Easy DIY Crafts You Can Do With Burlap

The ever popular burlap may very well be the most versatile fabric of all. You can use it for pretty much anything. It’s no wonder there are so many DIY projects that use burlap. We’ll let you explore some of these amazing burlap crafts and decide which one would work for your home. They’re all super simple and you can make them in about an hour or less so go get your burlap out of the storage closet and start having fun.

Burlap planter.

Burlap Memo Board

To make this cute little planter you need 1 yard of burlap, one 16” coco liner, potting soil, ¼ yard of heavy white fabric and, of course, plants and flowers. Lay down the burlap and place the liner in the center. Then add some potting soil to the bottom of the liner, add the plants. Carefully pull off four corners of the burlap up over the plants, take the white fabric and tie it loosely around the base of the plants just above the planter. Cut the burlap down to size.{found on themotherhuddle}.

Burlap pumpkin.

Burlap Memo Board

This is something you might enjoy doing for Halloween. Gather up a bunch of plastic bags, stuff them all into a big bag and tie shut. Take a square piece of burlap, lie it on the floor and put the bags in the center. Pull the corners together and tie tightly to form a stem. Tuck in the ends. To give it the pumpkin shape, wrap with twine. Wrap twine around the stem and bend it to the side.{found on thebungalowblog}.

Burlap flowers.

Burlap Memo Board

To make the flowers you need heavy gauge wire, florist tape, burlap and flower centers. First place the flower on the top of the wire and wrap the end with tape, the continue until you’ve completely covered the wire. Cut three squares of burlap, fold in half and iron the burlap. Then form it into a petal and wrap tape around it. Repeat to make four petals and then add them to the wire stem.{found on thistlewoodfarms}.

Burlap placemats.

Burlap Memo Board

This project is so simple you don’t even need instructions but we’ll give them to you anyway. So take some burlap fabric and cut it into rectangular pieces measuring 14” x 20”. then lightly pull one thread at a time to make a fringe all the way around the placemat. Then apply a little clear fabric glue to the underside of the placemats and let it dry. Then start customizing your placemats with a marker.{found on thefinalboardingcall}.

Burlap bowl.

Burlap Memo Board

For some reason all these fruits look better in a burlap bowl so here’s how you can make one. You’ll need a bowl in any size you prefer, burlap, plastic wrap, matte finish mod podge, craft glue and a paint brush. Cover the bottom of the bowl with plastic wrap. Then lay a piece of burlap so it covers half of the bowl and start brushing on the mod podge. Create evenly spaces pleats and glue them down. Then overlap the second piece of burlap and repeat. Apply a second layer of mod podge and let it dry. Then remove the burlap from the bowl and peel off the plastic wrap. Trim around the edges and that’s all.{found on thesoutherninstitute}.

Table runner.

Burlap Memo Board

To make a burlap table runner you need the following supplies: burlap fabric, a stencil of your choice, all-purpose craft paint, foam brushes and masking tape. Fold the burlap in half and run a piece of masking tape along the edges to prevent them from fraying. Take the stencil, place it in the middle of the runner, tape it down and start painting. Move the stencil up and repeat.{found on designimprovised}.

Framed burlap.

Burlap Memo Board

You can frame burlap and make themed decorations. For example, here’s something you can try this Christmas: take a photo frame and some burlap. Make a triangle template on the burlap and paint the inside green to make a tiny christmas tree. Add some dots to make the ornaments. Then wrap the burlap around the cardboard back and put it inside the frame.{found on growingupgabel}.

Burlap calendar.

Burlap Memo Board

To make a calendar, use tightly woven burlap and a Sharpie. Find a frame you’d like to use, cut the burlap to size to fit inside and start drawing the grid. Then add the months and days and feel free to also personalize your burlap calendar with a monogram as well if you’d like to offer it as a gift for example.{found on lindycottagehill}.

Embroidered burlap.

Burlap Memo Board

Embroidering burlap is really easy. Even a kid could do it. In fact, you can use this opportunity to teach your kid how to sew while also doing something fun at the same time. You can embroider a piece of burlap and give it all sorts of interesting designs inspired by a ton of beautiful things. You can then display it as a decoration for your home. {found on creatingreallyawesomefreethings}.

Burlap memo board.

Burlap Memo Board

If you want to make a burlap memo board that looks like this, you’ll need burlap canvas, ribbon, a wooden coffee mug, paint brushes, chalkboard paint, small clothes pins and hot glue. Paint the wooden mug with chalkboard paint. Once it’s dry, glue it onto the canvas. Cut the ribbon to size and glue it to the back of the canvas. Make sure it’s tight. You can also glue on some paper hearts and other decorations.{found on decorandthedog}.

Canvas wall art.

Burlap Memo Board

You can make your own wall art using a stretched burlap canvas, a wooden arrow, paint, washi tape and glue. Tape off some stripes on the canvas and paint them with craft paint. Paint the top surface of the arrow as well with chalkboard paint. You can use some orange paint for the detail around the arrow. Then add washi tape around the edge. Then simply glue the arrow onto the canvas.{found on southernrevivals}.

Burlap sign.

Burlap Memo Board

Start with a black frame and a wrapped burlap panel. Then remove the glass from the frame and place the burlap inside. Take a stencil, center it inside the frame, tape it in place and use a sponge to dab the paint over the stencil. Wash the stencil and do the same thing for the opposite side. You can also add some wording. Print it out on black silhouette heat transfer material. Place it on top of the burlap, put a cloth on top and iron it for about a minute. Peel up the plastic and you’re done.{found on thewoodgraincottage}.

Stenciled bags.

