Boho Style Ideas Offer Chic Rhapsody For Your Living Spaces

Boho style decor has the power to transform a room. As modern interior decorating styles emphasize clean, muted tones, the boho aesthetic is a free spirited breath of fresh air. In a world dominated by whites, grays, and browns, a contrast will help achieve balance.

Boho Style
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The underlying theme of the boho style is about trying new things and being laid back. A boho vibe might be what your bedroom or living room needs. Instead of a complete home makeover, save money by adding boho accents or unique pieces like a coffee table to your boho living room, for example. 

Boho Style

Bohemian design is an eclectic mix of colors, textures, and styles. Creating a boho feel is about implementing cohesive ideas. The laid back style grows organically with time.

Boho chic vintage pieces, natural elements, and global accents offer personal insight. Embrace bohemian design ideas to add spark and personal charm to your living spaces. 

Brief History Of Boho Style

Brief History Of Boho Style

“Bohemian” comes from the French word “bohémien.” While the boho chic aesthetic is associated with the counterculture movement of the 60s, the bohemian style has a longer history. The word was a derogatory term for Roma gypsies who immigrated from Bohemia, today’s Czech Republic.

Bohemians wore clothes that they could afford, instead of the latest fashion.  They looked like the Romani people who settled in France. It was later when the bohemians used fashion to express their individuality.

True to bohemian fashion, the bohemians during this period dressed in bright colors that contrasted with the popular styles of the day. The movement gained renewed interest in the 60s as counter-culture ideas were embraced. 

Boho Interior Design

What is bohemian style
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Boho design involves decor and fashion choices made by those who embrace less traditional lifestyles. The style is about the experience more than anything else. Boho spaces have a chic look, inviting guests to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Boho decor does not follow defined rules. The design style takes its inspiration from natural materials associated with travel, culture, and artistic pursuits. A boho living room, for example, features weathered wood, antiques, vintage items, or art. The style blends natural textures like leather, cotton, and seagrass with colorful patterns and eclectic “found objects.”

Boho Vs Eclectic Style

Bohemian style vs eclectic style
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The design styles have a similar look, making it easy to confuse them. Eclectic design mixes patterns and natural textures from various design styles. However, the style utilizes traditional interior design ideas like balance, symmetry, proportion, and scale spaces with disparate items to achieve a unified look.

Boho style or boho chic throws out the rule book. The style is eclectic, but not the same as eclectic design.

Boho Style Basics 

As the free-wheeling spirit suggests, the boho aesthetic blends other design styles. It works with rustic elements, eclectic elements, farmhouse, and modern style. Boho design has different names including boho chic style, modern boho, and bohemian eclectic.

If you can’t switch your decor with a bohemian style, add a focal point or decorative items to create a boho vibe.

Modern Boho Style Elements

Bohemian interior design style basics

Let’s look at a few key elements of the bohemian style.

Bohemian Colors

Many colors fit with bohemian home decor. If you’re looking for a starting point, use warm color palettes. For example, earth tones like deep orange, green, blue, and brown are safe options. You can accent the colors with jewel hues like emerald and deep red. Also, include color accents like metallic, brass, gold, or silver.

Patterns And Textures 

Choose pieces that display patterns from all over the world like a rug from Turkey and block printed curtains from India. You can use a mix of patterns by layering them together. Natural textures can create contrast with fluffy lamb wool pillows or leather pillows, for example

Boho Decor Furniture 

Create a boho chic environment with furniture from different eras. Bohemian style furniture can be found at vintage flea markets or antique shops. Mix furniture colors with painted and stained pieces for boho decor.

Don’t worry all of your pieces don’t match. During the design process, do not get in a hurry to fill your space. To achieve a unified design, select furniture pieces that you love and offer a chic look.

Warm Woods And Natural Materials

Boho interiors take a sweeping decorating approach. Wood is a good idea when used in moderation. Books, art, vases, and throw pillows with colorful patterns will capture a boho vibe. Include house plants and layered area rugs to give a room more texture. Wall decor like tapestries and interesting art options. Meanwhile, tasseled canopies add bedroom flair.  

Boho Light Fixture

Ambient lighting is important in boho decorating. Use lamps with interesting textures like rattan and clay. Mix and match different lamps as nothing in this style should be symmetric. Don’t forget to accent your area with candles.

Bohemian Decor Ideas

Here are examples of laid back boho chic living spaces. The rooms include distinct natural elements and offer s laid back approach to interior design. 

Modern Boho Style Living Room

Boho Style

The bohemian decor in this living room features a feast of colors and textures and exudes a free spirit. Notice first the foundation of the design. The warm wood tones are covered with a kilim patchwork rug that sets the tone of the living room.

Colorful Boho Style Bedrooms

Boho Style

The color scheme of this modern boho style features a contrast of earth tones and bright hues, giving it a dramatic flair. The less than perfect style of the room gives it a casual charm that designs with new furniture lack.

If you like the boho chic style of this room, mix blankets and pillows with different patterns to achieve similar results.

Boho Style Window Coverings

Boho Style

If you want to embrace the boho chic, try an original window curtain. You can use bohemian style dresses, shirts, and scarves as window coverings. This example features hot pink pillows against a soft pastel color palette for soothing contrast.

Rustic Boho Style

Boho Style

This bohemian style living room is mixed with the rustic foundation of the room’s interior design. Notice the exposed beams and wood stained window and door frames. The colors, patterns, and textures all contribute to the relaxed boho vibes of the room.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a boho vibe would be to decorate your walls with eclectic photos. Also, mix a kilim style rug and colorful pillows.

