20 Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Bohemian Paradise

Throughout the past couple years, we’ve seen the bohemian style flickering on the edges of our vision. Homes filled with houseplants, wicker chair reading nooks, brightly patterned area rugs, it’s all been there, putting boho just out of reach. But finally, the decorating trends have given us permission to put them all together… in our bedroom! Yes, we can fall for the bohemian bedroom and let our own inner boho go wild. Take a look at these 20 tips that will help you turn your bedroom into a bohemian paradise where you’ll want to spend the rest of eternity.

Low platform boho bedroom design

No matter what room you’re styling, you start with the furniture. In this case, it’s the bed. A bohemian bed is low to the ground, perfect for falling into at the end of the day. Feel free to skip the frame and put your mattress on the floor if that’s your groove. (via My Domaine)

Boho bedroom natural light

The bohemian style relies heavily on nature so you’ll definitely want to throw the curtains wide open in your room. Especially if you’re lucky enough to have a door to the outdoors. (via Apartment Therapy)

Boho bedroom plants

While you’re letting in all that natural light, you’d best let in the nature too. Time to splurge on those houseplants you’ve been loving and put them around your bedroom. (via @joelixjoelix)

Boho bedroom rustic wood

No matter what shade or smoothness, there is always a touch of wood in a bohemian bedroom. Maybe it’s a birch nightstand. Maybe it’s a rough pallet bed. Maybe it’s the wood floor itself. Whatever the case, your bedroom won’t be complete without it. (via Gravity Home)

Boho bedroom mixed patterns

If there’s one thing you notice about boho spaces, it’s the colors. And the best way to get your color fill is to make it patterned. Choose the patterned rug and the patterned duvet and the patterned curtains to infuse your bedroom with as much color as you can hold. (via The Home)

Boho bedroom textures

Boho decor isn’t just about the variation in color, it’s also about the variation in texture. Instead of cotton everything, try a shaggy rug with linen pillows and a knitted comforter. The variety will make your bedroom look well rounded. (via Luna Belle)

Boho bedroom furs

You might think that fur is a nordic decorating thing. Turns out it’s a boho thing too! It could be a rug or a throw pillow or even just a skin you lay on the edge of your bed, it will help you with that texture variety. (via @trend_dsign)

Boho bedroom design with pillows

Comfort is key to any style of bedroom. Thankfully boho decor permits us to pile on the pillows and the variety of color allows you to choose any pillows you like! Drawn to yellow and blue at the same time? Go for it. (via Style Caster)

Boho bedroom lighting

Don’t leave your nightstand to take care of your bedroom lighting. Get creative about your lamps. Hang them from the bed. Mount them on the wall. The dangling bulb is especially eclectic. (via Style Caster)

Boho bedroom twinkle lights

It’s not boho if there aren’t fairy lights. Obviously the best kind of fairy lights are the little LEDs on wires but you can certainly use a string of Christmas lights if that’s all you can afford. It just puts a feeling of magic over your pillow. (via Decoholic)

Boho bedroom nightstand

Many bohemian bedrooms do indeed have a nightstand, but usually they aren’t the normal drawer. Consider it freedom in furniture. You can use a tray table like the one above if you want! Use a painted stump or a pouf or even a chair. Whatever is big enough to hold a candle, your current read and a vase will be perfect. (via Urban Outfitters)

Boho bedroom large art

One prevailing piece to the bohemian bedroom puzzle is the large wall art. It might be a brightly patterned tapestry, it might be a large vintage movie poster or it might be a neon sign with a motivational phrase. If it’s big and colorful, it will work in your bohemian bedroom. (via Decoholic)

Boho bedroom wall art

As for the rest of your walls, don’t resign them to plain pictures in black frames. Get sassy with your wall decor. Choose metallic frames and wicker edged mirrors and homemade string art for the best gallery wall in your whole house.

Bohemian bedroom interior design

Boho also likes fringe. You’ll find it in the form of curtains and bed skirts and duvet tassels, but the easiest way to get it is with macrame. Buy one with a long fringe or make one yourself to get exactly the style you want. (via A Cup of Jo)

Boho bedroom open shelving

Many decorators advise stashing your bedroom clutter behind closed doors. The boho decorator displays all the books and jewelry and knick knacks for all to see on a set of open shelves. (via Salixj’s Place)

Boho bedroom ceiling decor

Not only can you use the walls for decorating, you can take the party to the ceiling. Use filmy vintage shawls and push pins to create a canopy effect over your bed. (via Loombrand)

Boho bedroom instruments

Do you play an instrument? Flaunt that talent by incorporating your instrument into your decor. Maybe it’s a keyboard in the corner or a guitar on the wall but having it at the ready will encourage you to play. (via Style Caster)

Boho bedroom turn table

If you don’t have a portable turn table by now, you haven’t been in the loop. Set yourself up for easy Saturday mornings by dedicating a corner to your turn table case and record collection. (via Style Caster)

Boho bedroom nook

Along those easy Saturday morning lines, all boho bedrooms have a nook for reading and snuggling. If you don’t have the space for a big comfy chair, think about how you can use your bed for a reading nook instead. (via Style Caster)

The very best part of boho decorating is that it’s a forgiving style so you can have all your favorites in your bedroom at the same time. The mix of colors and patterns and finishes and woods will make it your favorite room in the house. (via Josephin Dahlberg)