Burlap Memo Board

You can make stenciled treat bags out of burlap and it would be really easy. Pick a design and get some stencil material. Make the stencil and cut it out. After that, you get a reusable stencil. Make some burlap bags and then paint the stencil on each of them using craft paint of different colors.{found on craftaholicsanonymous}.

Kitchen curtains.

Burlap Memo Board

If you’d like, you can create some rustic window treatments for your kitchen for example using burlap. You’ll need a burlap sack, stitch witchery, a curtain rod, curtain rings and scissors. First cut the sack and then mark the pieces for the appropriate desired length and width. Iron them flat and add the stitch witchery underneath the marked areas and iron over. Then hang the burlap on curtain rings and place it onto the rod.{found on thehollidaysathome}.

Shower curtain.

Burlap Memo Board

You can also make burlap curtains for the bathroom if you like the rustic look. You’d basically have to cut a piece of burlap fabric to size and hang it with curtain rings on the rod. You can add some ruffles at the bottom if you’d like. It’s a really simple project but I’m not sure burlap is the best material to use for shower curtains, since it’s not waterproof or anything. Still, if you like the look, go for it.{found on etsy}.

Wreath bow.

Burlap Memo Board

We’re going to talk about the wreath here because there are so many different designs, materials and ideas you can use for that. We’ll focus on that lovely burlap bow. To make it you simply have to use a piece of burlap fabric which you pretty much tie into a bow and attach it to your wreath. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Burlap and paper banner

Burlap Thankful Banner

For Thanksgiving, consider making a banner and displaying it on the mantel, on a wall or anywhere else you want. Banners are popular decorations and their designs can be customized in a lot of different ways. The selection of materials reveals a lot about the type of interior design and decor you prefer. A combination of burlap and pages from an old book can be an interesting choice. Check the project on Beckiadams for more info.

Burlap napkin rings

Bunny Ear Burlap Napkin Ring

You could say that this is an Easter-themed project but given how cute these bunny ear-shaped  napkin rings are there’s really no restriction here. So how can you craft these cute little things? The project is described on uncommondesignsonline and is really simple. So check out the full description and start planning your next DIY project.

Mini burlap and chalkboard sign

Joy Sign Burlab and Chalkboard

Another interesting and cute thing you can do with burlap is a mini chalkboard sign which you can display in your home in a lot of beautiful ways. For this project you’ll need the following supplies: a frame, some polka dot burlap (which you can make with some paint and a stencil), clothespins, a chalkboard ornament, and a hot glue gun. Find out more about this idea on Lovegrowswild.

Burlap and leather coasters

Burlap and leather Coasters

You can never have too many coasters. They usually get damaged pretty easily and, more than that, we always like diversity. So check out Mamainastitch to find out how to make a few burlap and leather coasters to add to your collection or to offer as a gift. they’re pretty easy to make and the design is simple and stylish, with the fringe edges and everything. You need faux leather, burlap and a sewing machine.

Framed burlap wall art

Burlap graphic art

In case you’re still searching for the right decoration to display on your wall, one that has just the right combination of casualness and elegance, consider creating some burlap wall art. The idea is definitely interesting and ingenious. You can find a detailed description of how such a project would go on Vitaminihandmade. You’ll need freezer paper, a stenciling brush, burlap canvases, a craft knife, and iron and paint in different colors.

DIY fall centerpiece

Fall centerpiece DIY

The seasons offer us a lot of inspiration and offer us lots of great ideas when it comes to the interior decor of our homes. The centerpieces we display are usually influenced by these changes. A fall centerpiece, for example, can be crafted using some seasonal faux flowers, some burlap, floral foam, leaves and some string or twine. {found on thehoneycombhome}.

Burlap table runner

Colorful Burlap Table runner

In addition to a centerpiece, a dining table could also use a table runner. It’s an accessory designed to enhance its beauty and sometimes to also set or highlight a theme or a certain look. The burlap and ribbon runner featured on Thesweetestdigs is an interesting combination of rustic and modern. It can be customized in a lot cute ways, with different colors and ornaments.

Christmas wreath bow

Christmas Rustic Wreath

Wreaths are popular decorations around Christmas, although they can be adapted to suit a lot of other events and settings. But there’s something special about Christmas, something that makes us reminisce about old times and enjoy rustic things like this lovely burlap bow. find out how to make it on Madincrafts or just figure it out yourself and adapt the design on the go.

Rustic Mason jars

Mason jar Utensil holders

And since we’re discussing rustic decorations, check out these Mason jar utensil holders we found on Therusticwillow. They would have been just as functional without the burlap covers but this is a project that also focuses on the looks and the style. The burlap covers can be customized using different colors and patterns and can also include labels relevant for the contents of the jars.

Burlap vase/ planter

Burlap Vase

A similar idea is to make a burlap cover for a vase or for a planter. In fact, this could even replace the planter or the vase altogether. In any case, the project shouldn’t be too difficult provided you have the necessary items. Check out the list of supplies as well as a suggestion regarding the design on Thecasualcraftlete.

Burlap lampshade

DIY mason Jar Lamp

Table lamps are versatile and fit in nicely in a lot of settings. They’re also pretty easy to make, even from scratch. The base can be made from a Mason jar and the lampshade can be made using some burlap. This will give the lamp a casual, simple and a bit rustic look while also allowing it to fit nicely in a modern decor as well. Find out more details about this type of design on Chatfieldcourt. Adapt it and customize it however you desire to make it either stand out or blend in with the rest of the decor.

Burlap memo board

Burlap Memo Board

If you’re having trouble keeping things organized or following a schedule, consider using a memo board. It would be a nice addition to a home office. A memo board is also something you can craft on a week-end or basically whenever you have some free time. You need a frame and some burlap. or you wrap burlap around a piece of wood or foam or something similar. {found on theanastasiaco}.