Make 3D Stars for Decorating the New Years Party

You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own 3-D stars! I like to use both paper and fabric to make large three dimensional decor. These stars are a fun, inexpensive way to decorate your home.

Make 3-D Stars for Decorating
Making the paper stars


  • Decorative Paper
  • Fabric or Burlap
  • Fabric Stiffener
  • Wood Numbers
  • Gold Paint
  • Gold Thread
  • Star Template
Creating the template for stars

First, find a star template that is the shape you like. I used THIS free design which I saved to my computer and then printed out on my home printer.  Cut out the star to make your template.

To make the paper stars, trace the star template on the back of decorative card stock paper. Cut out the star.

Scoring tool for star

Use a scoring tool to score the star. Start at the point and go down the middle to the other end.  Repeat this with each point.

Begin Folding the Stars

Begin folding the star in half on each scored line. Fold the star, open it, then fold it again at another point.

Folding the star
Star ready to be shaped
3d Star

Once all of the points have been folded, take two adjacent points, fold them in half, and press the together as pictured. Release the two points, and repeat this with the next two adjacent points. This will create the needed creases for the 3-D star.

Create the Star

Place the star on a flat surface, and press down on the center gently to flatten the star. Paper stars can be hung with a bit of sticky tack on the back of the star.

Press on star step 5

To make the fabric stars, first cut squares from the desired fabric. I used burlap for my stars.

fabric supplies for star

Paint the fabric with a generous amount of fabric stiffener. I used Stiffy by Plaid Crafts. Wet the fabric well, and let it dry completely.

Paint the fabric

Trace the star template on the back of the fabric, and cut out the star.

Trace the star
Traced star on burlap
Cutting the star burlap

You will not need to score the fabric. Simply fold it at each point as I explained in the steps above for the paper star.

DIY burlap star
Fabric Star
Hot Glue Burlap

Hot glue a bit of gold thread to the back of the star to create a loop that can be used to hang the stars.

3d star burlap project

I’m using my 3-D stars to create mantle decor for the new year! I painted wood numbers gold to match the paper and fabric stars. This quick project is a fun way to decorate for the new year!

Painting the Numbers
New Years Star Projec - 2017
Colorful Burlap Stars