Boho Style Ideas to Create a Chic Look For Your Home 

Boho style is a lifestyle and design aesthetic that takes inspiration from the bohemian and hippie movements of the 1960s and 1970s. This is a free-spirited and eclectic design style that embraces individuality, creativity, and a relaxed attitude. Boho style has different names including boho chic style, modern boho, and bohemian eclectic.

The laid-back boho style is easy to implement and incorporate with other styles. The most authentic boho room designs grow organically over time. A boho vibe might be what your bedroom or living room needs.

Rather than undertake a complete home makeover, add boho accents or unique pieces Boho chic vintage pieces, natural elements, and global accents offer personal insight. Embrace Bohemian design ideas to add spark and personal charm to your living spaces.

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

Brief History Of Boho Style

The word “bohemian” comes from the French word “bohémien.” The bohemian style has a longer history. The word was a derogatory term for Roma gypsies who immigrated from Bohemia, today’s Czech Republic. In the 19th century, people used the word bohemian to describe writers and painters who lived in unconventional ways.

Bohemian culture developed in conjunction with the rise of new ideas that celebrated individuality, emotion, and imagination. Bohemian artists embraced these ideas in their artistic endeavors and in their clothing choices. Like boho fashion today, the bohemians during this period dressed in bright colors that contrasted with the popular styles of the day.

The bohemian movement gained renewed interest in the 60s with the emergence of counterculture and the hippie movement. These groups also rejected mainstream values and embraced their individualism. The boho style continues to evolve in the 20th century. People who embrace a more unique and individual aesthetic embrace this style and help to increase its popularity.


Boho Style Basics

The boho style takes its inspiration from natural materials associated with travel, culture, and artistic pursuits. The style blends natural textures like leather, cotton, and seagrass with colorful patterns and eclectic “found objects.”

Rich Boho Colors

Many colors fit with bohemian home decor, but it can be difficult to know where to begin. Use a warm color palette, if you’re looking for a starting point. For example, earth tones like deep orange, green, blue, and brown are excellent options. You can accent the colors with jewel hues like emerald and deep red. Include color accents like metallic, brass, gold, or silver to add some luxe contrast.

Global Patterns and Prints

Choose pieces that display patterns from all over the world like a rug from your travels in Turkey or a block-printed bed covering from India. You can use a mix of patterns including Moroccan, Indian, and Southwestern tribal designs. Layer them using patterns on rugs, tapestries, upholstery and pillows.

Mix of Textures

Mixing together a variety of natural textures is a hallmark of boho style. Natural textures create contrast like fluffy lambswool pillows with leather pillows. You can also bring in a variety of textures using plush rugs, embroidered cushions, macrame wall hangings, crocheted wall tapestries, woven baskets, and wooly throws.

Natural Materials

The use of natural materials in your space helps to ground it and keep it feeling organic. Use furniture and decor made of wood, jute, sisal, and bamboo to add natural warmth and texture.

Plants and Greenery

Indoor plants and greenery play a significant role in boho decor, balancing the bright earthy colors with the vibrant, live green. Plants have unique and interesting shapes that give any boho-style room an artful vibe. Large houseplants like fiddle leaf figs, monsteras, and rubber plants make a dramatic statement, while plants like pothos, jade plants, and ferns add subtle texture.

Mismatched Furniture

Create a more authentic boho environment by using furniture from different eras and styles. You can find great boho-style pieces at vintage flea markets or antique shops at a much less expensive price than new furniture. Don’t worry if all of your pieces don’t match. Mix furniture colors with painted and stained pieces for boho decor. Boho style is all about a colorful mismatch of furniture.

Cultural and Vintage Decor

Incorporating cultural and vintage decor adds depth and character style to any modern Bohemian design room. Look for items like vintage mirrors, bowls, textiles, and global artifacts. It is best to curate these items over time rather than purchase them all. By taking your time, you can cultivate more responsible buying habits and your space will develop its own organic authenticity.

Low-Level Seating

Floor cushions, short tables, poufs, and low sofas create areas for relaxed and informal

seating that encourages lounging and casual gatherings. This also gives your space an exotic look that is an integral part of the boho style.

Artistic Wall Displays

Displaying wall art such as pictures, tapestries, and woven wall hangings in an asymmetric manner adds to an eclectic boho vibe. Personal artwork and those acquired in travel give the room authenticity and personal character.

