How To Customize A Closet For Improved Storage Capacity

Until you somehow find yourself without a closet at some point, you don’t really appreciate its usefulness. But simply having a closet in which to store your clothes and everything else is not enough and that’s when closet shelving comes into play. You must find a way to make the most of this feature in order to increase its storage capacity and to make it more user-friendly and space-efficient.

Walk in closet shelves from wood

It’s always easier to organize a closet if you start everything from scratch. So let’s say you have nothing but an empty room. If you don’t want to over complicate things, then you should just stick with open shelves and rods. The rods are perfect for hanging clothes while the shelves can be used for organizing shoes, accessories and everything else. Consider putting up two rods parallel to each other to increase storage capacity.{found on letsjustbuildahouse}.

How to build shelves for closet

A custom wall unit composed of open shelves/ cubbies of various dimensions and shapes can provide you enough storage for everything. The small things can be stored in boxes and baskets while everything else can be nicely stacked. To organize things even better, put labels on the shelves, showing what goes where.{found on justagirlblog}.

Pipes and reclaimed wood turned into closet shelves

Give your walk-in closet an industrial look and make shelves out of metal pipes and wood boards. This particular combination looks beautiful here and one of the reasons is that the walls are covered with wood panels. The metal storage baskets are labeled and emphasize the industrial charm of the whole composition.{found on mysweetsavannahblog}.

Pipes and wood closet shelves

A similar example can be seen here where a walk-in closet/ dressing room was redesigned with an industrial twist. Open pipe shelves were chosen as the single storage strategy. The shelving system stretches on adjacent walls in a natural and quite elegant way, the corner shelves linking everything beautifully.

Create a built in closet

Your storage options are closely linked to the layout of your home. If, for example, you have a small empty nook and nothing to use it for, then you can easily transform it into a storage space with built-in furniture. You can put up some open shelves and rods. This can be your creative corner where you keep all your supplies needed for DIY projects for example.{found on designbuildlove}.

DIY wire closet shelving

This small nook in the laundry room posed a problem when organizing the room. Too small for the washer and dryer to fit in, the nook became a storage area. Wire shelves were installed using wall brackets. The nook suits the laundry room well, being simple practical and not overly elegant or sophisticated.{found on determinedmomma}.

Painted white wooden shelves for closet

Wire shelves are also a good option for a kitchen pantry but if you want a simpler and more attractive look, then regular wood shelves would be a better choice. You can customize them and give them different dimensions and place them at the desired height, leaving enough space in between for items to fit comfortably without wasting space.{found on charlestoncrafted}.

Wire shelves makeover

As practical and affordable as wire shelves may be, their aesthetics often leave much to desire, especially if your style is a bit more elegant or modern. You can easily fix that and you don’t need a big budget for the project. One idea is to cover wire shelves with foam board. After you secure it to the shelves, cover everything with shelf liner.{found on thefrugalhomemaker}.

Closet makeover with a stencil paint and reorganization

Squeezing in as much storage as possible into a closet is not always the best strategy. Sometimes simplifying things can turn out to be a more desirable solution. And while you’re at it you might as well change the look as well. Maybe a fresh coat of paint and a fun stencil on the walls will do the trick. This closet, although small, is organized in a really great way, featuring rods and hangers on the left and shelves on the right, with a wall-mounted mirror at the center.{found on alwaysneverdone}.

Custom pantry - closet shelves

You can make the most out of a small pantry or closet by building custom shelving. It can be a pretty simple DIY project if you don’t decide to intentionally complicate things. Start by writing down the measurements. Make adjustments until you come up with a design and a structure you’re happy with. Then cut the wood boards and all the small pieces, sand them, stain or paint them and then start constructing the shelves.{found on designbuildlove}.

Understairs closet shelves

Some closets are more difficult to furnish because of their shape or the wall angles. An attic apartment may encounter this problem. However, the solution is, as always, to build custom shelving that wraps around the walls in a perfect way.{found on shanty-2chic}.

Before and after closet shelves

Clothes closets tend to be the most problematic. No matter how much you try there’s always going to be a mess. What you can do to solve this issue is provide adequate storage for everything you want to keep in there. So when you’re remodeling this space, put up hanging rods and perhaps even extenders, use shelf dividers, baskets and hooks to keep everything organized.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

Pantry - closet shelves

A pantry is never empty. There are a lot of things that end up in there, either because they actually belong there or because you have nowhere else to put them. In any case, open shelves are almost always the ideal storage solution. They look really beautiful, especially if you put some wallpaper behind them for a nice background.{found on ana-white}.

Small closet makeover

A small closet such as this one is likely to be too small in order for you to use it for storing clothes. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use it for something else. For example, you can make it your craft closet. Once again, simple open shelves are your best solution.{found on classyclutter}.

Add a rod extension

A very nice and practical idea is to add a rod extension under an open shelf. This allows you to maximize your closet’s storage capacity. Other ideas include installing hooks under the shelves or even on the closet door. The uppermost shelf can be used for things you rarely use or for seasonal items.{found on handymancraftywoman}.

Corner closet shelving

Corners are difficult and pose many challenges. They make it difficult to take advantage of all the space a closet offers. But, as always, there’s something you can do about it. The answer is simple: corner shelves. They may be small but they may add the extra amount of storage you need.{found on 4men1lady}.

Floating Shelves

Thick, solid shelves looks elegant and are very versatile. But looks don’t always accurately describe things. Check out these shelves for example. They’re made of plywood and aspen planks. Check out Yellowbrickhome for more details about the project and the steps you need to follow in order to get the same look.