40 Tips For Organizing Your Closet Like A Pro

Have you ever wondered how to get your closet looking like those beautiful photos we see in magazines or the glimpses we get of celeb wardrobes on television? Well, with our help you’ll be flaunting your clothes, shoes and accessories in a way that will have every friend, family member and neighbor in awe. Check out these 40 tips for organizing your closet like a pro and start re-organizing your own space today!

Empty it

Empty the closet before starting organize

First things first, empty out the entire closet. Even if it looks like a department store exploded in your bedroom, when organizing like a professional you need to start from scratch – a nice clean palette so everything can be sorted.

Paint it

Closet wall painting

Next, grab some crisp white paint and give the walls inside a makeover. This will help create that clean palette we mentioned above and make all the colors inside the close pop when you’re trying to piece together an outfit.


Clothing Purge

Before you ever decide to start putting “stuff” back inside, you need to purge. Shoes that are out of style, accessories that just don’t make sense or things you just don’t love like you used to should all be donated.

Buy Supplies

Closet transparent boxes

After you’ve emptied the closet and see what your needs are is when you can go out and buy supplies. Whether it’s plastic containers, baskets and more the key here is to not buy before you’ve looked through what you’re keeping.

Go By Season

Arrange closet by season

One way to organize your clothes back inside the closet is to go by season, even if you have to switch out blouses and bottoms according to the time of year – bringing them to the front of the pack for easy grabbing.

Color Code

Closet - Wardrobe Color Code Arrangement

And to break down the organizing even more, color code your items. This will make it so much easier to find particular pieces you may have in mind and also create outfits without tearing everything off the hangers.

Light to Dark

Light to dark clothes arrangement

If you’re really wanting to make your closet seem like it’s been done by a professional, it’s also advised that when you are color coding the closet to make sure that colors are going in a light to dark fashion. Again, this no only make it visually more appealing and sensible but easier to outfit creating and styling!


Easy Labes for closet boxes

If you don’t have a label maker, then grab some sticker labels and a Sharpie marker, you’re going to need them for a variety of projects. Whether you decide to use shoeboxes or baskets, labeling items will make it easier to find what you’re looking for once everything has a place inside.{found on inmyownstyle}.


Transparent contain

Anything that makes sense to “contain,” do it. And this really depends on the space you have inside as well. If you don’t have a standing rack for shoes, then use containers to stack on the ground underneath clothing racks or on the highest shelves – same goes with sweaters, accessories, etc.

6-Months Rule

6 months rule

Go by the “6-months rule” when organizing and figuring out what to purge. If you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, then be rid of it! You’ll feel so much lighter when you’ve gotten rid of a chunk of clothing that’s just taking up space inside.

Hang As Much As You Can

Hang as much you can

Get it up off the ground and off the shelves. The more you are able to hand, the better. The key here is to nix the wire hangers though as they don’t keep the shape of your clothes nice. Go with skinny designs though as they take up less space!{found on polishedhabitat}.

But Fold Sweaters

But Fold Sweaters

Although you’ll want to hang up as much as you can, that rule doesn’t include sweaters. These items need to be folded and situated nicely on a sweater as to not damage their fabrics or lose their shapes.

Use the Same Hangers

Use the same hangers

On top of choosing skinny hangers as you means of organization, try keeping all the hangers the same. This will add to the visual of the closet but also make sure all of the clothes have equal spacing.

Like Items

Start separating and hanging

Make sure that when you start separating and hanging that you separate clothing into like times. For example, dresses with dresses, blouses with blouses, etc – this is just another layer of tidying up that you’ll come to love later when choosing outfits for the day.

Same Direction

Same direction clothes arrangement

Here’s a tip that seems obvious but most people don’t follow. Hang your clothes in a way that they all face the same direction. Again, this is a visual helping but a functional one too when sifting through tot find the perfect ensemble.

Heels High, Flats Low

Shoe rack

If you aren’t containing your shoes, and have a shelving system for them instead, put the heels up high and the flats down low. It’s a logical choice but you’ll probably be wearing your flats the most and having them ready to slip on is easier than if they were up high – grabbing them with a step stool.

Belt & Scarf Hooks

Belt and scarf organize

Yes, even your belts and scarves can and need to be hung up too. They’ll be easier to find and you won’t have clutter in the corners or on the floors. Just grab some hooks to install or find scarf hangers that work just as well.{found on sparkandchemistry}.

Think Cubes

Think cubbies

If you have enough space, you may want to add some cubbies into the closet. They can sit nestled right below your hanging clothes and work wonders for your sweater, shoe and accessory organization.

