Cabin Fever: How to Achieve the Cabin Look for Cozy, Trendy Décor

Cabin-inspired décor is always a winner when it comes to making the home cozy, and it doesn’t only have to be an option during the winter months. Here are some great ideas for bringing trendy cabin décor into a space.

A Modern Take on Cabins.

Cabin look
Mix Old with New

Cabin décor does not need to make you think that it is limited to vintage or classic ideas. Keep your wood furnishings and/or fireplace (that are signature items of the cabin look), but bring trendy items into the room too, such as television units or modern furniture. In this way the cabin feeling receives a fashionable spin while still maintaining its roots in vintage charm.

Cabin look
Trend Alert: Chandeliers in Cabin-Inspired Rooms

Modern light fixtures or chandeliers can also be included in a cabin-inspired room. They add elegance and class to the comforting ambiance.

Rustic Appeal Achieved with Stones.

Cabin look
Stones and Wood Create Cabin Magic

Using stones in décor is a great way to make a living space appear rustic and interesting. When combined with wood, stones (such as in the case of a stone wall) bring the cabin décor idea to life.

Choose Lighter Wood for a Sunnier Living Space.

Cabin look
Lighter Tones of Wood Brighten Things up

Darker tones of wood are not everyone’s cup of tea, and just because you’re designing a room that contains cabin-inspired décor it doesn’t mean that you should be forced to use richer wood tones. Lighter wood is perfect for modern spaces. They make a room brighter and help them appear larger than they are, yet still convey the warmth associated with cabins.

Cabins that Charm.

Cabin look
Cabin look
Furniture and Accessories Spell Charisma

One of the points about designing with a cabin in mind is to use charming accessories. Cabins bring to mind inviting living spaces that are tucked away in forests, right? Well, you can strike charm by using patterns in the cabin-inspired room, such as in the form of bedding; choosing pretty wallpaper; and/or adding a feminine touch in the form of pastel colors to soften the room.

What Colors for Cabins?

Cabin look
Earth Tones are a Cabin Staple

The idea of cozy cabins need not only be your décor inspiration when the weather takes a turn towards the cold. In summer cabins can also be appealing.This is where bright, earthy color tones in a room come in.

Cabin look

Earthy colors are perfect for the cabin-inspired room. Such colors include red, green that is reminiscent of the outdoors, and sun yellow. Using these colors in your wall paint, fabrics or upholstery brings your room a brightness that complements a rustic décor choice fabulously.

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