Mixed Lighting

Lighting is a vital part of an effective room design. Use both lamps and overhead lighting to layer both ambient and task lighting in your space. Find lamp bases and shades with interesting textures like rattan, clay, and natural stone. Mix and match different lamp shapes and try to avoid too much symmetry. String lighting can help to soften your room if you have harsh overhead lights. Candles, both pillars and tapers, create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Personal Touches

The personal touches in any decor style help to make your space different from others. But in the boho style, individual expression should be given full reign, as this style embodies individuality. Incorporate items that hold both sentimental and artistic value. These pieces often have a history and story that enhances the bohemian vibe of the space.

Bohemian Decor Ideas

Here are examples of comfortable but chic boho living spaces. The rooms include distinct natural elements and offer a laid back approach to interior design.

Modern Boho Style Living Room

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

The boho decor in this living room features a feast of colors and textures and exudes a free spirit. Notice first the foundation of the design. The warm wood tones are covered with a kilim patchwork rug that sets the tone of the living room.

Colorful Boho Style Bedrooms

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

The color scheme of this modern boho style features a contrast of earth tones and bright hues, giving it a dramatic flair. The less-than-perfect style of the room gives it a casual charm that spaces with all new furniture lack.

Boho Style Window Coverings

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

Try an original window curtain if you want to embrace boho curtains styles. You can use bohemian-style dresses, shirts, and scarves as window coverings. This example features hot pink boho pillows against a soft pastel color palette for soothing contrast.

Rustic Boho Style

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

This boho-style living room is mixed with the rustic foundation of the room’s interior design. Notice the exposed beams and wood-stained window and door frames. The colors, patterns, and textures all contribute to the relaxed boho vibes of the room.

One of the easiest ways to achieve a boho vibe would be to decorate your walls with eclectic photos. Mix a kilim-style rug and colorful pillows.

Boho Style Chic Living Room

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

This boho living room has an elevated style. The sophisticated abstract wall art sets the perfect modern tone and contrasts with the vintage pink sofa and the tufted chocolate brown leather coffee table.

This room is not a blur of patterns. The patterns the designer chose echo the chocolate brown accents. The design is peppy and bright without being overwhelming.

Chic Boho Style Child’s Bedroom

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

The boho style creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere that is ideal for a children’s room. Fill a boho kid’s room with a harmonious mixture of colors and prints to create interest and texture.

Layer mixed colors and patterns on a twin bed and accent it with patterned pillows. Don’t forget to add a vintage side table painted in a beautiful tone.

Boho Style Decor

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

Not every boho space needs to be a riot of colors. This bedroom has a neutral base mixed with key boho elements. This includes a throw with a lively and colorful pattern, a set of mixed wall frames, and a canopy attached to a vintage chandelier. If you have a bench, place a blanket and lambswool throw over the top of it to create a relaxed look.

Outdoor Boho Style

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

Add the boho look to your outside areas if you are unsure of how to add boho decor inside your home. Do this by adding colorful furniture with soft, patterned cushions and pillows.

Layer rugs on the floor and add a romantic canopy. You can even add colorful lanterns for a more exotic effect.

Personal Bohemian Decor

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom spaces should always reflect the person that inhabits them rather than a proscribed style of design. This bohemian bedroom has an eclectic look that is inspired rather than dictated. Boho rooms call for all free spirits to decorate with items that spark personal excitement and delight.

Boho Eclectic Syle

Boho Bedroom Interior Design

This bedroom mixes traditional style furniture with bohemian decor. This has the double value of softening the look of traditional or modern styles and creating a look that is unique.

While the bed and colors of this bedroom echo a classic style, the fringed canopy with the flower tapestry gives the bedroom a mixed boho look.

Boho Flair

Beachy boho dining
The Glitter Guide

This boho dining room has a pared-down color palette. It still features classic boho decor like a rattan light and a mixed gallery wall. To get this look, begin with a natural foundation like a sisal rug. Add mixed furniture or a mustard yellow accent piece for a different texture.

Modern Boho Chic

Modern boho chic style
Milk and Confetti

This example showcases a restrained boho aesthetic. You’ll notice how the earth tones and natural fibers provide texture. The colors are paired with modern decor items like tailored furniture and clean lines. The living room looks warm and welcoming but does not have an overwhelming presence of patterns and accessories.