The neutral bedding contrasts well with all of the accents around it, making for a truly cozy place to rest your head.

3. With Twinkle Lights

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For an extra bit of whimsy, take a note from Urban Outfitters book and don some twinkle lights around the room. Paired with patterned bedding and deep, earth tones, you’ll create a room that’s both boho and relaxing. There’s a magical bit of flair inside this bedroom that’s really appealing to all who wander inside.

4. With Distressed Brightness

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Go all out with the bright tones when creating your bohemian abode, but pay attention to the details. Go for prints and distressed styles as a way of incorporating that eclectic and easy spirit. This find from Decordemon gives us a crisper take on the hippie-infused design we’re used to.

5. With Rustic Value

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This gorgeous bedroom combines both bohemian flair with rustic value. All of those wooden furniture pieces are dressed so beautifully alongside the earthy tones and textures of the room. Those bohemian prints are also taking center stage offering up both interesting and interior design worth.

6. With Modern Greens

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Thou Swell showed off a boho bedroom with a definite modern twist. It’s green, black and white color palette speaks to that timeless, classic fashion. But it’s organic nuances and homage to the outdoors fits the hippie-flavored bill quite nicely.

7. With A Starburst

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Check out this gorgeous setup we found over at Maggie Overby Studios. The cranberry and emerald green tones play beautifully together. The starburst over the bed adds an air of modern art that we’re loving too. But the boho flair comes out in the way the fabrics and prints blend so nicely.

8. With Industrial Charm

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We are absolutely swooning over this beautiful blend of bohemian and industrial style. The exposed ceilings and brick are a match made in heaven. But the space, plays so nicely with the bohemian prints and bedding choices.

9. With Vintage Photos

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A collection of vintage photos on the wall with chartreuse and teal tones popping out of every corner, this room from Lonny makes quite the scene. It’s eclectic, free nature shows off its boho vision while all of those antique accents on the walls give it a unique charm and grander personality. We love all the mixing and matching happening in this small space!

10. With Christmas Spirit

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A boho-inspired bedroom with a bit of holiday spirit intact. Not only are we loving the neutral, romantic palette. We also love how easily the Christmas cheer was sprinkled around the room in such an eclectic sense.

11. With Some Glam

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You can still create a bohemian abode with a bout of glam attached to the vision. With the mixing of cheetah prints, acrylic and fresh greens, you get a natural and vivacious look to fall in love with. We love the natural tones used throughout this interesting space as well, adding to its subtly.

12. With Black & White

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Yes, even a classic black and white room – with a pop of royal blue – can shape into something that’s a bit more bohemian. This design rom Emily Henderson feels both timeless and carefree ins spirit. We love the printed walls and the neutral palette on the bed. It makes for quite the relaxing and welcoming bedroom, don’t you think?

13. With Hanging Chair

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Paper To Stone created a space that’s filled with funky odds and ends that don’t quite mesh but still compliment each other. Photos on the wall, prints on the bed, a wooden headboard and a hanging chair filled with bright colors, it’s a boho lovers dream. But we love how minimalistic the space is as well – too much clutter would take this look over-the-top.

14. With Yellow

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HGTV brings us this light and bright beauty. Filled with crisp, timeless colors, the details are what makes this such a gorgeous, bohemian example. The textures and worldly prints pair and compliment seamlessly. We love the meshing of styles here and how sophisticated you can create this kind of vision.

15. With A Fireplace

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Life Unstyled served us up a beautiful bohemian bedroom filled with a lot of accents and details to swoon for. The focus may be around the fireplace but it’s the stunning mix of texture and print that give this space its personality. And the high ceilings that’s filled with natural sunlight is the topping on the cake.

16. With A Chandelier

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Boho vibes can be created around ultra modern chandeliers as well. This dollop of contemporary style tops off this trendy and feminine room quite nicely. The colors, the textures and the subtle nod towards bohemian spirit makes this design from Nautically Prep one of our favorites.

17. With Tassels & Sunlight

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An accent wall that’s actually a window and tassels all around, this fun and bright bedroom is a great bit of inspiration for our teenagers. Pay special attention to the wood and neutral foundation that’s been topped off by mixed prints and bright colors.

18. With Hot Pink

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Check out this hot pink beauty we found while scrolling through Apartmenttherapy. The hot pink pops right off the creamy foundation. To add extra interest there’s a medley of prints and textures sprinkled throughout as well.

19. With An Aztec Rug

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Start your boho room design out with a gorgeous Aztec rug on the floor and build up from there. This minimal space puts focus on that unique print and the extra bouts of greenery only help to add a fresh, organic air.

