10 Ways To Upgrade Your Poolside Area This Summer

Does your house have a swimming pool? Then you’re one of the lucky ones this summer. Having a pool is like having your own little oasis, your own slice of paradise. But simply having it there is not enough. You have to know how to take advantage of this marvelous feature. Next, we’ll show you 10 upgrades you might enjoy getting this summer, 10 things that will make your poolside areas even more enjoyable.

A waterfall.

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Why limit yourself to one waterfall when you can have two or three?

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Combine a waterfall with a planter or a sculpture for an even more interesting look

Who doesn’t like a waterfall? It’s one of those things you can watch for hours without getting bored, which get you relaxed and in a pleasant mood. There are numerous types of waterfalls you can have on your property and we’re talking about these simple types which can make your pool more interesting.

Nature-inspired landscape.

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Use stones and vegetation to recreate natural landscape
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The shape of the pool can greatly influence the overall look

It’s always nice to get inspiration from nature. If you prefer a landscape which looks organic and natural, then you should forget about the clean and sharp lines most pools feature and opt for something less symmetrical and less artificial-looking.

Exotic plants.

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Plants can allow you to transform your pool into a tiny tropical island
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A tropical sanctuary decorated with palm trees

Plants can help you completely transform the way your pool looks like. Opt for exotic plants to transform your outdoor spaces into gorgeous retreats that remind you of your favorite vacations. Mix them with local vegetation for an eclectic look. Have fun mixing colors and textures and come up with your own design.

Perfect lighting.

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The turquoise water becomes the focal point at night
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Subtle mood lighting creates a romantic and pleasant atmosphere by the pool

Don’t let yourself believe that outdoor spaces don’t need artificial lighting. It plays an important role in the overall design so, if you wish to update your pool this summer, maybe you should consider this option. Light up the pool and the areas around it and you’ll immediately see the difference.

Pool covers.

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For a pool that’s used year round you don’t need a winter cover
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An automatic pool cover is easier to operate but definitely more expensive

Depending on your needs and preferences, there’s a variety of pool covers to choose from. Some are designed to be used during winter, some are safety covers and some are high-tech. Explore all the options and pick the one that best suits your lifestyle and the design of your pool. Each type has pros and cons so take your take before making a decision.

Outdoor furniture.

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These lounge chairs have a lovely design which allows you to easily move them around

Lounge chairs are a must-have by the pool. You can pretty much place them anywhere you want as long as they’re close to the water. They’re incredibly comfortable and wonderful if you wish to relax, get a tan or simply spend some time outdoors. Add an umbrella and a comfy pillow and you’ll forget about everything else.

Water loungers.

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These Ledge Loungers are specifically designed to be used in the water

What could be better than relaxing in a lounge chair by the pool, protected by an umbrella? Perhaps a water lounger could be the answer. With these ones you can enjoys two things at once: relaxing and feeling invigorated by the water, especially on a hot summer day.

Contemporary designs.

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The simple and sleek design of these lounge chairs go perfectly with the infinity pool

Combine the pleasure of relaxing outdoors in a comfortable lounger chair with the opportunity to choose a stunning, contemporary design for your outdoor furniture. Pick a sculptural design or one with an unusual shape and you’ll get comfort, style and originality in one single piece.

An outdoor bar.

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A covered bar is a wonderful choice for a variety of reasons

If you plan on inviting friends over for a pool party, then you’ll wish you had a bar out there too. It’s a great feature for those who enjoy entertaining guests or simply being able to prepare a nice cold drink and enjoy it in the pool or under the umbrella on a hot summer day.

A beautiful lawn.

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A beautiful lawn is the perfect start for a wonderful summer

As you’ve noticed, there are tons of things you could do if you wish to upgrade your poolside area. Some require planning, some require a generous budget and some are actually very simple. If a big change is not the best option for you, then you could simply maintain a beautiful lawn and you’ll be able to take full advantage of this feature.

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