Vanity Organizer Ideas and Styling Techniques For Your Personal Space

Whether your vanity is built right inside your luxurious, master bathroom or you’ve carved out a nook in your bedroom where you’ve nestle your vanity desk and stool, you need some inspiring when it comes to tidying up the space. Let’s have a look at how to make this spot personalized and completely your own without giving into the chaos that can consume the area. Tips, tricks and vanity organizer ideas can all be found below!

Chic Trays

Vanity chic traysView in gallery

Sometimes just a chic and modern tray can help you organize all of your vanity essentials. Everything is at an arm’s reach and not cluttering up the counter top or desk area.

Keep it Homey

Homey organized vanityView in gallery

If your vanity is found inside your bedroom, then create a cozy feeling to its arrangements. Leave necessities inside the drawer and have photos and flowers out on display.{found on briandittmardesign}.

Vintage Modernism

Mid-century vanityView in gallery

Use your vanity as a piece of your bedroom’s overall transformation. The lamps balance out the piece making it feel like it’s more than just a spot to do your makeup but also a integral part of the room’s look.{found on terracottadesignbuild}.

Romance Works

Vanity filled with vintage flavors and Victorian styleView in gallery

If you’re inspired by vanities that are filled with vintage flavors and Victorian style, then go for it! Candles, pearls and rosey colors can all be added to help with your vision.

A Knockout Chair

A Knockout ChairView in gallery

Personal touches and details are important when creating a functional space but also one that you love. And you’ll love your vanity area so much more if you add a knockout chair to its decorum.{found on michaelgreenberg}.

Added Shelving

Shelves above the vanityView in gallery

We love the idea of having added shelving surrounding your makeup vanity for a variety of reasons and two big ones are quite obvious: organization and style – of course! Use it to add your special dose of personalization but also as a means for extra storage.{found on styleathome}.

Hair Hooks

Hair hooksView in gallery

You may want to think about adding some hooks to your vanity station as well. Whether it be on the side of the desk, under some shelves or on the wall right in front of your, getting your hair dryers, curling rods and the like up off the floor can be quite helpful.

Drawer Storage

Vanity Drawer StorageView in gallery

If you’re really lucky, then you’ll be able to have these magical, drawer organizers installed. Tidying up the counter tops become instantly easier to clean and divide.


Motivation on VanityView in gallery

This is a great spot to add some daily motivation or mantras. Add something that inspires you, speaks to you or makes you feel better. It’s just another great way to personalize!

Jewelry Bits

Jewelry BitsView in gallery

Your vanity is also a spot to keep your most used jewelry or favorite pieces. Display them in a way that sets a scene and presence, for when you aren’t wearing them they become a part of the decor.

Revamp Furniture

Revamp FurnitureView in gallery

One way to style your vanity into something uniquely your own is to nix the desk or counter top all together and use a funky dresser piece instead. It certainly adds contemporary appeal and pizzazz.{found on theeverygirl}.

Big Baskets

Rattan Basket for Bathroom TowelsView in gallery

Baskets can really help with your organization as well, and add a bit of texture to the space as well. Use them to hold towels and the like  – or, of course, you can go with smaller ones on top of the counters for smaller necessities.

Gallery Wall

Gallery WallView in gallery

Creating a gallery wall behind your vanity in the bedroom isn’t a far fetched idea either. It makes the spot a focus of the room and provides inspiration and personalization as well.

Under Shelf

Under shelf storageView in gallery

If you’re really lucky, you’ll be able to utilize some shelving underneath the vanities in bathroom. This provides a super modern and trendy take on master bathroom tradition but also help with organization too.

Minimalist Vision

Ikea vanity with glass on topView in gallery

You don’t have to have a lot to make a statement. Just check out this vanity created with a chic and sleek minimalistic vision in mind – and it’s so easy to recreate right in your own home.

Makeup Dividers

Acrylic Make Up Storage ContainersView in gallery

A classic and easy way to organize the tops of your vanity areas are to utilize makeup trays and dividers. That way there’s a spot for everything you need. We love acrylic ones the most, as they go well with a variety of style themes.

Mirrors are Important

Makeup vanity mirrorView in gallery

Your pick of a mirror is just as important as you stool. It can make or break your vanity area and help transform the space into something so much more than what it’s actually used for.

Simplicity is Key

Simiplicity Bedroom vanityView in gallery

When prepping your vanity table, try not to add too many nick-knacks and decor pieces to the pile, instead go for a clean space. This will  not only help when you’re using the functional side of the vanity but the overall feel of the room as well.

Add Color

Vanity color touch with flowersView in gallery

Even if your vanity is found inside your bathroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some personalization to the mix. Use your trays to organizer but use a color and funky shape for styling. And some fresh, rosey petals would help too!{found on kyleknightdesign}.

Glass & White

Glass Containers for VanityView in gallery

A beautiful styling technique is to go with the basics. Simple white and glass containers will make it easy to organize and separate but also provide a feminine and contemporary feel to the space as well.