25 Throw Pillows: Winter Edition

Winter is the coziest season. When the Christmas lights are put away, it’s time to break out all the pillows and blankets you can find, light your candles and snuggle up against the chill. But you can’t snuggle with Fall throw pillows. It might make you miss bonfires and cider too much. Instead, you need a good stash of winter throw pillows to make your space feel cozy and season appropriate. Check out these 25 throw pillows that are without a doubt winter appropriate.

Sweater throw pillow

Winter weather is sweater weather so by all means, decorate with them! A cable knit throw pillow is going to feel like your favorite sweater, even while you’re in your flannel pajamas. (via Urban Outfitters)

Plaid throw pillow

Just because Fall is over doesn’t mean plaid is out. Add a plaid pattern to your couch that will match your throw blanket colors and you might be surprised at the amount of cozy you just added to your space. (via Etsy)

Moose throw pillow

Never underestimate a moose. Not a real moose, a printed moose. Putting one on your couch might trick your big city mind into thinking you live in a wintery mountain cabin. (via The Land of Nod)

White patterned throw pillow

Yes, snow is white. But that is even more excuse to put wintery white on the inside of your home. Because on those dreary gray days, a couch full of snow white pillows is going to look brighter and cleaner and make you feel better. (via IKEA)

Woven block throw pillow

I just love how this pillow is a little bit like a sweater, a little bit colorblock and a little bit eclectic. Basically, it will be perfect for your couch no matter what. (via West Elm)

Valentine quote throw pillow

Valentine’s Day is one winter holiday that shouldn’t be missed for the world. If you want your living room to focus on the day of love, add these typography pillows to your couch. Now all you need is a snuggle with your SO. (via West Elm)

Colorful curiosity throw pillow

Remember how cozy your Grandma’s house felt? These pillows will give you the same warm feeling without covering your walls in frames and your spaces with knick knacks. (via Anthropologie)

Blue ikat throw pillows

When it doubt, go with ikat. The soft pattern will be a good reminder that it’s okay if you slip out of your resolutions for a day. And who thought you’d get such inspiration from a pillow? (via Etsy)

Velvet pintuck throw pillow

Velvet is a wonderful material that invokes warmth and comfort. Use one of these colorful pin tuck pillows to add that luxurious fabric to your couch. You might want to have one for your bed too… (via Urban Outfitters)

Yellow stripes throw pillow

Add a spark of sunshine to your living room with this bright striped pillow. Not only will it be cheerful for the winter months, you can let it stay on your couch for… well forever. (via CB2)

Netflix throw pillow

Netflix and chill? Why not put one of these on the sofa? Because that’s what all of us are going to be doing after work for a few months anyway. (via Avawilde)

Colorblock throw pillow

You can’t go wrong with colorblock. It’s modern and timeless and is available in every color you can imagine. So keep your couch on the colorblock scene and you’ll never be out of decorating options. (via Etsy)

Moon phase throw pillow

Moon phase art is definitely on trend at the moment. Get your phase fill with this inky pillow. It promises to add some visual depth next to your patterned cushions. (via Society 6)

Country throw pillow

Have all the throw pillow choices been not quite your country style? This one’s for you. A vintage print on linen-like fabric is just what your rustic living room is looking for this winter. (via IKEA)

Graphic gold throw pillow

I saw this pillow and I immediately thought of Gatsby and champagne and glitter. If you’re planning on throwing a few soirees this season, you’ll want these in your entertaining space. (via CB2)

Antlers throw pillow

There’s just something to love about a good set of antlers. Especially when you’re trying to add bits of the cabin style to your home without going off the deep end. This gold pillow will take you right to the edge. (via Etsy)

Knitted shibori throw pillow

Oh shibori, we just can’t get over you. This pillow mixes the best elements of knits and the popular blue dye to create a comfy masterpiece that just belongs on your couch. (via Anthropologie)

Colorful books throw pillow

If you aren’t a gamer or a TV series enthusiast, you’ll probably spend much of the winter months with your nose in a book. Pay tribute to your favorite hobby with this book cover pillow. (via Etsy)

Velvet hello throw pillow

Who can resist a good bit of typography? Full disclosure: if you put this on your couch, there is no guarantee that you won’t have Adele’s popular song stuck in your head all winter. (via The Land of Nod)

Colorful plants throw pillow

Maybe you’re already longing for a touch of greenery this winter. While the leaves may not survive the cold outdoors, a pretty printed pillow will thrive in your living room. (via Etsy)

Artsy throw pillow

It’s cream and gold and silky and chic. What more do you need to add this to your living room, whatever else you have going on? (via West Elm)

Motto throw pillow

If you were in search of a motto for the new year, this is it. Put this pillow where you’ll see it every day and you’ll be reminded to smile and say “thank you”. (via Urban Outfitters)

Cartoon cat throw pillow

Seriously, how can this pillow not make you smile? Now just to convince my husband that our couch needs this pillow immediately. (via Society 6)

Tassel love throw pillow

Everybody knows that love is all you need. So a bright tasseled throw pillow won’t go amiss in your living room. Especially with your Valentine’s Day prep! (via The Land of Nod)

Shaggy throw pillow

Shag might remind you of the 80’s, but it’s making a comeback and good thing too! A pillow like this is an affordable way to add fur to your space without sacrificing the coziness. (via Urban Outfitters)