20. With Stacks of Books

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Keep things personal by allowing your favorite bits to be used as accents. Those stacks of book are not only easy to grab but add an unpolished, carefree touch to the bedroom. Those feelings are exactly what should be encompassed in a bohemian bedroom. And this space really help us envision a truly “lived-in” design.

21. With Reindeer

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Natural elements are always welcome inside a bohemian space. Whether that’s with the inclusion of fresh, potted plants or canvas prints depicting the best part of Mother Nature is on you. And with this particular design you get an edgy, more masculine take on this interior design genre.

22. With(out) Space

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HGTV follows with a picture perfect boho nook that’s highlighted by a beautiful shade of blue. This space is especially cozy and welcoming to its guests. And that’s why it has made for such great inspiration when it comes to our guest bedrooms.

23. With Floral Prints

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From the wallpaper to the chair, this bedroom is filled with funky floral prints. The mixing and matching bring in so much fun and vivacious personality. Adding ins one antique finds help create a more personalized, flea market vibe as well. Take some pointers from this spirited space from Lonny!

24. With Velvet & Crochet

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We’ve gushed about this spot before on Homedit. Easy blues and soft textures, this is definitely one of the more mellow and relaxing of spaces on our list. The wooden furniture rounds out the subtle finish. And that crocheted tapestry on the wall adds just the right amount of girlish charm.

 25. With A Dreamcatcher

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A glowing bohemian bedroom that we immediately swooned for. The pink lights add whimsy and that dreamcatcher on the wall lays the foundation for a quintessential “gypsy” style.

26. With Polka Dots

One of the most feminine on the list, we’re falling for this Dailydreamdecor find. Polka Dots give flavor to the low and easy bed. Rose compliments the creamy colors while the fur rug and exposed bring brings in a more carefree, unpolished look to the rest of the room.

27.With Moroccan Influence

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Check out that light fixture! This design and we were immediately drawn to its Moroccan influence and lively colors. It also makes for some great dorm room inspiration.

28. With “More” Morrocan

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If you like that kind of Moroccan influence inside the bedroom then you’ll definitely love this setup. It’s a step further than its predecessor with an eve more specific vision in mind.

29. With A Textured Ceiling

The smaller details can really be what brings a room to light. The accents here in this Interiors by Jacquin setup are purely bohemian. But that textured ceiling and blue carpet really bring the vision full circle.

30. With Upcycled Wood

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Are you a fan of some rusticism within your home decor?! An upcycled wood piece on the wall, neutral shades and every nook filled with touchable texture, this bedroom gives a welcomed bohemian flat we’re inspired by.

31. WithA Pair

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Even a bedroom for two can be dressed in boho tones. Again, we have a series of mixed prints and interesting artistic choices filling the corners. COCOCOZY easily inspires our kiddos’ room redesign with this one.

32. With Small Petals

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Another right and inspired space filled with romantic, gypsy-flavored charm. The small, delicate floral design give it a more  youthful flow as well as all of the natural sunlight the space will be receiving throughout the day.

33. With A Metal Bed

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Your bohemian vision can easily be paired with vintage pieces – big or small. We’ve seen hose accents and nuances sprinkled throughout the room above. But this bedroom feature brings in an antique, metal bed frame as its main focus and we love it!

34. With Billowing Fabrics

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Fabric hanging from every inch of the space will help to add that easy, carefree spirit us bohemians love. This fresh bedroom from Apartment Therapy has a revitalizing quality to it and although filled, it doesn’t seem cluttered or overwhelming at all.

35. With White & Simplicity

This gorgeous example from Royal Furnish shows us that bohemian style can be accomplished in the most simple of ways. a beautiful neutral, plush fabrics and  romantic elements like the canopy and fresh greens, it all comes together in such an easy way!

36. With Tradition

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You don’t have to go all in with the boho vibes. Instead just use touches to spruce up your more traditional space. This bedroom is crisp and quaint but it have been personalized by a pop of funk in its print and exposed wood ceiling.

37. With Gray

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And grey is still one of the most popular and versatile neutrals around. Even in this carefree space, it holds its own despite the excitement (& tapestries) surrounding it.

38. With Golden Hardware

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Combining contemporary style with bohemian flair doesn’t have to be frustrating or hard! Just look at this design from Lonny, for example. Its golden hardware adds just the right amount of sophistication to the pattern-covered room.

39. With A Shag Rug

This patterned, shag rug has us falling in love and giving this offbeat, sage-covered room a fun foundation. Bohemian in vision, this is definitely a simpler, more subdued take on the interior design genre.

40. With Candles & A Ladder

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A lot of fun elements within this bedroom that we’re drawn to. The hanging plants are a beautiful addition to the window dressing. The ladder in the corner, prints on the wall and candles on the trunk all create personal, eclectic touches.