20 Ways Bedroom Wallpaper Can Transform the Space

You may think that wallpaper is a bit outdated in terms of contemporary interior designing, but it’s actually quite stylish when you find the right prints, textures and colors to do the job. Of course, you can still find the drab, something creepy and less-than-impressive pieces that were once plastered to every room of your grandmother’s home, but its the beautiful ideas below that will reignite the love for this design aesthetic. Let’s have a look at 20 example master bedroom wallpaper that may just spark your next renovation idea.

Floral Dots

Floral bedroom wallpaper design

If you’re looking for something both soft and contemporary, check out this beautiful example of how to combine the two design genres. These polka dots are clean and chic put they’re wrapped in a subtle floral print which softens the entire room.

Traditional Masculinity

Masculine bedroom wallpaper design

Here’s a gorgeous example of how you can make a traditional and masculine bedroom pop with both style and grace. We’re loving the mix of rich tones and how this printed paper adds a softness and extra interest to the walls.

Very Woodsy

Birch tree Bedroom wallpaper

Check out this unique bedroom wallpaper highlighting this romantic space! It’s hard not to swoon for this sultry choice and we also love how contemporary and on-trend it is for those with a more youthful way of decorating.

Delicate Lines

Feminine bedroom design with a brown wallpaper

It’s easy to fall in love with the delicate lines found in this design. And it goes especially well at complimenting and contrasting with the creamy whites surrounding the room.{found on luxdesign}.

Subtle Pearl

Roya Wallpaper Bedroom design

With lines similar to its predecessor, this wallpaper also has a beautiful delicacy and compliments the master bedroom with a subtle romance in its pearly tone. We love the bit of glisten it gives to the space.

Vintage Birds

Vintage Birds Wallpaper for Bedroom

This spacious bedroom is full of romance and relaxation, and part of that welcoming, subdued ethos has to do with the pretty wallpaper that features vintage-styled birds. It’s whimsical and fit for a variety of personal styles.Available on Sanderson.

Creamy Femininity

Creamy Femininity

Here’s another example of beautiful, delicate petals that belong on the wall of a spacious master bedroom. The monochromatic scheme make this room extra crisp but the slight change in texture and pattern – helped by the wallpaper – creates interest and design-worth.{found on zacandzac}.

Limited Pattern

Limited pattern bedroom wallpaper

This pattern is limited to tradition and color matching. This is a great example of a bedroom that thrives on its color choice and its sameness around the space gives it an easy and calming effect.{found on cole-and-son}.

Mediterranean Luxury

Master bedroom featuring a lavish gold decor

For those with a more luxurious desire and those with an interest in intricate detailing, then check out this gorgeous, golden and Mediterranean-inspired wallpaper choice. Just make sure you utilize it in a more spacious room as it could overpower smaller ones.

Metallic Gold

Metalic Gold Wallpaper

Metallics are trending, in both fashion and interior design, and that means you can even splash them right onto your walls. Just take a look at this golden wallpaper print which compliments the room’s choices but also make a statement all on its own.{found on highfashionhome}.

Cozy Curls

Cozy Curls Bedroom Design

We’re absolutely swooning over this master bedroom. The hazey cream colors that create an easy spirit, and the cozy, curled wallpaper that highlights the architecture beautifully in this particular type of room.

Aqua Manor

Oriental tree wallpaper design

This manor house is complimented with so much raw design that it’s hard to not love this bedroom’s foundation first. But the addition of the wallpaper takes the design up a notch and accents every nook of the space.Available on site.

Just Texture

Grasscloth wallpaper from Candice Olson collection

You don’t necessarily have to go with a print, instead you can transform a space with texture. Just look at this bedroom for example, the wallpaper choice behind the bed adds a subtle richness to the room that would have otherwise been lost if only paint was used.{found on laurasteininteriors}.

Geo Honeycomb

Hicks Grand Wallpaper

For more modern or futuristic visions, check out this honeycombed print. It doesn’t go too far down the space-like road but instead brings that interest into a realm that’s a bit youthful and super stylish too.Available on Wallpaperdirect.

Contemporary Grain

Contemporary Grain Ajiro Wallpaper

Inside this contemporary bedroom you’ll fine a subtle, wood grain wallpaper that helps to envelope all those who enter. It doesn’t stray away from the modern tones but it does help to create a warmer space.

Star Flower

Star Flower Wallpaper Bedroom

If you’re wanting to create a chic space for an older couple or bachelorette, don’t be afraid to use offbeat polka dots. Just keep them in more neutral tones and add unresolved lines, like in this starbursted flowers.{found on designertouches}.

Chic Maze

Chic maze Wallpaper

A maze-like wallpaper choice can add artistic vision while accompanying a super modern decor theme. And this print in particular works well with high ceilings, as it highlight the length of the space.{found on designbycrimson}.

Earth Organics

Earth Organics Wallpaper

Here’s another great example of how textured wallpaper can help transform a room and give you the feeling that you’re hoping to create. This wallpaper helps the room feel a bit earthier without straying from its traditional vibes.

Bold Poppies

Bold Wallpaper Arizona Style

For those that like a bit of drama, check out this red poppy bedroom wallpaper! It will certainly add a power and eccentricity to your overall design that play along with your personal style with ease.Available on Osborneandlittle.

Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves Wallpaper

This option gives a lot into one small package. First it utilizes the idea of an accent wall while also bringing in a relaxing quality to the space. We love how these palm leaves combine luxury, tradition and a bit of Asian essences.