DIY Wooden Display Shelf Styled For Holiday Season

I have a few wooden boxes at home that I’ve been meaning to do something with for a while now, so the upcoming festive season seemed like a perfect occasion. I’ve always liked the look of box shelves mounted on the wall, displaying little pretty accessories, so instead of buying I decided to make my own (I guess if you know me a little bit, this is not a big surprise!). The box, wall shelf is not only functional but if, done right can actually look very cool and can be a nice addition for all design enthusiasts. Have a look how I created it and styled it for Holiday.

blue wooden shelf_
blue wooden shelf supplies

You will need:

  • wooden box
  • thick blue paper (I used adhesive, however you can use normal paper and attach to the box by using glue or double sided tape)
  • scissors
  • drill or a nail (depending how thick your wood is)


1. Draw a size of the box on the colorful paper, then make a line in the middle, dividing it into two triangle shapes. In this way you will get the perfect shape to fit inside the box. Cut the triangle shape out.

design shelf step 1
design shelf step 2

2. If you are planning to use it as a wall box shelf, you will need to make a whole. Depending on how thick your wood is – you will need to use either drill or hammer + nail.

design shelf step 3

3. If your paper is adhesive, remove the protecting layer and stick it to the box. If not, before sticking it to the box apply a little bit of the double sided tape on the edges.

design shelf step 4

The reason why I have used paper rather than paint, is that it’s very easily removable. You don’t have to spend hours, deciding what color you should paint it or worry about the result. You can cut out a few colorful pieces and see which one you like best. Then change the colorful paper whenever the mood strikes.

design shelf step 5

I chose a deep blue hue which is trending this Autumn / Winter season and combined it with marble, white and gold accessories. I think that it turned out pretty nice, fitting into the latest mood. What do you think?

blue wooden shelf grid
blue wooden shelf styled

The great thing about this display idea is that the possibilities are endless, so it really does fit any modern interior style. If you prefer more finished look, you might as well paint the entire box in your preferred color. Also you can display photo or a postcard, like I did below.

blue wooden shelf postcard