25 Throw Pillows: Summer Edition

Summer can be a hard season to decorate for. You may not necessarily want to deck out your home in flip flop wreaths and neon curtains. This is where throw pillows come in. Whether you buy a whole pillow or a cover to revamp one you already have, the throw pillows on your couch and bed are the easiest way to change up the look of a room. We’re talking new color scheme, summery theme and happy decorating. Check out these 25 terrific throw pillows that promise to bring those summer vibes into your home.

blue brushed pillow

Will you be beaching it up this summer? Whether you’re splashing in the waves or just pining for some sea breeze, give a subtle nod to your love for the ocean with this blue brushed pillow. It’s ombre shading are similar to those ocean views. (via West Elm)

tasseled pillow

You definitely can’t accuse summer of lacking color. With the bright swimsuits and that bluer than blue sky, it’s only appropriate to bring some of that color to your own couch. This tassel pillow not only snags some of that brightness but also the fun! (via Anthropologie)

invincible summer pillow

Sometimes when we get through a long winter, we need a little inspiring quote to get us through to summer vacation. Here’s a pillow that reminds you that summer is wherever you are because the summer spirit is inside you. (via Society 6)

mod patterned pillow

Trying to go mid-century modern in your home? Then treat your couch to these patterned pillows this summer. They’ll certainly bring in those summertime greens along with the mod style. (via Etsy)

gold pineapple pillow

The pineapple trend has been around since last summer and I’m happy to see that they’ve stuck! The delicious fruit seems to be on everything from beach towels to patterned curtains. Get your pineapple fix with a gorgeous gold pillow like this one. (via Brit + Co)

cabin pillows

Are you more of a mountain cabin person than a beachside tourist? Get that woodsy summer camp feeling in your living room with just a couple of pillow covers. They’ll make you want to get off your couch and out into the woods. (via West Elm)

orange bike pillow

Summertime means lots of outdoor activities and biking is one of my favorites. A citrus-y pillow like this one will encourage you to get out and about, exploring your city on wheels. (via Society 6)

striped pillow

What do you do when the kilim pillow is in style but pretty unfit for snuggling? You find a pillow like this one that has the look of a kilim pillow, but with much more snuggling power. (via Urban Outfitters)

geo hello pillow

Summertime means visitors for your guest room! Not only should you be prepared with the usual guest necessities, but their bed should have a light summery feel as well. This pillow will provide just that, along with a happy message. (via Etsy)

floral animals pillows

Combine your love for gardening and animals with these pillows. The wild silhouettes of elephants and ostriches will get you pining to go on safari…. or the zoo. (via Anthropologie)

popsicle pillow

Popsicles have been the ultimate summer treat since forever, and while there are all kinds of new combinations for the cold stick of ice, there’s nothing like an old fashioned rocket pop. Here’s a pillow that will remind you of all the classic ice pops you used to eat when you were a kid. (via Society 6)

peach ombre pillow

I’m so glad ombre is a trend because this pillow reminds me of a summer sunset and not necessarily over the ocean. Having this on your couch will encourage you to take some time to look up and enjoy the sky during these warm months outdoors. (via Dot and Bo)

crabby pillow

I doubt you’ve seen a prettier crab than the one on this pillow! But beware. Her presence on your couch might make you wish to forgo all the delicious crab recipes this summer. (via West Elm)

carpe diem pillow

Talk about inspiring quotes! This one will make you want to get to work and swing that to do list out of the park. In fact, you might want one for your living room and your office. (via Etsy)

cactus pillow

It’s a fact that succulents rule. So when we’re covering our homes with them, it makes sense that we would cover our couch with them too. But a softer version than the real thing. (via Zazzle)

ocean water pillow

Are you ocean bound this summer? Get revved up with a foamy pillow like this one. Put two on your bed and you’ll be even more excited to dive right in. (via Nature City)

eyes pillow

One of the newer decor trends is all about the eyes. Adding this eye patterned pillow to your living room is an easy and subtle way to jump on that bandwagon. (via Urban Outfitters)

geo neon pillow

Hellooooooo neon. If you are looking to make a big summer bang in your home, just throw a few of these geometric neon pillows on your couch… and bed…. and easy chair… and front porch! (via CB2)

fruit pillows

Not only is pineapple print a trend, the rest of the fruity food group is joining it’s prickly friend. These pillows will speak of summer in citrus-y tones and colorful shades. Exactly what your couch has been looking for. (via West Elm)

jungle cat pillow

Cat lovers, I couldn’t forget you. This sweet black kitty surrounded by greenery and flowers will either remind you of your cat surrounded by your houseplants or a wild jungle cat. Either way, it brings a touch of life to your couch. (via Society 6)

good vibes pillow

This pillow will make it clear that your summer will only have good, good, good, good vibrations. And you’ll be singing that classic Beach Boys song all summer long. (via Urban Outfitters)

retro pool pillow

Doesn’t everyone wish they could spend the summer poolside in a retro striped bathing suit? This lady will bring those wishes to your living room in the form of a pillow. (via Society 6)

sunflower pillow

Sunflowers are the crowning point of deep deep summer and they only get brighter when framed by the blue sky. This pillow catches the country vibes of that little scene for your bed. (via Society 6)

tropical island pillows

How about let’s spend the summer in our bikinis and flops, drinking cocktails from a coconut and listening to parakeets sing? These pillows will certainly make you want to slip away to a tropical island until fall. And I’m game! (via Anthropologie)

palm tree pillow

Palm trees are a the signal for sun and sea and vacation, right? So putting some on your couch will get you in the mood to relax, whether you’ll be by the sea or not. (via Etsy)