Boho Style Chic Living Room

Boho Style

This boho living room has an elevated style. The sophisticated abstract wall art sets the perfect modern tone and contrasts with the vintage pink sofa and the tufted chocolate brown leather coffee table.

This room is not a blur of patterns. Rather, the patterns that were chosen echo the chocolate brown accents. The design is peppy and bright without being overwhelming.

Chic Boho Style Child’s Bedroom

Boho Style

In this boho example, you can imagine yourself in bed reading a book. The boho style creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere filled with a harmonious mixture of colors and prints.

If you like this look, layer mixed colors and patterns on a twin bed and accent it with patterned pillows. Don’t forget to add a vintage side table painted in a beautiful tone.

Boho Style Decor

Boho Style

Not every boho space needs to be a riot of colors. This bedroom has a neutral base mixed with key boho elements. This includes a throw with a lively and colorful pattern, a set of mixed wall frames, and a canopy attached to a vintage chandelier. If you have a bench, place a blanket and lambswool throw over the top of it to create a relaxed look.

Outdoor Boho Style

Boho Style

If you don’t know how to incorporate bohemian decor into an interior space, add the boho look to your outside areas. If you want to try this, do it with furniture with soft cushions.

Layer throw pillows; after all, there is no such thing as too many pillows in bohemian designs. You can also add colorful lanterns for a more exotic effect.

Personal Bohemian Decor

Boho Style

Bedroom spaces should always reflect the person that inhabits them rather than a proscribed style of design. That is why we love the bohemian style in this bedroom.

It has an eclectic look that is inspired rather than dictated. Boho rooms call for all free spirits to decorate with items that spark excitement and delight.

Boho Eclectic Syle

Boho Style

This bedroom mixes traditional style furniture with bohemian decor as the boho look can be blended with other styles as well. This has the double value of softening the lines of more modern styles and creating a look that is more unique and not like everyone else.

While the bed and colors of this bedroom echo the more classic style, the fringed canopy with the flower tapestry is an ideal boho look. This room is proof that bohemian decor can look elegant and refined.

Boho Flair

Beachy boho dining
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This boho dining room has a pared down color palette. However, it still features classic boho decor like a rattan light and a mixed gallery wall. If you like this look, begin with a natural foundation like a sisal rug. Add mixed furniture or a mustard yellow accent piece for a different texture. For a casual look, throw a few woven baskets in the mix. 

Modern Boho Chic 

Modern boho chic style
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This example showcases a restrained boho aesthetic. You’ll notice how the earth tones and natural fibers provide texture. The colors are paired with modern decor items like tailored furniture and clean lines. The living room looks warm and welcoming, but not does have an overwhelming presence of patterns and accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is bohemian style?

This is a style that is common for both home decorating and fashion. Most of the time, it is related to the hippie style of the 1960s and 1970s. Many women love the bohemian fashion style because of the unique and flowing design of the clothes. The interior design style has the same relaxed eclectic look.

What is bohemian style interior design?

This home decorating style is one with deep roots in history and does not follow rigid rules of interior design. However, there are common themes that exemplify the look of this style. The boho look is maximalist in its approach and values exotic pattern, color, and natural texture. It is inspired by world travel, art, and a free spirit. While anything goes in this style, your living space should be a reflection of personal taste.

Where does the bohemian style come from?

The style originated in France. Artists who were short on money began wearing old and outdated clothes. This led to a more free-flowing style that many thought resembled the clothing of the migrant people who came from the Bohemian region of Europe. This style championed by the artists became a style in its own right. It has always been associated with clothing and home decor that is outside the norm of standard practices.

Where to shop for bohemian style decor?

The most important way for the bohemian look to be effective is that it must not look like you have gone out and bought everything from the same place at once. Rather, you have the freedom to take your time, to gather when you go on world travels or see that amazing painting at an antique store. Be mindful of looking everywhere for items that reflect you. While you can look for base pieces at retail stores, accessorize with pieces from antique and thrift stores along with the occasional street bazaar rug you acquire in your travels.

How to paint furniture bohemian style?

Boho style loves distinct furniture of all kinds and styles. One way to make furniture stand out is to paint it. If you are inspired by bright colors, choose a paint like blue or green to paint your furniture. However, if you prefer a more neutral look, choose a lovely ivory or beige. If the inspiration strikes you, you can even decorate your furniture with a simple leaf or flower pattern. Whatever you choose, use a paint that sticks to any surface. Milk and chalk paints work well in this context. However, these paints are not durable. If you need a more durable surface, top it off with a finishing coat like polyurethane.

Is boho chic still in style?

While styles ebb and flow in terms of popularity, bohemian home decor and fashion will always have a following. Because of its relaxed and personal vibe, there are people who will choose to style their homes a dress in a fashion like this because they will never fit inside neat categories of style.

How do you live a bohemian lifestyle?

This lifestyle suits all of those with free spirits and march to the beat of a different drummer. However, this is harder than it sounds. You must have the courage to live outside the norm, embrace your individualism, and take some risks to follow your ideals.

Boho Style Conclusion

In today’s modern world, you’ll find room to embrace the boho style. Instead of giving your home a complete makeover, devote one room to a boho chic style. If you wanted to be daring, a boho living room would impact your entire home. You could also start small with a boho style coffee table and go from there.

The bohemian aesthetic includes many different styles. If you’re looking for something original, check out a few local flea markets. It doesn’t take much to turn your apartment into something you’d see in Greenwich Village.