Say No to Corners

Say no to corners

Don’t use your corners, the darkest parts of the closet, to store anything you may want to wear in the future. Don’t hide items that don’t fit on a hanger or in a container in these spaces. Keep the nooks of the closet clear from piles of chaos.

Hang Jeans

Hang jeans

Although most believe that you should fold jeans and keep them on shelves, it’ll do you and your closet better to hang them along their creases. Organize them by color and they won’t be taking up so much space in your cubbies or containers.{found on honeywerehome}.

Nix Length

Stick to color code

Some people hang their dresses according to their length, but we believe you should just stick to the color coding. Use these rules for all parts of the closet including those that have varying hemlines.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

if you have items that are similar, choose the quality pieces. You don’t need five blouses of the same style and colors, instead choose one or two that are the best of the best while you purge the rest!{found on livingwellspendingless}.

Feng Shui A Bit?

Cleaning and organize the entire closet

If you’re able to, move your bins, shelves and rods around a bit for a brand new feeling. It’ll be refreshing and add a bit of new energy to your organization and outfit creating day in and day out.

Add Lights

Natural or artifical light for closet room

One important part of owning a closet is having the right kind of lighting. Too many times our closets are dark and dreary so add some extra bright lights to your space for an easier time using the area!

Right-Left Opposite

Right-Left Opposite

When it comes to your shoes, you’ll get more space and fit more shoes if you place them by right and left opposites. This is especially helpful when it comes to your bulkier shoes like heels and boots.

Second Rods

Second Rods

If you have the space, add a second rod underneath the ones you already have. You’ll get double the space instantly and the beauty of this simple idea is that even smaller closets can handle the change.

Clear Shoeboxes

Small closet clear boxes

Grab some clear or acrylic shoeboxes for inside the closet. Yes, they work for shoes but they also work for your underwear and lingerie. Keeping it clear from dust and clutter, you’ll be able to find what you need in an instant too.

Boxed Jewelry

Drawer with boxed jewelry

If you’re closet is big enough to house your jewelry too, then go for it! We’re a fan of boxing your jewelry and creating labels for each set. Situate them inside baskets and drawers for safekeeping.

Basket Purses

Basket Purses

One way to organize your purses is in large baskets on the floor. All you’ll have to do is pull them out and grab what you like without trying to reach the top shelves and creating a mess everyday.{found on myuntangledlife}.

Valet Hooks

Valet Hooks

Use this as a reminder for what you or the kids are wearing the next day or a piece that needs to be dry cleaned. It’s simple and easy to install, and it’s all about function and planning ahead!{found on inmyownstyle}.

Keep Up the Dusting

Keep Up the Dusting

Dust mites will damage fabrics so make sure that you keep your closet dust free. Don’t neglect the closet during your weekly cleaning regimen, a quick sweep and dusting will do it good.

Alter it, Clean it, Repair it

Alter it clean it

When sorting through your clothes don’t put anything back in the closet that needs to be altered, cleaned or repaired. Get it all done so you don’t have pieces that are unbearable sitting in there taking up space.{found on andersonandgrant}.

Throw Away Non-Wardrobe Items

Fashion closet room

If you have trinkets, piles of papers and other “things” taking up space in the closet – get rid of them! This is not a space to keep things that you have no where to put. Figure out where it belongs to trash it.

Style It

Lisa adams closet

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of your personality to the space as well. A mirror, a chandelier, a sign with a confidence-boosting message and the like, a bit of your spirit should be welcoming inside this personal space.{found on laclosetdesign}.

Handbag Hooks

Handbags hooks

If you have the room to hang up your handbags too, then go for it. Hooks are welcomed because they get things off the floor and ready to be used. There are so many different ways to make this work for you too!

Hide Novelty

Sort clothes

When it comes to the ugly Christmas sweaters or Halloween costumes, don’t use the closet to keep them year round. Instead, box those novelty items up until you need them.{found on 100waystochangetheworld}.

Bye Dust Bags

Bye Dust Bags

Take the dust bags off of your purses. You’re more apt to use them if you can see them! They won’t be hurt inside your closet unless you’re just downright careless and this way you’ll use them more often.

Think About Fit

Think about fit

Even if you love the piece and you wear it all the time, truly think about how the blouse, pair of pants or dress may fit you. If it doesn’t suit your body, say your goodbyes and kick it out of the closet! That goes double for shoes!

Open Canvas Bins

Open Canvas Bins

We love open canvas bins. You can see right inside and label them too. They fit on shelves, in cubbies and are a great way to keep dust from overtaking sweaters and scarves.

Play with a Peg

Pegboard jewelry

You may also want to install a pegboard inside your closet to display your jewelry, making it easy to find your favorite pieces and keep them from getting tangles too.{found on meetthebs}.